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Anonymous Hackers Hit Tycoons, Jesus, Maybe Israel

UPDATED 3:30 pm ET Monday: Capital One Bank says its site was never attacked, but instead taken down for routine maintenance.
/ Source: SecurityNewsDaily

3:30 pm ET Monday: Capital One Bank says its site was never attacked, but instead taken down for routine maintenance.

"Capital One's site was under a scheduled routine maintenance on Saturday evening," Capital One spokesman Mark P. Andrews told SecurityNewsDaily in an email. "This was something we controlled and our customers were still able to access online account servicing and complete their transactions. The news that our website was hacked is inaccurate and at no time were our customers unable to transact."

The Anonymous hackers celebrated Nov. 5 — a day that holds special significance in the collective hearts of hackers — in style, launching an attack on Capital One Bank's website, publishing loads of personal information from high-profile corporate executives and billionaires such as New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Mexican telecommunications baron Carlos Slim, and possibly taking down several Israeli government websites.

The hacks were in honor of Guy Fawkes Day (Nov. 5), the anniversary of the 1605 plot to blow up the British parliament, a plot portrayed by the mask-wearing anti-government hero in the movie "V for Vendetta" that's come to represent Anonymous' spirit and philosophy.

Israeli government sites go dark

Late last night (Nov. 6), the websites of the Mossad intelligence service, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and the Israeli Security Agency known as Shabak or Shin Bet were found to be inaccessible or under maintenance.

"Israeli government websites crashed today because of a server malfunction, not as a result of a cyberattack," a spokesperson in the Israeli Prime Minister's office wrote in a Twitter message, Computerworld reported.

But a quick look at a video Anonymous posted on Nov. 4 shows that the hacking group may have been behind the disrupted government sites. In the digitally manipulated voice used in all the group's YouTube clips, the video chastises the Israeli government for a maritime blockade on two Irish-Canadian flotilla ships en route to Gaza on Friday (Nov. 4).

"Your actions are illegal, against democracy, human rights, international, and maritime laws. Justifying war, murder, illegal interception, and piratelike activities under an illegal cover of defense will not go unnoticed by us or the people of the world," the video said.

Anonymous threatened the Israeli government, saying, "If you continue blocking humanitarian vessels to Gaza or repeat the dreadful actions of May 31, 2010 [in which Israeli Naval commandos boarded a fleet of humanitarian ships en route to Gaza and killed nine activists] then you will leave us no choice but to strike back. Again and again, until you stop."

An army spokesperson told the Guardian that it was "a coincidence" that the Israeli government sites crashed just following the hackers' threat. The sites were up and running this morning (Nov. 7).

Capital One, Mayor Bloomberg and Jesus feel Anonymous' wrath

In a Nov. 5 post to the website Pastebin, Anonymous claimed responsibility for launching a denial-of-service attack against the website of Capital One Bank. The site was down yesterday (Nov. 6) but is back up today.

Despite Anonymous recent promise to take down both Facebook and Fox News in commemoration of Guy Fawkes Day, both sites remained untouched. That's not to say that the hackers didn't divert their efforts elsewhere.

In the same Pastebin post, Anonymous included links to pages where it had dumped the personal information of several CEOs, including Walmart CEO Michael Duke, billionaire investor Warren Buffett, Monsanto chief executive officer Hugh Grant, Mexican telecom billionaire — and the world's richest man — Carlos Slim, NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Judge William Adams, the Texas judge who, in a recent YouTube video, is shown beating his then-16-year-old daughter with a belt.

The leaks on these top executives and controversial public figures include home addresses, phone numbers, pictures and political contributions.

In a parting shot, Anonymous posted a link to "private and confidential" information of Jesus Christ. The page identifies Jesus' family members: his sisters Latoya Jackson and Oprah Winfrey, his brother, controversial  Westboro Baptist Church leader Fred Phelps and his aunt, Whoopi Goldberg.

Jesus, Anonymous claims, also owns two vehicles, a Honda Fit and "Billy the Camel," enjoys playing Monopoly and The Game of Life, spends time browsing, TMZ and looking at Internet videos of cats, plays Minecraft, watches The Lion King and listens to 2Pac, Barry Manilow, Led Zeppelin, Cher and Neil Diamond.