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The Ed Show for Friday, March 9, 2012

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March 9, 2012

Guests: Martin Bashir, Lizz Winstead, Terry O`Neill, Terry O`Sullivan, Danny Strong

ED SCHULTZ, HOST: Good evening, Americans. And welcome to THE ED
SHOW, from New York.

Conservatives are waging a non-stop propaganda campaign to protect
Rush Limbaugh and smear Sandra Fluke. We`ll rip the conservative tin foil
hats right off that, and I`m talking a little bit about radio tonight.
You`re not going to want to miss it.

It`s THE ED SHOW -- let`s get to work.


BILL O`REILLY, FOX NEWS: "The Factor" believes that Sandra Fluke
contraception controversy was manufactured.

SCHULTZ (voice-over): The conservative media has finally figured out
how to spin the Sandra Fluke story. They are painting it as a grand

O`REILLY: I can`t prove it beyond a reasonable doubt. I think I will
be able to. This was run out of the White House.

SCHULTZ: NOW`s Terry O`Neill and women`s activist Lizz Winstead are
here to destroy all the bogus theories.

The new job numbers show two straight years of private sector job
growth. But Republicans think it`s bad news. Terry O`Sullivan of the
Laborer`s International Union will weigh in.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Senator, I am honored to be chosen as your
running mate.

SCHULTZ: And Sarah Palin is back, this time an HBO`s new film "Game

Tonight, we`re taking a look in the film with screenwriter Danny

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We desperately need a game changing pick. None of
these middle aged white gays are game changers.


SCHULTZ: Good to have you with us tonight, folks. Thanks for
watching. We`ll bring you all of those stories in just a moment.

But, first we`re going live to the president of the United States
speaking to supporters in Houston, Texas.

families about $8,000 at the pump. That`s what is change is, that happened
because of you.

Change is the fight we won to stop handing over $60 billion in
taxpayer subsidies to banks in the student loan program, give that money
directly to students and as a consequence, millions of young people all
across the country are getting help they didn`t have before. That happened
because of you.

Change --


OBAMA: We got TSU in the house.


OBAMA: Change -- change is the fact that for the first time in
history, you don`t have to hide who you love in order to serve the country
you love. "Don`t ask, don`t tell" is over.

And yes, change is health care reform that we passed after a century
of trying. This is reform that makes sure that nobody in this country goes
bankrupt just because they get sick. And already 2.5 million young people
have health insurance today that did not have it before because this law
lets them stay on their parents plan. Because of this law preventative
care is covered, and yes, that includes preventive care for women, check-
ups, mammograms, birth control.


OBAMA: We fought for this because the top doctors, the medical
experts in the country said this kind of preventative care saves women`s
live. We fought for it because we know it saves money. It`s a lot cheaper
to prevent an illness than treat one.

So when you see politicians who are trying to take us back to the days
when this care was more expensive, and harder to get for women -- and I
know you`re seeing some of that here in Texas -- you just remember we can`t
let them get away with it, we fought for this change, we`re going to
protect this change. It`s the right thing to do.

And change is keeping another promise I made in 2008 for the first
time in nine years, we do not have any Americans who are fighting in Iraq.


OBAMA: We refocused our efforts on the terrorists who attacked us on

And thanks to our brave men and women in uniform and there are a lot
of them, a lot of service members and veterans in the great state of Texas
-- al Qaeda is weaker than it`s ever been and Osama bin Laden will never
again walk the face of this earth.


OBAMA: None of this has been easy. We`ve got a lot more work to do.
There are still too many Americans out there looking for work -- still too
many families struggling to pay the bills or make the mortgage. We`re
still recovering from the worst economic crisis of our generation or many

But over the past two years, businesses have added almost 4 million
new jobs. Our manufacturers are creating jobs for the first time since the
1990s, our economy steadily has been getting stronger, the recovery is
accelerating, America is coming back and the last thing we can afford to do
is go back to the same policies that got us into this mess in the first


OBAMA: Of course, that`s what the other folks running for this office
want to us do.


OBAMA: They think y`all have amnesia. They think you have forgotten
how we got in this mess.

They want to go back to the days when Wall Street played by their own
rules. They want to go back to the days when insurance companies could
deny you coverage or jack up your premiums without any reason. They want
to go back to spending trillions of dollars more on tax breaks for the
wealthiest individuals, folks like me, even if it means adding to the
deficit or gutting education or gutting investments in clean energy, or
gutting Medicare. Their philosophy is simple, we`re better off when
everybody is left to fend for themselves.

Let me tell you something: they are wrong.

In the United States of America, we`re always greater together than we
are on our own. We`re better off when we keep that basic American promise
where if you work hard, you can do well enough to raise a family, or own a
home, start your own business. Send your kids to college. Put a little
away for retirement. Maybe some day own the Astros.

That`s -- that`s the choice we face in this election. Look, we want
everybody to succeed, we want everybody to do well, not just a few but
everybody to have that chance. That`s what America is about. No matter
where you come from, no matter what you look like, if you are willing to
work hard, if you`re willing to roll up your sleeves, you can make it.
That`s the American way.

And this is not just another political debate. This is the defining
issue of our times. This is a make-or-break moment. For middle class
families and everybody who is trying to get in the middle class.

I mean, we can go back to an economy that`s built on outsourcing and
bad debt and phony financial profits. Or we can fight for an economy
that`s built to last.

And that`s what we have been talking about for the last three years --
an economy built on American manufacturing, and American energy, and the
skills that American workers need, the education that our kids deserve, and
the values that always made this country great -- hard work and fair play,
and shared responsibility. Everybody, from top to bottom, everybody
pitching in.

And you know what? That`s actually what everybody wants to do. When
you hear some of these political debates -- poor people they want to work
hard, they want to find a job. Wealthy people, they believe in this
country, they want to give back.

But we`ve gotten in this pattern where our politics divides us and
pushes us apart. We need to make sure that the next generation of
manufacturing takes root not Asia, not in Europe but right here, in Detroit
and Pittsburgh and Cleveland and Houston. We don`t want to be a nation --
nobody should want us to be a nation known for just buying and consuming
things, we want to build things. Make things, invent things, sell things,
all around the world, which is why we need to stop giving tax breaks to
businesses that ship jobs overseas, let`s reward companies that are
creating jobs right here in the United States of America.


OBAMA: We`ve got to make our schools the envy of the world. That
starts with the men and women in front of the classroom. You know, an
interesting statistic, a great teacher can increase the life time incomes
of a classroom by over $250,000, just one teacher.

So, I don`t want folks bashing teachers, I don`t want folks defending
the status quo, I want us to give the schools the resources they need to
recruit and keep good teachers on the job, to reward the best ones.

Let`s grant schools the flexibility to teach with creativity and
passion, stop teaching to the test.


OBAMA: Training our teachers and those who aren`t helping our kids
learn, we`re going to have to replace. And when kids do graduate, the most
daunting challenge is affording the cost of college. Right now, Americans
owe more in tuition debt than credit card debt.

So, this Congress and I know these members of Congress agree with me
here, we`ve got to stop the interest rates on student loans from doubling
in July --


SCHULTZ: President Obama speaking live in Houston, Texas tonight.
It`s pretty interesting to see it unfold, we see other politicians on the
other side having a hard time speaking in some portions of the country, the
president goes down there in Houston, Texas, just the smoothest can be,
telling it like it is.

Up next: the war on women`s health with Lizz Winstead and Terry
O`Neill and a lot more on THE ED SHOW.


SCHULTZ: Coming up the war on women`s health, Lizz Winstead and Terry
O`Neill join me for that.

And the new movie, "Game Change" premieres Saturday. We`ll preview it
and I`ll talk to the film`s screenwriter and co-executive producer, Danny

We`re right back on THE ED SHOW. Stay with us.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to THE ED SHOW.

Well, the right wing noise machine is doing everything it can to
distract you from the Republican war on women`s health, the latest attack
dog, Bill O`Reilly.

O`Reilly says forget about the outrageous attacks on women from Rush
Limbaugh and pay attention to the grand conspiracy between Sandra Fluke and
the White House.


O`REILLY: `The Factor" believes Sandra Fluke contraception
controversy was manufactured to divert attention away from the Obama
administration`s disastrous decision to force Catholic non-profit
organizations to provide insurance coverage for birth control and the
morning after pill.


SCHULTZ: Aha, "The Factor" believes. This isn`t the first time we`ve
been hearing about this conspiracy.

Beverage enthusiast Eric Bolling was trying to push the Obama-Fluke
connection earlier this week.


ERIC BOLLING, FOX NEWS: President Obama, on the ropes with economy
and specifically with women voters, gets Mrs. Fluke to create controversy
and liberal mainstream puppets play along as scripted.


SCHULTZ: Oh, yes. But it wasn`t Eric or Bill O`Reilly who came up
with the theory. No, they are just following the lead of the actual boss
of the Republican Party.


RUSH LIMBAUGH, RADIO TALK SHOW HOST: They know what they are doing.
They intentionally target schools like Georgetown to advance an agenda of
ultimately forcing them to abandon their religious beliefs. All of this is
to serve Obama`s agenda. They used Sandra Fluke to create a controversy --
Sandra Fluke used them to advance her agenda, which is to force a religious
institution to abandon their principles in order to be hers.


SCHULTZ: Wow, attack Georgetown now, attack.

Rush Limbaugh gave birth to this conspiracy theory minutes after his
phony apology to Sandra Fluke on Monday. It took the right wingers,
though, five days to catch up and get on the same page.

They finally found their voice in Rush Limbaugh. He had the
controversy. In fact, Bill O`Reilly says the conspiracy goes to 1600
Pennsylvania Avenue.


O`REILLY: We found out that Ms. Fluke is being repped by the
progressive P.R. agency, SKDKnickerbocker, where Anita Dunn, the former
Obama communications director, is the managing director. Aha. So, this
whole deal comes back to the White House.


SCHULTZ: Aha, maybe she should have called Ari Fleischer.

All right. Let`s try to follow O`Reilly here.

All right. Let`s try to follow O`Reilly here for just a moment.
Sandra Fluke, she is receiving publicity support and communications support
from a firm that is professional, no doubt. The former White House
communications director is a partner at that firm, business person, right?

But somehow, this means the White House has orchestrated the
controversy around Sandra Fluke. Welcome to the conspiracy world of the
right wing.

We asked SKDKnickerbocker to clarify its role today. Here`s the
firm`s statement to THE ED SHOW. "This week, we began helping Sandra, a
full-time law student, manage the enormous volume of incoming media
requests that came to a head when she was publicly disparaged for
advocating for contraception coverage. We were first connected to Sandra
through one of her personal friends who came to us seeking our assistance.
I am proud of our staff for donating their time and energy to work with
Sandra during this important and difficult time."

The firm also told THE ED SHOW Anita Dunn has not even met or spoken
to Sandra Fluke. Sandra Fluke first attempted to testify back on February
16th. Attempted.

She was verbally assaulted by Rush Limbaugh on his radio show starting
on February 29th. The firm started helping Sandra Fluke, coordinate public
appearances on Monday.

But Bill O`Reilly still thinks the White House plan it from the start.


O`REILLY: So, I`m going to say, and I can`t prove it beyond a
reasonable doubt, I think I will be able to. This was run out of the White
House. The White House ran this.


O`REILLY: Can`t prove it is a big statement there, Billy.

Here is the reason why Bill O`Reilly can`t prove this conspiracy,
because it`s nonsense. This is a trick to get people to stop paying
attention to the real story here.

We are not going to let the right wing noise machine distract us from
the attack on women`s rights in this country. This attack started long
before Darrell Issa`s all-male congressional hearing. The war on women`s
health is at the top of the agenda for the right wing lawmakers.

How do I know? Well, Congressman Mike Pence of Indiana has introduced
-- count them - three separate bills, three bills to ban federal funding
from family planning clinics. Anti-abortion activists like Pence have
framed these restrictions and these legislative measures as cost-saving

Yes, right. That`s why there`s more than 1,100 reproductive health
provisions introduced across the country just last year alone. No, it`s
not their agenda.

The ability for women to access contraception and reproductive health
services is being targeted in the most aggressive way we have ever seen in
this country. It is more important than ever for Americans to hear the
voice of people like Sandra Fluke. She plays an important role right now.

The right wingers, well, they can try to silence her by brow-beating
her on cable. It isn`t going to happen. She has her allies. They can`t
spin their way out of this one.

As O`Reilly says, he has no proof that the White House was behind all
of this. Give me a break. Get -- you know what? O`Reilly never covered
this story until four days into it. Until he figured out Rush was in

Get your cell phones out I want to know what you think. Tonight`s
question, will the conservative propaganda attack on Sandra Fluke fail?
Text A for yes, text B for no to 622639. You can always go to our blog at We`ll bring you results later on in the show.

I`m joined by Lizz Winstead, co-creator of "The Daily Show" and author
of "Lizz, Free or Die"; and Terry O`Neill, president of the National
Organization for Women. Thank you for joining us tonight, I appreciate it
so much.

Lizz, why is FOX News going down this road? What`s the mission here?

LIZZ WINSTEAD, WOMEN`S ACTIVIST: The conspiracy theory thing -- I`m
utterly shocked that they could try to make this -- you know how people
wear tin foil hats? I think they are wearing tin foil condoms. I`m not
sure, because they seem so crazy.

You know, the other part of the story that you -- when we talk about
Sandra Fluke and having to get the firm -- of course, she is going to go to
women who support what she believes in, Hillary, Anita. And second of all,
they are a great firm in Washington, D.C., where Georgetown is. It`s not a
big stretch.

And so, the more they push this, the more again it shows you when men
who are not comfortable with sharing the power, with women and people of
color, and they are in their last gasp and grasp of trying to hold on to
it, it`s very frightening to see what they do to do that. It should be a
lesson to us all to look at that.

SCHULTZ: Terry, is this conspiracy theory going to change public
opinion? FOX isn`t going to back off on this. And what about Sandra Fluke
and her role in all this?

TERRY O`NEILL, PRESIDENT, N.O.W.: Sandra Fluke is becoming more of a
hero to women throughout the country the more these men pile on to her. I
mean, I think it`s fascinating that Bill O`Reilly decides to attack now,
not just Sandra Fluke but also Anita Dunn -- for daring to be in the public
sphere, daring to speak out in favor of women`s health.

And I thought it was really telling that one of the things that Bill
O`Reilly said he`s upset that Rush Limbaugh, his attacks on Sandra Fluke
has diverted the country`s attention from the right wing`s claim that birth
control is somehow about men to the clear what`s really going on which is
as Rush Limbaugh shows -- birth control, their opposition to birth control
is really about demeaning women, humiliating women and pushing women out of
the public sphere. It is so backfiring on them.

SCHULTZ: We all know how the right wing circles the wagon and they
charge when they have to, and there`s no question about it, that they cover
each other`s backside and they`ll attack together. I have seen it. I have
been a part of it where I have been the target.

Is this whole conspiracy theory that FOX is pushing right now, Lizz --
I mean, is this all about just keeping the heat off Rush?

WINSTEAD: You know, I don`t know if it`s keeping the heat off of
Rush. To me, it says wow -- A, you don`t understand the power of women at
all because you don`t respect and appreciate powerful women and you don`t
see what we do, so they think this works. And that`s the part, Ed, I think
is incredibly fascinating, is the fact that Americans are saying this is
not OK and they cannot help themselves from continuing to make this their

When you look at Rick Santorum, he can`t help himself. Rush, O`Reilly
-- and two guys with these crazy backgrounds themselves are doing it, it`s
really insane.

SCHULTZ: And, Terry, you`ve got 1,100 bills across the country that
have been introduced just last year alone and there`s going to be a lot
more this year. And the right wingers say that Title X funding takes care
of contraception services for low income women. But isn`t Title X funding
under attack like other legislation being introduced?

O`NEILL: Absolutely. Title X is under attack both in the United
States Congress and state-by-state. For example, Governor Chris Christie
in New Jersey cut Title X funding completely out of the state budget. So,
it is under severe attack.

Look, Lizz is absolutely right about how this is backfiring.

Rick Santorum, by rights, should have won Michigan, but his numbers
plummeted the more he attacked women`s access to birth control. And it`s
happening -- Lisa Murkowski went back to Alaska after voting very
shamefully against birth control when she voted for the Blunt Amendment --
she goes back to Alaska and gets blasted by Republican women and
independent women.

Attacking women`s fundamental health care, which is what an attack on
birth control is, is a loser.


O`NEILL: And I honestly don`t understand why they keep push it. But
I`ll tell you what? The more they do, the more we are going to win.

SCHULTZ: Well, I think it`s hilarious that they are trying to connect
it back to the Obama administration and the White House. No Democrat told
Darrell Issa not to allow Sandra Fluke to testify in front of that
committee. The Republicans have stepped in it all across the board on this
and they don`t know how to handle it and big P.R. problem right now with
women voters in this country.

Lizz Winstead, Terry O`Neill -- great to have you tonight on THE ED
SHOW. Thanks so much.

Coming up, good news on the economy today -- but the Republicans,
well, they are turning it into bad news. Just not good enough. Terry
O`Sullivan goes after something the Congress can do to help jobs.

We`re right back. Stay with us.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to THE ED SHOW.

Good news for the third straight month, the economy added more than
200,000 jobs. And Republican leaders immediately found a way to say, it`s
not good enough, it`s bad news.

The jobs report released today was better than expected. The economy
added 227,000 jobs in the month of February, unemployment remained at 8.3
percent, but it didn`t go up. Job gains for December and January revised
upward, meaning the economy added more jobs in those two months than
previously estimated.

Job growth over the past six months is better than it has been in
nearly six years. Are you happy about that? You ought to be.

Here, of course, is reaction from the RNC, Reince Priebus, "today`s
job report is yet another reminder that far too many Americans are out of
work and the situation is clearly not improving."

Really, Reince? That is not improvement? How do you define
improvement? Jobs up good, jobs down bad? Maybe you`re confused, since
your good buddy Scott Walker is Wisconsin hasn`t done a great job of
creating jobs. Of course there are still too many Americans out of work.
No question about that.

President Obama says that himself. But the improvement in the economy
just cannot be disputed. Today brings -- count them -- the 24th
consecutive month of private sector job growth in this country. Did you
get that, private sector?

Job growth would be even better if the Republicans would just step
forward and help pass the Transportation Bill, instead of talking about
contraception. What do you think?

Let`s turn to Terry O`Sullivan, general president of the Laborers
International Union of North America. Terry, good to have you with us

How ugly is it when Republicans just absolutely block everything when
it comes to jobs? How do you feel about it? Where are we right now?

tell you, one, it`s great to be with you, Ed. It`s absolutely repulsive.
I`ll tell you what, the numbers that came out, the job numbers today show
the president has this country moving in the right direction, and has been
since he assumed office.

The numbers also tell us that in the construction industry, we had --
we lost 14,000 members, workers, construction workers in February. We have
a 17.7 unemployment rate in the construction industry. And we have
Republicans -- radical Republicans in Washington D.C. that are holding up a
highway bill, as you said, adding things like contraception and things of
that nature that have no bearing and should not even be mentioned in the
discussion about passing a comprehensive highway bill.

SCHULTZ: Terry, how many jobs -- if we were to pass the Highway Bill,
if the Congress were to do that, how many jobs are we talking about?

O`SULLIVAN: Well, in the Senate bill alone, Ed, for every one billion
dollars in infrastructure spending, it creates 35,000 jobs. Just not
construction jobs as well. So if the Senate bill is passed at 109 billion
dollars, you`re going to see millions upon millions of jobs that are
created from that bill.

SCHULTZ: Now, in the manufacturing sector, it`s getting better;
429,000 jobs have been added over the last two years. What policies do you
see the GOP presidential candidates stepping up with? When you hear Romney
and Santorum and Gingrich out on the stump, are you hearing anything that
would encourage you that they are going to have something there for wage
earners in this country?

O`SULLIVAN: Ed, they have no plan for jobs, whatsoever. I`m
convinced they are anti-job. This highway bill is an example of that.

Let me just give you a few statistics. The average age of a bridge in
the United States of America is 45 years old. They were built to last 50

One-third of the roads in this country are in poor or mediocre
condition. And you use those statistics, we have a 2.2 trillion dollar
infrastructure problem in this country. And the Republicans are trying to
hold up passing a transportation highway bill that will put people back to
work again, that will improve the economy, improve our job numbers.

And they are playing partisan politics with this public safety of
every American that has to travel across a functionally obsolete or
structurally deficient bridge every day.

SCHULTZ: So how do we turn minds on that? We`ve had a bridge fall
down in the middle of the country that killed 13 people. If you have
bridges that are viewed as unsafe right now and structurally deficient -- I
know there`s a lot of them out there -- and the life expectancy we`re
coming up on it, what do we do in year 50 or year 51?

, do we cross these bridges? What is it going to take to get
Congress` attention on this? What -- how many people have to die on
bridges, I guess is what I`m asking?

O`SULLIVAN: That`s a good question, Ed. There are 3,600 bridges that
are now closed. There`s 160,000 bridges that are functionally obsolete or
structurally deficient as we speak.

I might add, 6,400 of those in Speaker Boehner`s state of Ohio, and
4,300 in Mitch McConnell`s state of Kentucky.

We have put together an aggressive, multi-ad campaign. We`re doing --
we started doing ads in Ohio, in Kentucky this week, an ad called London
Bridges is Falling Down, because America`s bridges are going to fall down.

We`re doing print materials to over 100,000 registered voters.

SCHULTZ: You`re on the move.

O`SULLIVAN: -- in Ohio and Kentucky. We have to keep the fight up,

SCHULTZ: Terry O`Sullivan, thanks for your time tonight. I
appreciate it so much, telling the story.

Mr. O`Sullivan is the leader of a union. He represents thousands of
middle class workers across America. Today, "Politico" and others made
accusations about me and my business relationship with them.

Coming up, I will set the record straight.


SARAH PALIN, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Look at him embracing Derrick
Bell, the radical college racist professor.


SCHULTZ: Sarah Palin weighs in on Hannity`s big non-exclusive and
jumps on the radical bandwagon.


PALIN: People must be aware of his radical past, his radical
associations even today.


SCHULTZ: MSNBC`s Martin Bashir is here with reaction.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Who all we vetted?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Romney, Crist, Pawlenty. Trying to vet Bloomberg.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Who can we win with?



SCHULTZ: And later, we`re taking a loot into HBO`s new film "Game
Change" with screen writer Danny Strong.


SCHULTZ: It`s the biggest non-scandal of the week. And Sean Hannity
is trying his damndest to keep it alive. The scandal involves a 20-year-
old video of a young Barack Obama hugging a professor. Hannity, along with
two right wing bloggers, believe it`s more than just a hug.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I think the one smoking gun here, the only smoking
gun here -- there are two smoking guns, actually.


SCHULTZ: Wait a minute, there might be three smoking guns. Actually,
there were zero smoking guns.

But that didn`t stop Hannity last night. He found a way to top


SEAN HANNITY, FOX NEWS ANCHOR: We continue on "Hannity" with former
Alaska Governor, Fox News contributor Governor Sarah Palin.


SCHULTZ: Hannity brought a real source, Palin, up to speed on all the
right wing buzz words.


HANNITY: He hung out 20 years with Wright, Ayers, Dohrn, Pfleger,
ACORN, Alinsky, community organizing. Now we have another sort of bit of


SCHULTZ: Well, fortunately Palin`s already a pro at smearing the
president of the United States.


PALIN: People must be aware of his radical past, his radical
association. He has chosen the most radical of the radicals.


SCHULTZ: Palin then cooked up a new line of attack, this time
suggesting the nation`s first black president wants us to return to the
days before the Civil War.


PALIN: He is bringing us back, Sean, to days -- you could harken back
to days before the Civil War, when unfortunately too many Americans
mistakenly believed that not all men were created equal.


SCHULTZ: Hmm. How do you think President Obama would have fared in a
pre-Civil War society? How do you think he would have done, Professor
Palin? Just curious. The history lesson continues.


PALIN: Now, it has taken all these years for many Americans to
understand that gravity, that mistake that took place before the Civil War
and why the Civil War had to really start changing America.

What Barack Obama seems to want to do is go back to before those days,
when we were in different classes, based on income, based on color of skin.


SCHULTZ: Joining me now is Martin Bashir, host of "THE MARTIN BASHIR"
weekdays on MSNBC. What was that? That is the best "Game Change" promo
I`ve seen yet.

MARTIN BASHIR, MSNBC ANCHOR: Ed, this was an absolute classic from
the Hannity-Palin joint school of conspiracy and contempt, a school which,
by the way, reading is optional, historical evidence and accuracy is
irrelevant and unnecessary.

They had two targets in mind last night, the late Professor Derrick
Bell, who was the first African American tenured law professor at Harvard,
whose own writings, if either of those two had bothered to read them, would
tell you that any progress that African Americans made in this country had
to be with a view to the wider society.

He was not a violent separationist. He was not a black violent leader
in any sense. And yet they dressed him up as this revolutionary. And then
focused on the president.

Here`s the interesting thing, here are two African Americans who
through the verve of their academic and cultural contributions have risen
from humble beginnings to great status. I wonder why Sarah Palin would
attack them?

SCHULTZ: Radical. He was radical. They were accusing this man of
giving speeches against the civil rights movement and saying that there is
racism in America. Hello, there is racism in America. And that is
supposed to be radical?

BASHIR: That was the wonderful thing about the argument. It was
counter intuitive. She was saying originally that isn`t it awful that Rush
Limbaugh is being attacked. What about the fact that I was attacked by
Bill Maher.

It`s the same argument that she is using here. There has been racism,
yeah, whatever, but the president and Professor Derrick Bell are
responsible for racism. It`s nonsensical.

SCHULTZ: Now, Derrick Bell, who has deceased.

BASHIR: Indeed, in October.

SCHULTZ: He worked at the Justice Department following the Brown
versus Board of Education. He was first tenured black professor at
Harvard. This was an accomplished man. Does he deserve this? No one
deserves this. No one deserves this.

BASHIR: I spoke to two people today, one of who is an academic and
one who is a politician. One of them did know Professor Derrick Bell, and
said, the one thing that you would know about his pursuit for equality was
that it was done with courtesy and respect at all times.

And now, they`ve chosen, as it were, to raise him from the dead and
dress up all of his achievements as if he`s a lunatic and raging extremist.

SCHULTZ: I`m curious about how President Obama or any black man would
have done in a leadership role before the Civil War.

BASHIR: That would have been an interesting thing to discover.

SCHULTZ: What is Sarah Palin talking about?

BASHIR: As you know, history isn`t really her finest and most
important skill.

SCHULTZ: Or sticking to the job.

BASHIR: But the other thing about this, I think, Ed, is aside from
the fact that you and I as individuals would feel insulted if we were the
victims of this -- and of course, I`m quite sure that Professor Derrick
Bell`s family deserves some kind of an apology. I think every time Sarah
Palin says this kind of thing, anyone America whose compus mentes (ph) are
not currently in a psychiatric institution realizes very, very quickly that
the only idiots in this particular situation are not the president.

SCHULTZ: Martin Bashir, always, thank you. Appreciate it.

I`m going to destroy a right wing smear campaign targeting me. That`s


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to THE ED SHOW. Today, a conservative blog
posted documents filed with the United States Department of Labor stating
that unions had paid Ed Schultz Broadcasting nearly 200,000 dollars. Those
documents are correct.

Several unions have indeed paid me for advertising for speeches. Some
of you may have even attended those speeches.

I`d like to invite you to my website, all of you who are watching
tonight. Look at that, Big Eddy`s North Country Lodge. Look at all that
advertising on there. It`s at, which is completely -- I say
completely independent and not affiliated with MSNBC.

There you can see all the ads along the right side. Some of them are
products and services. Some of them, yes, they are from unions. They buy

In addition to advertising contracts, the documents show that I have
received money for giving speeches to union groups and other organizations.
The policy at MSNBC is any speech must get prior approval and any
honorarium must be donated to the charity of the speaker`s choice.

I chose last year that all the money go to the American Cancer Society
for the great work that they do. And I have friends in that organization
as well. And I will continue to do so.

"Politico" chose to headline their story, "Unions Gave 200 I to
MSNBC`s Ed Schultz."

I want to emphatically state tonight nobody gave me anything. I work
for a living. I run an independent business that`s called "The Ed Schultz
Radio Show." And it`s been very successful through the support of
listeners and advertisers. It`s business.

One more thing, "Politico" and others have compared my taking speaking
money to Mitt Romney for doing the same. Give me a break. Nothing could
be further from the truth.

Here is what I said about Governor Romney`s speaking income.


SCHULTZ: According to his own financial disclosure forms, Mitt Romney
made 374,327 dollars in speaker fees in one year. That ain`t bad on the
rubber chicken circuit, folks. That is what Mr. Out-Of-Touch thinks is not
very much?

No, it`s real good. The median household income in America is just
49,445 dollars. You tell me, is he in touch? Romney` speaking fees were
more than seven times the median household income in this country.


SCHULTZ: As you can see, I criticized Governor Romney for saying that
nearly 375,000 dollars is not much, and since he`s worth somewhere in the
range of 250 million dollars, he couldn`t relate to the average American
making less than 50,000 dollars a year.

Governor Romney, he is free to makes a much as he can for speaking to
groups anywhere. If people would like to debate whether 375,000 dollars
is, quote, "not much," I welcome that debate.


SCHULTZ: ED SHOW survey tonight, I asked you will the conservative
propaganda attack on Sandra Fluke fail? Ninety five percent of you say
yes; five percent of you say no.

Coming up, "Game Change" screen writer Danny Strong joins me to
preview the film and discuss Sarah Palin`s reaction to it. Stay tuned.
We`re right back.


SCHULTZ: Big Finish tonight, you just never know when Sarah Palin is
going to make a comeback. This time, it`s the HBO film "Game Change."
Republicans are already crying foul.

The film focuses exclusively on Sarah Palin`s sudden rise from an
unknown governor to this.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: This is Sarah. American woman say get away


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You know what they say the difference between a
hockey mom and a pit bull? Lipstick.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: CNN has him even with Obama.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We can really win this thing.


SCHULTZ: Palin backers attacked the film even before seeing it.
Palin`s website called it historical fiction. And her PAC tried to raise
money off the film. Palin told Fox News she won`t be watching.


PALIN: They are going to do what they can do to drum up their money.
And those campaign staffers who essentially threw John McCain under the
bus, I think that they should feel some shame and they should feel some
embarrassment, because the movie is based on a false narrative, as you can
see in the trailer.


SCHULTZ: I`m joined by the screen writer and co-executive producer of
"Game Change," Danny Strong. Danny, nice to meet you.


SCHULTZ: Did you have fun on this assignment?

STRONG: I had an amazing time on this assignment. This is a great
American story. I felt honored to get to write it.

SCHULTZ: What about Sarah Palin`s comments?

STRONG: Well, I just disagree. I think the movie is completely
accurate. I think it`s completely true. It`s based upon a book that was
not refuted when it came out at the time.

And I went out and I interviewed 25 people myself from the
McCain/Palin campaign, specifically to make sure that the book was
accurate. And 24 of those 25 people said yes, the book is accurate.

SCHULTZ: What was the hardest part of doing this, putting it
together, writing it?

STRONG: Getting the story right. HBO has this mandate when they do
these types of film, you`ve got to get the story right. It has to be true.
It`s got to be accurate. That is why we did so many interviews, you know,
besides the book "Game Change," which 90 percent of the film is based on

I read six other books, hundred articles, hundred magazine articles
and just did everything I could to get the facts.

SCHULTZ: What do you think movie viewers are going to come away with?
What is really going to stick with them after they see this?

STRONG: I think two things. One, I think they are going to be
surprised at how sympathetic they feel toward the position that Governor
Palin was in and how hard she worked and how just unprepared she was for
this really, really dramatic situation she was thrust into.

And I think they are going to be shocked to what extent that she was
unprepared for that job, and how she just seemed to be not the right person
to be the vice presidential candidate at that time.

SCHULTZ: What does it say about our political process, about picking
vice presidents?

STRONG: It says that I think we need to think about governing before
we think about winning.

SCHULTZ: I want to talk about the actors. Ed Harris, I mean, he
looks like John McCain.

STRONG: Sure, yeah, amazing performance.

SCHULTZ: How did he accept all that?

STRONG: Ed Harris?

SCHULTZ: Doing -- did he really get into it?

STRONG: Oh, yeah, absolutely. He listened to all of John McCain`s
books on tape and just seeing him every day, getting in the physicality.
And he would stay in character in and out of -- even when we weren`t doing
takes. It was really amazing to watch.

SCHULTZ: How about Woody Harrelson?

STRONG: Woody Harrelson is unbelievable.

SCHULTZ: Playing our friend Steve Schmidt.

STRONG: Yes, it`s a tremendous performance. You know, everyone right
now is talking about Julianne Moore and Ed Harris, and rightfully so,
because they`re so great. But once they see this movie and they see Steve
Schmidt, they are going to be pretty blown away by him.

SCHULTZ: One of the Palin staffers who attacked the movie actually
offered to be a consultant on the movie. What about that?

STRONG: Yes, it was really unusual. You know, he reached out to me
after I interviewed him, sent me an e-mail saying it was based on a book
that he felt was accurate and then asked if he could be a consultant on the
project. And then a year later, he`s attacking us. He`s attacking the

I was very surprised by that.

SCHULTZ: Do you think this will damage Sarah Palin for any political
future at all?

STRONG: I think the people who love Sarah Palin are always going to
love Sarah Palin and nothing is ever going to change that. And the people
that aren`t fans of Sarah Palin, I don`t think anything is going to change

so our goal wasn`t to influence people`s opinions one way or the
other. It was to talk about the system of how we elect our presidents.

SCHULTZ: Was this one of yours most rewarding project?

STRONG: I think it`s the most rewarding thing I`ve worked on so far.
It was a really fantastic project. And it`s a great story. And it`s a
crazy story, you know? This really happened. It really did happen.

SCHULTZ: HBO tomorrow night.

STRONG: Yes, thank you so much.

SCHULTZ: Danny Strong, I`m a fan. Great to have you with us tonight.
Thanks so much.

That`s THE ED SHOW. I`m Ed Schultz. You can listen to me on Sirius
XM radio channel 127, where I do all those commercials Monday through
Friday from noon to 3:00 PM. You can follow me on Twitter @EdShow and like
THE ED SHOW on Facebook.

It`s Friday night. "THE RACHEL MADDOW SHOW" starts right now. Good
evening, Rachel.


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