Are Palestinian terrorists using children?

The 10-year-old Palestinian boy stopped at an Israeli checkpoint yesterday with a bomb in his backpack.  A bomb was discovered with nails and bolts designed to be set off by remote control --  a bomb that would have killed both the boy and Israeli soldiers. 

Apparently the boy had been paid by Palestinian terrorists to bring the bag to the border, but had no idea what was inside.  I ask 'Where's the outrage?'  Why aren‘t human rights groups in the U.N. up in arms about the use of children by Palestinian terrorists? 

Usually, when children are mistreated, there‘s a particular level of outrage, so why is there no focus on the sacrifice of children by some Palestinian terror groups?  Just condemning suicide bombings in general isn‘t enough. 

We asked Alistair Hodgett from Amnesty International about it.  His response?  “Since there have been no previous incidents where children have been involved, there‘s been no need for condemnation.” 

Really?  I guess he didn‘t hear about the three Palestinian boys arrested earlier this month, ages 12, 13, and 15 caught trying to sneak into Israel with homemade guns.  A note claimed two of them were affiliated with Yasser Arafat‘s Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, the other with Islamic Jihad that said “If we die, if we become martyrs, don‘t feel sorry for us.  Just have a massive protest and distribute sweets to everyone.”

No previous incidents?  I guess Mr. Hodgett didn‘t know that in 2002, a 15-year-old and two 13-year-olds from a camp known as a Hamas stronghold were killed as they tried to infiltrate an Israeli settlement with explosives and knives.  They too had written farewell letters to their families.  I guess he didn‘t hear about the 16-year-old Palestinian girl in 2002 who detonated a bomb in a Jerusalem supermarket killing two, injuring 22.  I guess he didn‘t know that children as young as 8 are taught the value and nobility of blowing yourself up. 

These are just examples.  Human Rights Watch tells us they too have never felt it necessary to specifically condemn the Palestinians for allowing children to be used as weapons. 

Is it that these groups don‘t pay attention to the news or is it something far worse?  An unwillingness to criticize the Palestinians for something that could lead many in the world to come down hard on their terror tactics.

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