'Guy Touches 1000 Boobs' Is a Facebook Malware Scam

/ Source: SecurityNewsDaily

Someone, somewhere, at some time, has probably filmed himself touching 1000 breasts. But messages spreading around Facebook today claiming to have that footage are phony, and could leave your computer vulnerable to a host of problems.

The scam watchdogs at Facecrooks spotted messages reading "Guy Touches 1000 Boobs!!!" complete with a screenshot of a hand touching a girl's (blurred) breasts. (Only 998 more to go!) The shot appears to be a still from a YouTube video.

If you're compelled to see just how one guy accomplished this feat, well then despite the date (Friday the 13th), consider this your lucky day — the message comes with a shortened URL to watch the full video.

If you click the link, you are redirected to what looks to be a YouTube video, but you can't watch it until you install a Flash Player update.

"The scammers are hoping that the YouTube logo will make unsuspecting users think it is a legitimate video," Facecrooks wrote. "The end game here is a rogue browser plug-in." Installing the phony Flash update "leaves your system totally vulnerable to the developer," who can then drop malware and viruses onto infected systems. In the end, the only thing that's exposed is your personal information.

If you've fallen victim to this hoax, delete any mentions of it from your news feed, uninstall the rogue plug-in from your browser and run a virus scan on your system to see if it's infected. A video tutorial on how to remove and prevent viruses can be found here.

UPDATE: It turns out that while the scam may be a fake, the video it doesn't link to is indeed real — you can view it on YouTube. It's slightly NSFW in a Benny Hill sort of way.