New Facebook App Finds Your Next Roommate

/ Source: TechNewsDaily



Looking for a roommate? Sure, you can ask your friends, tack a flyer up at the local coffee shop or post a listing on Craigslist. But what about Facebook? Friends with Rooms is a new Facebook app that taps into your friends of friends. That one extra degree of separation can translate even an average-size friend list of 190 — says Facebook —  into more than 36,000 potential roommates.   Friends with Rooms is based on the idea that having at least  one friend in common  will make for a better roommate, U.K.-based co-founder James Bradley told TechNewsDaily. Bradley and his partner Charlie Ross launched the new service just days ago.   "Finding compatible flatmates can be a complete lottery, particularly whilst I was at university, so we wanted to improve the odds," Bradley said. And he wanted to keep the process simple.   "All you have to do is click 'log in with Facebook' to start using the service," he said. A second click on "Find Friends with Rooms" will return a list of possible matches, where you can then narrow your choices based on factors such as price, location and availability. Each listing (posted by a  Facebook user ) includes at least one photo. Bradley said the service can be used to "find a place to crash for a few days" as well.   For now, Friends with Rooms is only available to  Facebook users  in the U.K., but U.S. users won't have long to wait. Bradley expects the app to cross the pond within a couple of weeks.