Charles Sabine

Charles Sabine has been with NBC News for 23 years.

Most recently he has been reporting from Baghdad during the current conflict, and from Thailand following the tsunami in Dec. 2004. He spent much of the two years before the invasion of Iraq in 2003 in Israel and the occupied territories covering the "Intifada."

Before that he participated in most of the major international news stories of the last two decades – Bosnia, Kosovo, Chechnya, Syria, Haiti, South Africa, Rwanda, Zaire, Iran, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Northern Ireland and many more. In between, he has reported extensively on all aspects of life in the United Kingdom, from elections to the death of Princess Diana. His coverage of that event was described by the Wall Street Journal as the “most compelling and creative” of the U.S. media.

He was educated in England at Brentwood School, and then trained by legendary BBC Radio Producer Charles Parker in actuality journalism in the process of acquiring a first class honours degree in Media Studies from Westminster University. 

He joined NBC in 1982 in London, and after becoming a producer on the “Today” show in New York in 1987, returned to Europe to produce NBC’s coverage of the momentous events in Europe and the Middle East that marked the following decade. During that time, he won the News and Documentary Emmy award for NBC’s reporting of the Romanian Revolution. 

He has written for British newspapers, including the Independent and Daily Mail, and has appeared regularly as a pundit on newspaper reviews and TV journalism.

Charles Sabine is 45 and lives in Wimbledon, London.