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3 Things to Know About Your New Pinterest Profile

/ Source: TechNewsDaily


Pinterest began rolling out new profile pages today (March 16) that put more emphasis on the people behind the photos. If that makes you feel a bit self-conscious about your "pinning" expertise, we've got some tips on how to get your new profile in shape for pinner scrutiny.   Who are you?   The new profile page moves your name and description up to the top where it's far more visible than the old version. You can easily edit or add a description to help others get an idea of your interests. You will now see the three people whose photos you most frequently re-pin. Pinterest says it added the feature to help you discover new people to follow.   Tweak your boards   The order of your boards — collections of photos with common themes — has become more important, but it's easy to rearrange them. Further, the photo you most recently pinned is displayed much larger than the others in each board. Four thumbnails, ordered by how recent each is, appear under the large photo. You can rearrange your boards from this page by clicking on the board graphic next to "edit profile." You'll want to put your most interesting boards at the top. Be sure to click the red check mark to save your new arrangement.   Unfortunately, you cannot rearrange the photos themselves. If you don't like the featured photo, which was your most recent pin, add a new one or re-pin your favorite from your board. Here's hoping that  Pinterest  will add the ability to rearrange pins soon.   Follow more pinners   Pinterest said in its blog post that even seasoned pinners had trouble finding out who follows them and who they’re following. This information now appears in a navigation strip that also includes a count of your boards, your pins and "likes" from others. An "activity" button reveals a pictorial summary of your recent pins and new people you followed. Next time you're pinning and see  a photo you like , click on the names of the pinners to see their profiles. Adding new people will add their pins to your home page.   Pinterest says that when you’re browsing profiles, you can see all the things pinners have been doing on the network.   True. Pinterest is open to all. Unlike  Facebook , you can follow anyone you like. There are no privacy options on Pinterest. Use the new profile to see how others view you. Your pictures tell a story — make sure it's the one you want to share.