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William Hung: Singing in America, ringing in Singapore

The continuing success story of America‘s favorite rejected Idol. 

Singing in America, ringing in Singapore, We cannot claim credit for him here.  It was man‘s inhumanity to man as represented early in this 21st century by the judges on “American Idol” which actually thrust William Hung into the spotlight. 

Like the other entertainment juggernauts before him, the ones with more momentum than talent, the Tiny Tims, the Anna Nicole Smiths, the Sonny Tufts and the Cherry Sisters—you can‘t stop William Hung.  You can only hope to contain him. 

Production is under way on his first music video to be timed with the release of his first C.D. 10 days hence.   Of course there is much else on our friend‘s plate.  He will be singing Saturday at the chili championship cook-offs in Richmond; Virginia, going on the Ellen DeGeneres show; and then, on the 8th of April, in an event you will remember in the years to come, he goes on “The Tonight Show.” 

But if you can‘t wait that long, you can move to Singapore, buy a cell phone and download their No. 1 specialty ring tone.  You guessed it:  “She Bangs.”

The Channel News Asia Service reports Hung‘s “She Bangs” has been the most frequently song among 450 offered by the cell provider since the beginning of this month.  The Singapore company says it will offer its caller even more of Hung‘s songs once the new C.D. comes out.  Noooooooooo! 

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