Two daughters of Minnesota AG arrested

Two daughters of Minnesota Attorney General Mike Hatch were jailed in Chicago, accused of fighting with police after a night of heavy drinking.

Elizabeth and Anne Hatch were celebrating Anne’s 21st birthday with friends at a nightclub Friday night when they got into an argument with a man at the bar. They were told to leave because they were intoxicated, Hatch spokeswoman Leslie Sandberg said.

Security guards at the club flagged down police as they threw out the two women, who continued yelling outside, Chicago police spokeswoman JoAnn Taylor said.

After police twice told the women to leave, Elizabeth Hatch ran toward the squad car and struck an officer in the face, knocking off the officer’s glasses, Taylor said. She continued to scuffle as the officers tried to take her into custody.

As officers tried to put Elizabeth Hatch into the squad car, her sister struck an officer in the face, Taylor said. When Anne Hatch was put into the squad car she kicked out the rear passenger-side window, Taylor said.

The two were released from jail Saturday to seek treatment for injuries suffered in the brawl. They were charged with misdemeanors, including assaulting a police officer, resisting arrest and damaging a police car. They were scheduled to appear in court May 5, Taylor said.

Sandberg, Hatch’s spokeswoman, said, “As parents, Mike and (his wife) Patti’s first responsibility is to find out the extent of their daughters’ injuries.”

Anne Hatch is a junior at DePaul University in Chicago. Elizabeth Hatch, 22, is a senior at Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, Minn.