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Your questions for Condoleezza Rice

Here's a sampling of some of the thousands of e-mails sent to in response to the question: What would you ask National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice if you were a member of  the commission investigating the U.S. government's preparedness and response to the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001?
NSA Condoleeza Rice Briefs Press About President Bush's Mexico Trip
Rice is scheduled to testify at 9 a.m. ET Thursday.Brendan Smialowski / Getty Images file
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Dear Reader:

The hearings of the commission investigating the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, have riveted the attention of users — and the rest of the nation. Those hearings are likely to reach a crescendo Thursday, when National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice testifies.

In anticipation of Rice’s testimony, we asked our users to tell us what they would ask Rice if they were serving on the commission. We received more than 13,000 e-mails from users in three days.  

The questions covered a wide range of issues: Some users wanted to know what the administration perceived as the greatest threat to the country before Sept. 11, 2001. Others wanted to know if Rice believed the Clinton administration had done all it could to prevent the attacks; still others wanted to know what the White House believed was the connection between the Sept. 11 attacks and the invasion of Iraq. And some wanted to know why Rice was testifying at all, since they believed that White House advisers should not be subject to the commission.

We are publishing 1,000 of the e-mails, a selection that is a good representation of the range of questions, and we have sent a letter to the commission calling attention to the questions.

Dean Wright

Name: Stewart Whitlow
Hometown: Milton, W. Va.
Comments:  Do you feel that the intel information lapse on WMDs expererienced by the Bush administration was caused by the previous administration's cutback in national security and defense? 

Name: J. Ignizio
Hometown: Placitas, N.M.
Comments:  Why don't you address the fact that the Democrats, under Clinton, virtually emasculated the American military forces? Didn't this leave us vulnerable to terrorists? Why hasn't the committee addressed?

Name: Jim Spad
Hometown: Sausalito, Calif.
Comments:  Do you feel that the President's month long vacation in August of 2001 contributed to the fact that we're caught by surprise on September 11th?

Name: Dotty Thomas
Hometown: Roswell, Ga.
Comments:  I would ask why we NEVER see photos of 9/11 on TV or any other media for that matter.  I think the American people need reminders of why we are fighting this war in the first place!

Name: Jeremiah Long
Hometown: Vienna, Va.
Comments:  What is it like working for the most corrupt administration in history, and how, as a woman, can you work for a Republican ?

Name: Kim S.
Hometown: Lexington, N.C.
Comments:  What steps has the government taken to ensure — permanently -- that there are no further failures in communication of possible threats?

Name: David Sellers
Hometown: Birmingham, Ala.
Comments:  Why did you, Condoleeza Rice, warn San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown not to fly on September 11, 2001?

Name: Tacettin Fidan (Dean)
Hometown: Mundelein, Ill.
Comments:  Were the threats posed by Muslim extremists, such as bin Laden and others, considered temporary by the law enforcement and intelligence communities? 

Name: James Jagiello
Hometown: Forest Hills, N.Y.
Comments:  If 9/11 didn't happen, would she have Homeland Security offices in every state?

Name: Evelyn Wilson
Hometown: Austin TX
Comments:  Why did you not know, even in May 2002, that the FBI and CIA were worried that terrorists would hijack planes and use them as missles to crash into buildings in the U.S.?

Name: Akintunde Lawal
Hometown: Banjul, Gambia
Comments:  Was there prior knowledge of Islamic fundamentalists parading as student pilots training in USA?

Name: E Walter
Hometown: Seattle, Wa.
Comments:  Why did we invade Iraq rather than Saudi Arabia, when Saudi clearly has connections with the hijackers, terrorist organizations and funding of terrorist organizations?

Name: Brad
Hometown: Austin, Texas
Comments:  Why if you knew nothing beforehand about what was to happen on 9/11, did you call to warn Willie Brown, mayor of San Francisco not to fly on 9/10?

Name: Brad Noel
Hometown: San Diego, Calif.
Comments:  Why do you think so many liberals who claim to be "tolerant" and "racially sensitive" are so outright hostile to backs who are not liberals?

Name: Wilson Kierstead
Hometown: Roxboro, N.C.
Comments:  How does it feel to be expected to have 20/20 hindsight before the fact?

Name: John
Hometown: LaFollette, Tenn.
Comments:  How many hours have you spent rehearsing after Richard Clarke gave his testimony? Also how many documents and taped conversations have been shredded, destroyed and or changed since that time?

Name: Carol Miller
Hometown: Los Angeles
Comments:  A question on the Administration's priorities even today after 9/11 as The War in Iraq trumps the War on Terror in every way.

Name: Dustin DeCusatis
Hometown: Atlanta
Comments:  Do you think it is audacious of President Bush to speak out about the humanitarian tragedies in the Sudan when the same atrocities are going on right now due to his invasion on unjust grounds in Iraq?

Name: P. T. Gonzalez
Hometown: Joliet, Ill.
Comments:  Isn't it interesting that MSNBC is soliciting questions from the public on the Internet?  At least this will give the Democrat members of the commission some resources for their questioning. 

Name: Tom
Hometown: Wash., D.C.
Comments:  One of the reasons for invading Iraq was to 'remove ' that evil guy, Saddam Hussein. Now that he's been removed will we identify another so as to continue our occupation there?

Name: Jon Davis
Hometown: El Paso, TX
Comments:  How do sleep at night knowing you are a cog in the machine at the most vicious terrorist organization the world has ever known, the U.S. gov't?

Name: Sameer
Hometown: Detroit
Comments:  Given the fact we lost 630 + soldiers, 3000 + wounded & more than 200 billion dollars spent, don't you think this war was a mistake specially without the support of the international community?.

Name: Clara Pascoe
Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pa.
Comments:  What is the truth about the Bush Administration's emphasis on Iraq, and why so little attention given to Al Qaeda?

Name: John Irby
Hometown: Willingboro, N.J.
Comments:  I would ask her if she was ready to be the one to take the fall for 9/11. Honestly I would have never thought of such an attack back then.

Name: Terrell Waters
Hometown: Herndon, Va.
Comments:  As a new NSC Director, why did you downgrade the position of National Coordinator for Counterterrorism and ask for a plan to move some of the security functions away from the NSC staff? 

Name: B. Bass
Hometown: Phoenix, Ariz.
Comments:  Why are you being a puppet for the Bush administration? We all know that Bush attacked Iraq to get Saddam for threatening to kill Bush Sr. He needed to impress his daddy.

Name: Frank Tonoli
Hometown: Tomball, Texas
Comments:  Why don't you and Bush just give a joint press conference and answer all questions, instead of this rehearsed charade before this "independent" commission?

Name: C. Shibata
Hometown: Lake View Terrace, Calif.
Comments:  Where are the weapons of mass destruction?

Name: Jennifer
Hometown: Chicago
Comments:  What is the real reason you did not want to testify in front of the 9/11 Commission?  Because no one believes it was a matter of "principle?" Something in rank in Denmark.

Name: A Carrera
Hometown: Southfield, Mich.
Comments:  Please compare and contrast your job versus that of the Secretary of Defense and the Secretary of Homeland Security?

Name: Thomas McKenna
Hometown: Newtown
Comments:  Before 911, why did their administration remove more than 50% of the submarines that the previous Clinton administration had patrolling Afghanistan? 

Name: A Day
Hometown: Santa Barbara
Comments:  What exactly were the priorities of the NSC in the Summer of 2001?  Why was terrorism not a top priority?

Name: Lynn Tessler
Hometown: Tampa, Fla.
Comments:  Without justifying, which facts as you know them today differ from what was presented by you prior to the start of the Iraq war?

Name: John Simpson
Hometown: San Diego
Comments:  Why was focus gradually shifted from Osama bin Laden to Saddam Hussien as the primary threat to our security?

Name: Ellen
Hometown: New Market, Md.
Comments:  I want to know why WMD haven't been found yet.  Why was this war started if we didn't have the real proof to begin with, actually seeing the WMD.  Why are all of these innocent people being killed????

Name: Mary Ellen
Hometown: San Ramon
Comments:  Ms. Rice, if we invaded Iraq primarily to prevent his regime from continuing to practice genocide, why haven't we invaded other countries whose regimes are just as brutal?

Name: Claudio
Hometown: Las Vegas
Comments:  Why isn't Saudi Arabia on the list of countries sponsoring terrorism? Why were Saudi relatives allowed to fly out of the USA when other planes were grounded after the attacks?

Name: Dorothy
Hometown: Phoenix, Ariz.
Comments:  Why were the Saudis allowed to leave the U.S. right after 9/11 when no one else was allowed to fly?

Name: Morton A. Fineman
Hometown: San Diego
Comments: How many Iraqi soldiers were killed in the initial stages of the war? How m any Iraqi civilians were killed?

Name: Guy Phelps
Hometown: Henderson, Nev.
Comments:  Does Rice actually have any qualifications to be in her position?

Name: Stephen Rutland
Hometown: Durham, N.C.
Comments:  Why is she taking the fall? 

Name: J.P.  Jones
Hometown: Goose Creek, S.C.
Comments:  What exactly qualifies you to advise anyone on matters of national security?  Is your resume a matter of public domain? If so, where can one review it? If not, why not?

Name: Jerry
Hometown: Los Angeles
Comments:  Will you be willing to declassify your correspondence leading up to and immediately after on the subject of national security and terrorism? Will you release your draft speech planned on the security subject?

Name: Mick
Hometown: New Jersey
Comments:  Did you know about 9/11 before it happened?

Name: Paul Lehto
Hometown: Lake Stevens, Wa.
Comments:  How can you simultaneously argue "nobody really expected anything" and at the same time claim a great record on counter-terrorism?

Name: Mary Ann Tasch
Hometown: Ballwin, Mo.
Comments:  Why is this administration stonewalling and withholding the Clinton administration papers which would be helpful to this hearing?

Name: Travis
Hometown: Vancouver, Wa.
Comments:  I would like to know why they are not hauling the security personnel from the various airports in front of the commission.

Name: Monica
Hometown: Peekskill, NY
Comments:  If Ms. Rice is telling the truth (with nothing to hide) why was she so reluctant to speak before the panel? 

Name: T. Robinson
Hometown: Pleasanton, Calif.
Comments:  Was the war in Iraq prompted by a desire to make Bush and his friends at Halliburton billionaires? Why then are they the only ones being given government contracts to rebuild the country?

Name: B. Keramati
Hometown: Schenectady, N.Y.
Comments:  What serious scholarly work (taking into account history, culture, past US and other foreign involvements, etc.) has the U.S. government done that explains the motivation for terrorism? 

Name: Valerie Terzi
Hometown: Manhattan
Comments:  I'd like to know whether or not she bothered to read the report that indicated the terrorists were getting flying lessons and could possibly use a plane to plow into a building?

Name: Fred Raumer
Hometown: Gardendale, Ala.
Comments:  What national security issues were of higher priority than terrorism and what has been the result of those issues receiving more attention?  Have other domestic tragedies been avoided? 

Name: Tom Luczak
Hometown: Ann Arbor, Mich.
Comments:  Prior to the Iraqi invasion, what were the empirical and demonstrable links between Al Quaeda and the Saddam Hussein regime?

Name: Don Baxley
Hometown: Clovis
Comments:  Name the person you remember who told you Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and was about to deliver them to terrorists to use on us? If you cannot, then why did we go to war?

Name: Michael Switzer
Hometown: Studio City
Comments:  Why will the White House not release the speech you were to give on Sept. 12th?

Name: G. Dunno
Hometown: Arizona
Comments:  Why is your testimony only 2 1/2 hours long?  Can we actually get substantive answers in this short amount of time?

Name: Bob Kubit
Hometown: Shrewsbury, Mass.
Comments:  Ms. Rice: Do you believe in the cause of Iraqi freedom so firmly that you would be willing to carry a gun and patrol the streets in Iraq?

Name: Michael Todd
Hometown: Colorado Springs, Colo.
Comments:  How exactly is the plan the principals agreed on in September different than the proposals given to you in January by Richard Clarke?

Name: Velma
Hometown: Searcy, Ark.
Comments:  Why did the White House officials say if you testify, no one else can on the events leading to September eleventh?  Why hide what Americans want and need to know?

Name: Jose Garcia
Hometown: Dallas, Tex.
Comments:  can she prove by any documentation that al Qaida or Osama bin Laden was behind the 9/11 attacks?

Name: Kevin Burns
Hometown: Plattsburgh, N.Y.
Comments:  How did this country get so fortunate to have a person of your caliber working for us?

Name: Martin A.
Hometown: Spokane, WA
Comments:  Why did you give in to groundless and stupid demands to make you testify?

Name: Brent Smith
Hometown: Denton, Tex.
Comments:  Now that America has invaded Iraq, rather than concentrating on the war on terrorism, what plan does the current administration have to prevent becoming bogged down in a war of attrition?

Name: Luis Garcia
Hometown: Mamaroneck, N.Y.
Comments:  How are you able to perform your duties as National Security Adviser, knowing that you may have to divulge confidential information that may help our enemy?

Name: Chad Vander Veen
Hometown: Folsom, Calif.
Comments:  Does it annoy you that the general public is so stupid that they believe you will be revealing some heretofore unknown, shocking secret?

Name: Michael
Hometown: Wheeling, Ill.
Comments:  I'd ask her if the President and his staff did everything they could and there is nothing she could say that would be damaging to the President, why the problem to testify under oath in the first place?

Name: Art Contreras
Hometown: Belmont, Calif.
Comments:  Do you happen to have a copy of your speech before 9/11, in which you were going to address to Congress what the real threats to the U.S. were at that time?

Name: Olga Kaye
Hometown: Queens
Comments:  Did you know that there would be a terrorist strike within that month on the American people using airplanes and to hijack citizens?

Name: Elizabeth Walter
Hometown: Seattle, Wash.
Comments:  Why, two days after 9/11, when all planes were grounded, were Saudis & bin Laden family members allowed to leave the country when other Muslims and Arabs were not? 

Name: Linda Selvia
Hometown: Cincinnati
Comments:  Why was it in our national interest for the administration to facilitate the evacuation of the bin Laden family members and other prominent Saudis immediately after 9/11?

Name: Theresa Neuman
Hometown: La Jolla, Calif.
Comments:  Did the world currency, and banks collapse that horrible day? Will this attack assure the New World Order, run by Clinton and Gorbachev?  Where is the money Clinton stole from us?

Name: Jim Cobb
Hometown: Redmond, Wash.
Comments:  It's now clear that our invasion of Iraq was an experiment in imposing a U.S. vision of "Democracy" in the Middle East.  Why were we lied to vs. told this up front ?

Name: Charles Rawlins
Hometown: Summerville, S.C.
Comments:  Do you think that the Bush Administration was adequately informed of the “terrorism” situation by the Clinton administration? Please explain your reasoning.

Name: Kathy Wood
Hometown: Pasadena, Calif.
Comments:  Would she like her son to be in Iraq and come home injured?

Name: David Winmill
Hometown: Salt Lake City
Comments:  During the leadup to the Iraqi occupation, to justify going to war, Dr. Rice said "if you knew what we know."  I would like her to explain what she thought she knew, how that has changed and when.

Name: Constance Borromeo
Hometown: Little Rock
Comments:  I would ask Dr. Rice why she had to "prepare" to give her testimony by using aides to ask her questions.  Why does she need to "prepare" to tell the truth?

Name: Robert Humphries
Hometown: Puyallup, Wash.
Comments:  Since Cheney was named to lead the Bush Administration's anti-terrorist task force, how many meetings did you have with him AND Richard Clarke, the most senior terrorist expert in government?

Name: Denis N. Huston
Hometown: Ocean Shores, Wash.
Comments:  "Why, when he had the military capability available to him, did the President, as Commander-in-Chief,  not stop the looting of hospitals and museums in Iraq?

Name: George O’Connell
Hometown: Chicago
Comments:  Why would you allow party politics drive you to testify and put our national security at risk?

Name: Krissy Lamar
Hometown: Richardson, Tex.
Comments:  I would ask Dr. Rice if she would recommend that anyone  in  her family  join the armed forces. And does she have any family in the armed forces?

Name: Cathy Harrison
Hometown: Circle Pines, Minn.
Comments:  Dr. Rice did you, President Bush, Dick Cheney, Colin Powell and other Bush advisers lie about the threat to the United States posed by Iraq?  Why hasn't Osama Bin Laden been found?

Name: Bruce Malony
Hometown: Media, Pa.
Comments:  Forget everything you've been programmed to say and your well documented view of Iraq prior to 9/11/01.  What did you do, specifically, to combat the threat presented by al Qaeda? 

Name: Kim Krejcarek
Hometown: San Antonio
Comments:  Have you committed perjury in this testimony?

Name: Allen Mitchell
Hometown: Seymour, Ind.
Comments:  Why do you suppose that the Clinton administration, Congress, nor the Gore campaign didn't place a higher priority on potential terrorist threats prior to the Bush administration?

Name: Kent Holloway
Hometown: Jacksonville, Fla.
Comments:  Could you please tell these people the shear number of reports the intelligence community receives on a daily basis?

Name: Jessica
Hometown: Chicago
Comments:  What have you learned from the 9/11 experience? Have you considered the possibility that the United States' current approach to the the problem of terrorism could me making the problem worse? 

Name: Elaine Janis
Hometown: Kenmore
Comments:   I would like to know what happened to the man that was in front of the White House demanding to see the president. He was shouting that something very bad was going to happen to us.

Name: Hassam
Hometown: Brooklyn, N.Y.
Comments:  So, what is Saddam Hussein doing now?

Name: Sandy
Hometown: Dallas, Tex.
Comments:  Would you be agreeable to the declassification and publication of correspondence regarding al Qaida between you and Mr. Clarke as he has suggested?

Name: Aaron Butler
Hometown: Alameda, Ca.
Comments:  Why was Osama Bin Landen's family allowed to to leave the country by plane following the Sept. 11th attacks?

Name: Deb
Hometown: Aurora, Ill.
Comments:  When there was an intelligence spike regarding possible terrorist activity in early summer 2001, was the FAA and Civilian Aviation notified?

Name: Kathy Sloane
Hometown: Troy, Ala.
Comments:  I want to know why are gas price are going out the sky?  Why can't we use some of Iraq oil for payment, for trying to bring peace to their country?

Name: Sylene

Hometown: Des Plaines, Ill.
Comments:  Why did you let the data that the Clinton Administration give you go through the cracks?  Shouldn't that have been on the top of your priority list?

Name: Michele Addison
Hometown: Columbus, Ohio
Comments:  Why did the focus of the war on terror suddenly shift from Osama bin Laden and Afghanistan to Saddam Hussein and Iraq and what does the current adminstration plan to do to combat the terror threat?

Name: Elaine Baluk
Hometown: Novi
Comments:  If our reason for going into Iraq was to create a democratic country in the Middle East, why didn't we put all of those efforts into Afghanistan right after 9-11? 

Name: Greg R.
Hometown: Whittier, Calif.
Comments:  To my knowledge, the current administration has not admitted to having done anything regrettable in the handling of the “war on terror.”  Is it true that the current administration has done nothing wrong?

Name: Chris
Hometown: Redwood City
Comments:  Why don't you just admit that the Bush administration blatantly ignored the warning signs? Just please, stop lying for once. The American people deserve the truth.

Name: Terry Wright
Hometown: Oklahoma City, Okla.
Comments:  Have you had a shift from Soviet Cold War style defenses paradigms to terrorist based ones?  If so, when did your paradigm shift?  Do you feel your are re-writing the book on the defense?

Name: Peter Shaw
Hometown: Toronto, Canada
Comments:  Why do you think the abject failures of the Clinton administration in combating terror has been largely ignored by the U.S. media in favor of chasing insignificant stories?

Name: Judex Raphael
Hometown: Bronx, N.Y.
Comments:  Was the Iraq war actually a premeditated war by the administration using 9/11 as a pretext?

Name: Steve
Hometown: Moraga, Calif.
Comments:  There is a perception the FAA is 1) not being questioned about security procedures prior to 9/11 and 2) not shouldering any blame for their arrogance.  Why?

Name: Matilda Walker
Hometown: Johnstown
Comments:  Respectfully, what was your specific education and experience (on-the-job experience excluded) that qualified you to weigh in with advice to the president on terrorism prior to 9/11?

Name: William A. Henslee
Hometown: Houston
Comments:  Did Richard Clarke ever express any disagreements with the Bush administration carrying over the Clinton policies on terrorism? Did he ever propose new policies other than plans against cyberterror?

Name: Meg Kalmbach
Hometown: Summerville, SC
Comments:  Why did this administration identify bn Laden as the instigator of 9/11, then do a total about face and go to war against Saddam Hussein?

Name: Leonor Aloisio
Hometown: Miami
Comments:  When you accepted the position of National Security Adviser, what was highlighted to you as "top priority?” After reviewing our nation's situation what were your recommendations?

Name: Sheliah M. Johnson
Hometown: Phoenix, Ariz.
Comments:  Please explain to the 9-11 Commission, America and the world, your Top Ten reasons why you believe the war on terrorism is "directly" related or linked to the current war in Iraq.

Name: Frank Buttons

Hometown: Los Angeles, Calif.
Comments:  Do you feel you have been unfairly targeted by liberals because you are a successful African- American woman?

Name: Kate Morga
Hometown: Champaign, Ill.
Comments:  How do you sleep at night, knowing that you preyed upon a wounded American psyche using the phrase "a mushroom cloud over Manhattan" in reference to the Iraqi WMD that you knew did not exist?

Name: Jason Johnson
Hometown: Crookston,  Minn.
Comments:  I would ask for her and the entire Bush administrations' resignations.

Name: Erik
Hometown: Cliffside Park, N.J.
Comments:  What are you hiding?

Name: Peter Shaw
Hometown: Toronto, Canada
Comments:  Do you agree that the mainstream U.S. media has done an incredibly poor job of presenting and analyzing ALL salient facts?

Name: Caroline Braden
Hometown: Taylor Mill
Comments:  How did we connect Iraq with the 9/11 incident? Why has there never been an inquiry into Egypt's part in 9/11?

Name: Kevin Korenthal
Hometown: Santa Clarita
Comments: Is it true that Mr. Clarke refused on several occations to take part in your foreign policy meetings?

Name: John
Hometown: Boston, MA
Comments:  Why did Ashcroft need to silence Sibel Edmonds? Wa it to protect you?

Name: Alan Billups
Hometown: Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
Comments:  On what date was the invasion of Iraq first mentioned?

Name: Beverly J. Clark
Hometown: Jackson, Miss.
Comments:  Specifically, what things did the members of the Clinton Administration do to sabotage the Bush Administration prior to January 2001?

Name: Jesse Taub
Hometown: North Miami Beach, Fla.
Comments:  Was President Bush's father having breakfast with Saudi members of the Bin Ladin family on the morning of 9/11? If so,why has this been concealed?

Name: K. Gerbrandt
Hometown: Canada
Comments:  Why were the four hijacked planes allowed to wander over the eastern United States for over an hour without being intercepted?

Name: Russell Smith

Hometown: New York
Comments:  Why is it that this administration always shows interest in protecting its own hide first, and protection of the American citizens second? 

Name: Gary Calhoun
Hometown: Santa Clara, Calif.
Comments:  Why hasn’t the White House authorized the release of ALL correspondence between Clarke & Rice (as Clarke has called for), if it will show that Clarke is lying -- or was he?

Name: Jim Cook
Hometown: Lenexa, Kan.
Comments:  Has our invasion into Iraq impacted our focus on attacking terrorism, particularly since the President has acknowledged that Iraq's government had no obvious ties to Bin Laden?

Name: Choppie
Hometown: Eastwick/Philadelphia
Comments:  Why was Bin Laden's family the only people allowed to leave the country on 9/11?

Name: Michael Richard Gildea
Hometown: Lewisburg
Comments:  Why has there been so much resistance on the part of the administration to provide information to the Committee that they appointed to investigate 9/11?

Name: Cager
Hometown: Sturgis, MS
Comments:  First, … you are doing a great job as National Security Adviser, and you have developed a loyal following.  Do you think you would ever run for President of the United States?

Name: Beth Crutchfield
Hometown: Macon, Ga
Comments:  Dr. Rice, what did you write in your personal journal on 9/11?

Name: Vladimir
Hometown: Tulsa
Comments:  Are you suggesting that Mr. Clark and others, whose testimonies you want to correct, lied under oath? If so, why are you not charging them with perjury?

Name: Ben Jiang
Hometown: North Potomac
Comments:  Did Clinton and Sandy Burger warn you about bin Laden? Did you or Bush think that everything bearing Clinton's name should be reversed, including his dislike of bin Laden?

Name: Matt
Hometown: Georgetown
Comments:  Why weren't F-16s scrabbled after the first W.T. tower was hit?

Name: Gary Taylor
Hometown: Louisburg
Comments:  Why was the chief counter terrorism specialist (Mr. Clark) demoted to a lesser position in the Bush administration if "terrorism" was a main focus and concern to Dr. Rice and the Bush administration?

Name: Andy Johnston
Hometown: Burlington, Ontario
Comments:  Dr. Rice.  Why did the war in Iraq start when the hunt for Osama Bin Laden still went unfinished?

Name: rosangela
Hometown: Las Cruces
Comments:  What does it feel like to lie to cover up for the president?

Name: Divyang Parikh
Hometown: Trumbull, CT
Comments:  What was the correlation of going to war in Iraq and fighting the 9/11 terrorists which were mainly in Afghanistan?

Name: Bob Esper
Hometown: Olmsted Township, Ohio
Comments:  Why she and the entire administration lied to the American people.  Their fabrications are getting our citizens killed in Vietnam-like numbers. 

Name: Don Nelsen
Hometown: Scottsdale
Comments:  How do you put up with people (Democrats) who seem to have forgotten 9-11?  Our world is full of people who simply want to kill others.  You have a tough job to do and we are proud of you.  Keep up the good work.

Name: Stephanie
Hometown: philadelphia, PA
Comments:  Why she lied and why she did not admit she was over her head.

Name: S. J. Wilson
Hometown: Okla. City, Ok.
Comments:  Why must President Bush & VP Cheney testify together?  Is it to insure that they both tell the same shore story, i.e. to keep their "facts" straight?

Name: Rebecca
Hometown: yucca valley, ca
Comments:  you were scheduled to make a speech on Sept. 11, 2001 before the attacks, tell us about the speech.  Why are you reluctant to publicly release its contents?

Name: Carol Parker
Hometown: Spring
Comments:  Why wasn't there better intelligence at U. S. and international airports (public and private)?

Name: Joy P Chhetry
Hometown: Mumbai, India
Comments:  Would ask her why such grave mistakes of the Boeings straying from their flight paths were not reported in time to the USAF authorities to call for fighter or missile attack on the civilian aircraft?

Name: Stephan
Hometown: Manhattan, NY
Comments:  Why were you in consistent “direct” communications with Prince Bandar from Saudi Arabia on 9/11 and 9/12 regarding the safety of 140 Saudi's currently in the US at that time?

Name: Mark
Hometown: Albany, NY
Comments:  Why has the administration never once focused on ties between the hijackers of 9/11 and the Saudi royal family, when most of those hijackers were from Saudi Arabia? Why has Saudi Arabia been let off the hook?

Name: Thomas Thackeray
Hometown: Roundup, MT
Comments:  Since our pre-emptive strike against Iraq was based on nuclear weapons that apparently don't exist, can we expect a pre-emptive strike against North Korea where WMD do exist?

Name: Jim Horticulture
Hometown: Hays
Comments:  Would you please run for president in 2008?

Name: Ben Jiang
Hometown: North Potomac
Comments:  Did Clinton and Sandy Burger warn you about bin Laden? Did you or Bush think that everything bearing Clinton's name should be reversed, including his dislike of bin Laden?

Name: R Jensen
Hometown: Phillipsville
Comments:  Isn't it true that the reason attention was on Iraq rather than Bin Laden is because of the attempted assassination of the previous President Bush?

Name: Bob
Hometown: Spirit Lake
Comments:  Why is truth such an ordeal for this administration?

Name: Michael J. Lucas
Hometown: Miami, FL
Comments:  If the Bush Administration knew that Al-Quaeda was being harbored by the Taliban, why did they give the Taliban $43 million in May 2003? Were they trying to buy off the Taliban?

Name: doug
Hometown: harrisonburg, VA
Comments:  Were the pilots of the planes flown into the buildings on 9/11 military pilots and were there homing devices in those buildings? Why were some people who worked in WTC warned before 9/11?

Name: T. Toler
Hometown: North Richland Hills, TX
Comments:  I would like to know what she said in the speech she was supposed to give on 9/11 and why the Bush Administration think it should be suppressed.

Name: Patrick Schmitt
Hometown: Mayo, MD
Comments:  Ms. Rice - when did you first become aware that terrorists would/could/planned to use a plane or commercial airliner as a weapon in a terrorists attack  When did you brief the President on this? 

Name: William J Stanley
Hometown: Gadsden, AL
Comments:  Why didn't you clean house of Richard Clarke and all the other left-wing pacifist holdovers from the Clinton administration immediately upon taking office?

Name: Jeffrey Ream
Hometown: Emporium, PA
Comments:  What is the total cost of this investigation and what will be the benefit? 

Name: Lina Lorenzo
Hometown: Miami
Comments:  Why did you refuse to testify and what changed your mind?

Name: Rodney Herrlin
Hometown: East Hampton New York
Comments:  Why should the closest person to the president testify?

Name: pam
Hometown: manchester, nh
Comments:  What is your opinion of Clarke's book, and what position did he hold?

Name: Brittany Buckenmeyer
Hometown: Swanton ohio
Comments:  I am curious how any of you sleep at night?  Especially with all the harm you have caused and trust you have broken?

Name: David Aldrich
Hometown: Cincinnati
Comments:  Why did US National Security Protocol breakdown so completely on 911?

Name: Carmen
Hometown: Miami, Fl.
Comments:  I would tell her to keep doing the great job that she has been doing so far - who are we to question her?

Name: J. Capenter
Hometown: Shinnston, WV
Comments:  How soon after taking office did the President speak of overthrowing Saddam?

Name: Donald Brady
Hometown: Columbia, MD
Comments:  Did Saddam Hussein have anything to do with the 9/11 attacks on America? Were there any Iraqis involved in the attacks? How has the costly invasion and occupation of Iraq benefited Americans?

Name: Paul Heese
Hometown: Quinton, VA
Comments:  You claim Richard Clark was not on the inside loop and therefore his claims that Bush ignored terror are wrong and misguided. If this is so, why?

Name: Basil Wade
Hometown: Bronx
Comments:  How do you explain the President's statement to Bob Woodworth that he was not "on point" about Al-Qaida before 9/11?

Name: Omar
Hometown: Cairo, Egypt
Comments:  What are your opinions about the way that President Bush has handled the events since 9/11?

Name: Rus Copeland
Hometown: Mooresville
Comments:  Why did we know there were Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq, but we disregarded all the warnings about terrorists using airliners as weapons?

Name: Tim Grimes
Hometown: Phillipsburg, Missouri
Comments:  Did you or did you not warn San Francisco mayor Willie Brown 'not to fly on September 11, 2001'? And if so, how did you know that air travel would be unsafe on that particular day?

Name: Thomas Harden
Hometown: Muscatine, Iowa
Comments:  Was there or has there been any concerted effort by the Bush Administration to keep information from the public that would harm the "image" of President Bush or any of his top advisors?

Name: Norman
Hometown: Rumford, RI
Comments:  In any way, do you think that the 9-11 attacks had anything to do with your speech regarding missile defense that was due 9-11?  What use is a missile defense system when we have plans flying everywhere?

Name: glenn stephens
Hometown: mebane,nc
Comments:  Why aren't you running for president?

Name: F. Neujardin
Hometown: Aubin, France
Comments:  Did the decision of Saddam Hussein to trade oil in euros rather than US dollars play a role in the decision to go for regime change in Iraq? 

Name: Eddie
Comments:  Do you even care about the families that have been hurt from 9/11? Wat were you hiding by resisting to testify before the commission?

Name: mike leibowitz
Hometown: Atlanta
Comments:  Since we have no evidence of Iraq's collusion in Al-Qaeda's attack on the U.S., do you still believe that using our major resources in Iraq provides any additional security for the U.S.?

Name: Natalie J. Mulligan
Hometown: Rome, New York
Comments:  Why wasn’t our East Coast Protected. Whey were our planes not in the air protecting us?

Name: Cheryl M. Gannon
Hometown: Richmond, VA
Comments:  I would ask her why in the world, when so many others objected, did she keep Richard Clarke on after he had been so closely aligned with the Clinton administration. 

Name: Ewin D. Bremer
Hometown: Sanfransisco, LA
Comments:  If I have the chance I will use this rare opportunity to ask Ms. Rice what kind of advise she always gives to the president whenever they are both locked up in the inner room at the ranch.

Name: Jeff
Hometown: San Diego
Comments:  Forget about weapons of mass destruction, where are all the Iraqis that were supposed to be throwing flowers at our troops feet?

Name: Debbie Canada
Hometown: Abingdon
Comments:  Just how long will the war go on in Iraq?  Will this be a war the United States can win?  How many of our young men and women will we lose before we know we can not bring peace to this region?

Name: barbara myatt
Hometown: Columbia TN
Comments:  If the war is over...why are we still fighting? How many more of our young people will get killed before the WH puts an end to the useless killing?

Name: Amy DeMeo
Hometown: Ormond Beach FL
Comments:  The first thing I'd ask her is if she'll take a lie detector test.  If the answer is no, I won't waste my 2 1/2 hours listening to anything else she has to say.

Name: Greg
Hometown: Jasper, GA
Comments:  Did the Bush administration have plans to attack Iraq prior to 9/11?

Name: David.Suttling
Hometown: Kaiserslautern, Germany
Comments:  Was it true that a prepared speech that you were to deliver on Sept 11, did not include any references to Al-Qaeda?

Name: Rik Grossman
Hometown: Hemet Ca
Comments:  Can you please explain why members of the bin Laden family were flown out of the United States immediately following the 9/11 attacks?

Name: robert gallagher
Hometown: santa monica
Comments:  First for the truth. Then for her resignation, nothing else.

Name: James A. Butler
Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland
Comments:  How do you sleep at night knowing that you, other administration officials, and most importantly, our President have repeatedly lied and attempted to mislead the American public?

Name: Charles Clemons
Hometown: Easley SC
Comments:  Was the Iraq and terror policy driven more by the administration’s goals in defining itself or by the real immediate needs of the American People?

Name: G CARR
Hometown: Comfort, Texas
Comments:  What did the President know and when did he know it on September 11, 2001?

Name: Peter Kofod
Hometown: Odense
Comments:  Why was the hijacked planes allowed to fly through the most militarized airspace in the United States, for hours and not even intercepted by fighter jets?

Name: Leon Russel
Hometown: C'Ville Il.
Comments:  Did you notify mayor Willy Brown not to fly prior to the nine eleven attacks and if so, where did you receive your information and why wasn't the entire country alerted if you had this knowledge ??

Name: Leonard Barish
Hometown: Sullivan,In
Comments:  When are you going to do something about all our troops being killed?

Name: James Dawley
Hometown: Portland, OR
Comments:  Dr. Rice, what perceived threat did Iraq really pose against us, that kept your attention away from other threats to our country?

Name: Parker Smith
Hometown: Chattanooga
Comments:  When you first spoke to the President at the Emma Booker School in Florida and told him that a plane had hit the tower, what was his response?

Name: Gary Gordon
Hometown: Altoona, Pennsylvania
Comments:  Who is ultimately responsible for the blood shed on Sept. 11, 2001? Does the blame rest on the government or the perpetrators?

Name: Pam
Hometown: New Orleans, LA
Comments:  Did you regard Richard Clarke as being "out of the loop" in the Bush administration, and if so, why?

Name: John Pierce
Hometown: Banning
Comments:  What U.S. action might have motivated the 9/11 attacks, and what steps have been taken to address those motivations?

Name: Paul Phillips
Hometown: Spokane
Comments:  When the U.S. suffers it's most serious attack on a civilian population in history, how would you justify, as National Security Advisor, not resigning on the same day as that attack?

Name: Abu azzan Al-Shanfari
Hometown: Muscat, The Sultanate of Oman
Comments:  Did you have any strong evidence of any link between Sadam's regime and alQaeda? And was it enough to put Sadam in your top priority list over Bin laden?

Name: Brock Moss
Hometown: Rockland ID
Comments:  Richard Clarke claims you didn't know anything about Osama bin-Ladin before the 9/11 tragedy.  How much did you really know about him?  Why was there no preventive action taken against him? 

Name: Vicki Byrnes
Hometown: Saginaw, MI.
Comments:  Why did you refuse to have cabinet-levels meetings on Al Qaeda as Richard Clark suggested? Why were 100 meetings held on national security and only 1 discussed Al Qaeda?

Name: Anil Gupte
Hometown: Brown Deer, WI
Comments:  Did President George W. Bush decide to invade Iraq before September 11, 2001?

Name: richard apodaca
Hometown: albuquerque, new mexico
Comments:  How long will our young generation pay for the grandiose plans of the president?

Name: Wendy Livingston
Hometown: Mission Viejo, CA
Comments:  Why did't you allow Richard Clarke, a terrorism expert, to brief the President directly?  Was that your decision or the President's decision?

Name: Bill Hartley
Hometown: Chicago
Comments:  Ms. Rice, what exactly is your experience in National Security?

Name: Jim Sutton
Hometown: San Diego
Comments:  It was 15-20 minutes from the first to the second plane -- why didn’t we shoot down the plane with a rocket or missile, or in the least, have an F-14 bump it away from the city?

Name: Gamal
Hometown: Manhattan, KS
Comments:  What are her qualifications to be National Security Adviser?

Name: Arif Kachalia
Hometown: Abu Dhabi - U.A.E.
Comments:  Ms. Rice, do you honestly feel you have done a good job or are trying to cover up for Bush's blunders?

Name: Carolyn J. Hale
Hometown: Lancaster
Comments:  Ms. Rice, What can be done to bring our troops home and put a close to the ongoing hate that we are receiving from Iraq and other Muslim countries?

Name: Joe Davis
Hometown: Brandon, Manitoba
Comments:  How does a massive passenger aircraft evade air defenses to crash into the Pentagon?  And if a passenger jet could do it, what was stopping the Soviet's from doing it during the Cold War?

Name: Birdly Crews
Hometown: Pittsburg, KS
Comments:  Would you have accepted Bin Laden on the first, second, or third time that he was offered to you, as he was to the Clinton administration, and advised not to by Richard Clarke?

Name: Catherine Irene Atticus
Hometown: langley virginia
Comments:  What date did you cancel project scorpion?  Did you notify the covert operatives that were being trained at the Florida Flight Schools at the same time? 

Name: Gerry E. Ralph
Hometown: Duluth, MN 55812
Comments:  What, EXPLICITLY, does the war we waged upon Iraq have ANYTHING to do with the greater "war" on terrorism?? 

Name: Kellie
Hometown: Denver, CO
Comments:  Why can't the "President" testify without Cheney and you beside him?

Name: J W
Hometown: Clarksville, TN
Comments:  Why were members of the Bin-Laden family and the Saudi royal family flown out of the U.S. right after 9-11 while a flight carrying transplant organs was not allowed to fly?

Name: Paula Martin
Hometown: Mill Creek
Comments:  Since Bush and Cheney are going to talk to part of the commission, but not without one another, and since you have been sent in by yourself, do you feel set up to take the heat for them?

Name: David Charles Dibb
Hometown: El Centro CA
Comments:  Don't you think, that as a public employee, you have an obligation to tell us, your employers, who put money in your pocket, the whole truth? 

Name: Jim Estep
Hometown: Ebensburg, PA
Comments:  Why, when the United States enjoyed the sympathy and support of the entire world, did this administration choose to squander that opportunity?

Name: Chris Hamilton
Hometown: Anchorage, AK
Comments:  Why did we invade Iraq when the terrorists that perpetrated the 9/11 crimes were primarily Saudi Arabian?

Name: Pam Durall
Hometown: Seattle, WA
Comments:  How much influence did VP Cheney have on your job and decision-making?

Name: Paul Mitchell
Hometown: Frankfort
Comments:  After the first plane hit the World Trade Center, why weren't the next three planes intercepted by the US Air Force and diverted? 

Name: Siby Kurian
Hometown: Sugarland
Comments:  Why wasn’t the administration more active in setting up the 911 commission in the first place?

Name: Bob
Hometown: Boulder
Comments:  Why so timid when asked to testify at first? It is only tradition that staff not testify.  It is the right of every American to know if the Bush administration failed to prevent 9/11.

Name:  Bob Condie
Hometown: Running Springs, Ca.
Comments:    Why did you and the rest of the administration mislead the American people about the weapons of mass destruction that Iraq was supposed to have?

Name: J. Miller
Hometown: Dallas, TX
Comments:  How do you sleep at night knowing that your lies helped send hundreds of Americans to their deaths (not to mention the untold thousands of Iraqis)?

Name: William Zeiher
Hometown: citrus heights CA
Comments:  Why, with all the advance warning, did it take so long to scramble jets to intercept the planes. Why were they not on some kind of alert status.

Name: Paul Willis
Hometown: Bangkok, Thailand
Comments:  Why, "Dr. Rice" do your facial expressions, trembling voice and contradictory head movements so often make it appear you are not being entirely truthful during interviews?

Name: Sue Holmquist
Hometown: Olympia, WA
Comments:  Will you allow the commission to review the speech you were going to give just before the 9/11 attack?

Name: Fat Tire
Hometown: Broomfield
Comments:  Had you ever heard of al Qaeda prior to being appointed by President Bush?

Name: Bill Weeks
Hometown: San Diego, CA
Comments:  Did you use scenario planning in your threat assessment?  

Name: T.D.
Hometown: Tulsa
Comments:  Why has the Bush administration waited until now for the big push to find Bin Ladan? Could it be he is trailing in the polls? Is this big push in Afghanistan a political ploy? Why was our intelligence so lax?

Name: Nathan
Hometown: Annandale, Va
Comments:  With the bombing of the US Cole, the Embassy bombings oversea, and the first attempt on the World Trade towers why was her original speech and initial agenda so focused on Iraq and missile defense?

Name: Dan Borman
Hometown: Hilo, Hawaii
Comments:  Why is everyone lying about the WMD and what info did you have about the 911 attacks before they happened?

Name: Mark
Hometown: Boston, US
Comments:  Most people were surprised and you the FBI and Agency obtaining quotes respected rules of 9-11 commissioners interrogations.  Do you feel the same people reviews the action to the presidents complacency?

Name: Eric Kimbro
Hometown: Nashville
Comments:  Given that Secretary Powell has stated that he was given flawed intelligence, what impact, in your opinion, should or does that have on the effectiveness of the Iraq Survey Group?

Name: Armonia
Hometown: Rosario, Argentina
Comments:  Please, tell USA and the world the real reason why we have gone to war and invaded Iraq.

Name: D Weaver
Hometown: Grand Junction Co
Comments:  Why did you not want to testify under oath?

Name: Kris Jackson
Hometown: North Grafton, MA
Comments:  Are you telling the truth now? Have you always told the truth in discussing these issues? Do you know of anyone who has lied to the American people? Did Richard Clarke lie?

Name: Victoria Wolf
Hometown: Lahaina
Comments:  Do you promise to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me God?

Name: Patti Montgomery
Hometown: San Diego, CA
Comments:  Why is your speech that you intended to deliver September 11, 2001 off-limits to this Commission and the American Public ?

Name: Mary Beth Arundel
Hometown: Woodbridge, VA
Comments:  Why has this administration been so quick to toss out any advice from the Clinton administration?? In hindsight, wouldn't it have been "prudent" to heed their warnings concerning Al-Qui'da?

Name: Joan A. Patterson
Hometown: Boca Raton, Florida
Comments:  What was the President doing in a classroom in Sarasota Fla. for up to 1/2 an hour while the country was under attack? What should the immediate reaction of the commander in chief?

Name: Francis R. Gorman
Hometown: Aiken
Comments:  Why, after all the evidence pointing to the contrary did you persist in advocating the destruction of a country that had been under strict economic sanctions for twelve (12) years? 

Name: Barbara
Hometown: New jersey
Comments:  Did  Senator Hilary Clinton receive any notice about possible attacks on New York?

Name: E.I.Schomber
Hometown: Munster
Comments:  After your testimony will you submit to a lie detector?

Name: Jim Poupard
Hometown: Henderson, Nevada
Comments:  Ms. Rice: given your cold war experience, what experience do you possess in the new war on terrorism? You never heard of Al Qaida?

Name: Kathleen
Hometown: Ossipee, NH 03814
Comments:  Dr. Rice KNEW that there were Terror Cells in this Country. What did she do about it?

Name: David
Hometown: Sedona, Az.
Comments:  She needs to be asked;  Why has she and the Bush administration continuously lied to and cheated the people of America and the world?

Name: Shelley
Hometown: Victoria
Comments:  Under oath can you tell truthfully that you were not planning on attacking Iraq after Sep 11th.?

Name: Jack Perdue
Hometown: Fresno California
Comments:  Is all the time and money spent on this investigation going to do any good or just another waste of tax dollars?

Name: Gary Hunter
Hometown: salt lake city
Comments:  Do you feel any responsibility for the 100's of American GI's that have been killed in Iraq, & what would you tell a child who's daddy is now in a grave because of this war?

Name: Maggie O'Shaughnessey
Hometown: Avondale Estates, Georgia
Comments:  Why did you permit about 144 Saudis--including a large number from Osama Bin Laden's family) to leave this country immediately after 9/11 when all other planes were grounded?

Name: Richard J. Florino Jr.
Hometown: Windham NH
Comments:   Was the damage caused by the Clinton administration to our military preparedness and intelligence agencies a factor in our inability to deal effectively with the terrorist threat?

Name: A Linker
Hometown: Chicago
Comments:  Do you read the intelligence briefs to the President? Have you read intelligence briefs to the President?

Name: Darrell J.
Hometown: Sacramento
Comments:  What follow up was done with the airlines after the FAA bulletin was issued in July 2001 to ensure that the airlines were taking adequate steps to prevent hijackings?

Name: Tony
Hometown: Pemberton, NJ
Comments:  Did Russian intelligence notify the CIA in 2001 that 25 terrorist pilots had been training for suicide missions, as reported in the Russian press?

Name: Jack H. Monninger
Hometown: Indianapolis, Indiana
Comments:  Did George Bush ever tell you that the invasion of Iraq was more important than going after the terrorists?

Name: Roy Bayne
Hometown: Mansfield Georgia
Comments:  Why did you turn all the attention to Iraq when you came into office disregarding advice from the previous administration.

Name: Tracy Eckels
Hometown: Lompoc
Comments:  Dr. Rice, Did you support or oppose the administrations efforts to deny an increase to and cut the spending of funds that were going towards counterterrorism efforts by our nations intelligence agencies?

Name: Carlos
Hometown: Colorado Springs
Comments:  Would the White House be willing to release an official administration timeline of the events and the administration's (specifically Mr. Bush's) actions on September 11, and if not, why not?

Name: Dave
Hometown: Lowell, Massachusetts
Comments:  Did The president have plans to invade Iraq before 9/11 and did you have any information about an al-qaeda threat, even if you thought the information was not credible.

Name: Melody Krandall
Hometown: Kanarraville
Comments:  Did you or did you not see a link between the murder of 12 Americans on the USS COLE weeks before you took office and the possibility of more attacks on US citizens after you took office?

Name: Charles Anthony
Hometown: Greensburg/PA
Comments:  Why did she not testify during the first intelligence hearings when Sept. 11th was a National tragedy and the American public deserved answers then as now? 

Name: Mike Brown
Hometown: Farmington Hills, MI
Comments:  What information was the Bush administration provided with by the Clinton White House regarding specific or non-specific al-Qaeda threats?

Name: Beverly Guerra
Hometown: Tempe, Az
Comments:  I would like to know why it took so long to get our Air Force jets in the air when we had 4 planes off course! They get jets in the air right away when a plane gets in White House air space!

Name: Joseph Schmitz
Hometown: Sterling Heights,Michigan
Comments:  Isn't it true that president Bush was looking for an excuse to go to war with Iraq before September 11th.

Name: Michael Wing
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Comments:  Why was Richard Clarke demoted?

Name: Chloe Guinan
Hometown: Fallston, MD
Comments:  How much influence did you have on the president's decision to go to war with Iraq and what is your opinion on whether or not the military should withdraw now and cede power to the Iraqis?

Name: Joyce O'Malley
Hometown: Seattle, Washington
Comments:  Does the CIA plan on staging US troops capturing Osama bin Laden, right before the election, to sway the American public to vote for Bush?

Name: Clark Mitchell
Hometown: Palm Desert
Comments:  Why is the President afraid to testify before the commission alone and have a transcript taken of his testimony?

Name: Lisa Dudley
Hometown: Tivoli, NY
Comments:  Now that so many American soldiers are dying daily, do you regret going to war with Iraq?  Why didn't you listen to the millions of people who rightly predicted this is exactly what would happen? 

Name: P kopchinski
Hometown: Ivyland.Pa
Comments:  Why did we not send troops into Afghanistan and search for Osama bin Laden? Isn't it true that from the time Bush took office his goal was Iraq ?

Name: Bernie Scott
Hometown: Talent
Comments:  Why have you continued to contradict yourself?

Name: John Ruble
Hometown: Denver
Comments:  Did the President lie when he said before the Iraq war that he had proof of the WMD in Iraq and that he would provide it when the time was right?

Name: Nicholas Boucher
Hometown: Elmhurst, IL
Comments:  Was there sufficient evidence that 911 attacks were going to take place and if there was why were preparations not made to defend against the terrorist plot?

Name: Michael
Hometown: Buffalo
Comments:  If you were a member of Bill Clinton's Administration, would you have advised to him to go to the war in Iraq, or to take more dramatic steps against Al-Qaida.

Name: Joshua Newmark
Hometown: Phoenix
Comments:  Why is that we allowed the planes to get closer to targets when air traffic control knew the flights were not on the right track?

Name: A. Patzke
Hometown: Grapevine, Texas
Comments:  You said that you were refusing to testify because of "principle". Yet you had no problem going on multiple talk shows pushing the "Bush spin" on the war in Iraq. How do you explain this?

Name: Dennis Porter
Hometown: Joplin Mo
Comments:  Why doesn’t Bush testify to the commission? Why invade Iraq when they were no immediate threat?

Name: Mildred Vaught
Hometown: Wilder. Ky.
Comments:  Why did you and others say you didn't think the threat was anything to worry about when people warned you?

Name: Joe
Hometown: Pomona, CA
Comments:  Why were so many of bin Laden's family members allowed to leave the country while all other aircraft were grounded?  Were these people put through any interrogation by the FBI or CIA at all? 

Name: Edward Meckstroth
Hometown: Bloomington IL
Comments:  "Why does the Bush administration consistently seek out excuses for war and division instead of opportunities for peace and cooperation?"

Name: Nancy
Hometown: Loveland CO
Comments:  Dr. Rice, What information was given to you by the previous administration concerning growing terrorism concerns, when did you receive it and from whom did you receive it?

Name: David Elias
Hometown: Bradenton, FL
Comments:  Is the root cause of terrorism religious differences or the lack of a Palestinian homeland?

Name: Michael Cearley
Hometown: Fresno, CA
Comments:  Dr. Rice, are you planning on running for President in 2008 ? 

Name: james r creech
Hometown: Richmond
Comments:  What did President Bush know about the activties leading up to 9/11 and when did take action?

Name: Wink Warren
Hometown: Hoffman Estates, IL
Comments:  Ms. Rice, Have you been briefed in any way or by anyone in anticipation of the questions that may be asked by this commission?

Name: Susan Hardison
Hometown: Wilmington, North Carolina
Comments:  Who briefed President Bush about Iraq having a great number of WMD?

Name: Richard Roepsch
Hometown: Dubuque
Comments:  How much was Israel responsible for the Iraq War and 9'11?

Name: Bill
Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Comments:  Why has it become so important to you to testify to this panel to refute the claims of Richard Clarke when it is apparent that you had no desire to do so prior to his testimony? 

Name: Terrell F. Waters
Hometown: Herndon, Va.
Comments:  Why did you downgrade the position of National Coordinator for Counterterrorism, and request a plan to spin some of the security functions out of the NSC staff?

Name: Ray Moore
Hometown: Lexington, Ky
Comments:  Will a review of all White House papers/meetings/speeches and announcements reveal an obsession with Iraq rather than an understanding of the Al Qaida problem?

Name: Incho Chang
Hometown: Getzville,New York
Comments:  Have you apologized to the people of the United States for 9/11 terror as your responsibility of National Security Advisor in some way? If not, Can you do it in the public or resign?

Name: Norma Gibney
Hometown: Boxford, MA
Comments:  Would you consider resigning to avoid the unavoidable Watergate type scandal you are involved in? Consider your self a part of history!

Name: Jack
Hometown: Camano Island, WA
Comments:  Do you think Richard Clarke testified truthfully before the commission?

Name: Bernard Winfield
Hometown: Concord, California
Comments:  Why don't you resign?

Name: John Campbell
Hometown: West St. Paul
Comments:  Do you still have a soul? Any integrity, whatsoever? Self-respect? Pride?

Name: Randy Camp
Hometown: Naples, Florida
Comments:  Do you feel that President Bush and others in the administration, should take personal responsibility for making a mistake in judgment in invading Iraq, and if not, why not? 

Name: Alex Golzwarden
Hometown: Port St Lucie
Comments:  What did you tell the President of the United States of America that was the most important thing they should do in protecting the people of the United States, the first and most important thing?

Name: Tom Clark
Hometown: Signal Hill
Comments:  Did the government in act know the possibility of the 9/11 attack, but considered it as some fanatics pipe dream, not realizing that it was impending?

Name: Rose Anne Howlett
Hometown: Oklahoma City
Comments:  Why does no one speak about the sections of aircraft in the training camps of Iraq? Doesn't that in itself prove that there is a link between Al Quaida and Iraq?  What about the money trail? 

Name: Donald Stein
Hometown: Atlanta
Comments:  What evidence do, or did you have, to suggest that invading Iraq would specifically lead to less, rather than more, world-wide terrorism?

Name: Dr Norman L Ellenberg
Hometown: Rowland Heights, CA
Comments:  Forgetting about loyalty to the President, based on the HARD evidence did you conclude that WMD were in fact at the ready to be deployed?

Name: V. Cruz
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Comments:  Directly or indirectly, were you given an executive order to not speak before this commission? And if so, by whom?

Name: Michael
Hometown: Orlando, Fl
Comments:  In light of the fact that there have been no other attacks within the US since 911. Do you feel that everything that can be done is being done now to avoid an incident? 

Name: Kola
Hometown: Houston, TX
Comments:  Dr. Rice, Is it true that upon taking over from President Clinton's team, this administration decided not to touch anything that has Clinton's stamp on it out of ideological blindness?

Name: N. Gaglio
Hometown: Reston
Comments:  Over 620 dead, and more than 3000 Americans wounded in Iraq!  Why do you think that the Bush Administration does not owe the American people an explanation?

Name: J. B. Bart
Hometown: Niagara Falls, NY
Comments:  Who were the individuals who sold airline stock before 9/11?

Name: Christine Cohen
Hometown: New York
Comments:  When will she resign?

Name: Edith M. Parko
Hometown: Atlanta
Comments:  Why were four planes carrying members of the Saudi royal family allowed to fly out of the country three days after 9/11, when U.S. air space was closed to all air travel? 

Name: Ahmad Dabboussi
Hometown: Hamilton / Ontario
Comments:  Wy didn't you not tighten the security, knowing that Al-Queada is going to attack sometime soon?

Name: Riad Cachecho, MD
Hometown: Tiverton
Comments:  Can you site any example from history where democracy was introduced to a country by an external military force?

Name: Jed Cruz
Hometown: San Jose, California
Comments:  Is the American public safer, in terms of national security, because of a directly produced benefit from the invasion of Iraq? If yes, why did you resist testifying before the 9/11 commission?

Name: Dave Ragan
Hometown: Stendal, IN
Comments:  Since your expertise is about Europe, whom did you consult regarding the Mideast?

Name: Jesse
Hometown: Seattle
Comments:  Did you advise the president of the possible terrorist threats to the country before he took his long vacation to camp david in august 2001?

Name: R Zins
Hometown: Reno
Comments:  Why does it seem like the Bush Administration, as well as you, did not take the warnings from the Clinton Administration, about terrorism, seriously? 

Name: Thomas E.
Hometown: Collierville
Comments:  Just tell us the truth no matter who it implicates.

Name: Richard L. Merrell
Hometown: Seattle
Comments:  How soon can she submit her resignation and will she also encourage Bush and Cheney to do the same?

Name: D. Carswell
Hometown: Ormond Beach
Comments:  Why should you not be fired?

Name: Nick J. Gaglio
Hometown: Reston
Comments:  Was the U.S. ging into Iraq in 2003 just finishing the business that you helped start in 1991? 

Name: James Angst
Hometown: Milwaukee, WI
Comments:  When was the very first time the President presented his plan to topple Saddam, before 9/11/2001?

Name: Mike
Hometown: Chicago
Comments:  What didn't the president know and when didn't he know it?

Name: Mary Anne Kloss
Hometown: Sacramento, CA
Comments:  Why were those four hijacked airliners not intercepted by fighter jets & escorted out of unauthorized airspace?

Name: Kenneth Taylor
Hometown: Kennewick, Wa.
Comments:  What did US intelligence know about an impending attack on the US? Did we receive information from the Govt. of the Phillipines or any other nation about a impending attack prior to 9/11?

Name: G. Amandola
Hometown: Overland Park, KS
Comments:  Will it ever be possible for, "we the people," to here the truth from you or Bush or Cheney?

Name: Nancy
Hometown: North Little Rock. Ar
Comments:  How are you going to keep a straight face as you respond to the questions from the commission?

Name: Sosie Catchatoorian
Hometown: Fresno, CA
Comments:  There was not a single Iraqi on the planes that came down on 9/11. The main terrorists were Saudi's.  Why has the US Government used 9/11 as a reason to invade Iraq?

Name: Alonso Constantino
Hometown: Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Comments:  How is information currently shared between you, the CIA, the FBI, and the State department?  What changes have you made since 9/11 in this regard?

Name: Sue Holmquist
Hometown: Olympia, WA
Comments:  Why did you feel free to discuss 9/11 commission issues on a variety of TV shows, but refused to testify under oath in public?

Name: Mark Kendrick
Hometown: Austin, TX
Comments:  Is there any form of government the US will accept in Iraq other then a democracy?  If a democracy is put in place will the US accept whomever the people of Iraq vote into power?

Name: M. Mullas
Hometown: Saxonburg, PA
Comments:  If she would be willing to serve again in the next four years of the Bush administration.

Name: Howard
Hometown: San Francisco
Comments:  Would the white house approve attack on Iraq today given all the new information regarding our findings/data on weapons of mass destruction in Iraq?

Name: Mark Kendrick
Hometown: Austin, TX
Comments:  Was the cost of a war with Iraq ever brought up? If yes did anyone suggest that the war would be paid for by the people of Iraqs oil?

Name: anonymous
Hometown: CS,FL
Comments:  Dr Rice, Do you think that the Clinton Administration should be held responsible for their failure to act in defense of America because of previous attacks?

Name: JGS & MBS
Hometown: CHICAGO
Comments:  Condoleeza, do you believe you and the Bush administration have done all you can to prevent terrorism in this country?

Name: Jeff
Hometown: Lowell
Comments: Who and why we're the Bin Laden Saudi's allowed to fly out of the country on the night of 9/11, and where are they?

Name: Ken Gibson
Hometown: Triangle, VA.
Comments:  Why did Iraq rise to the number 1 spot on the administration's list if you and the administration were so aware and so concerned about Osama Bin Lauden, and why is he still alive today?

Name: M Ramsey
Hometown: Lawrence, Ks.
Comments:  The first question nobody's asking should be this: "Why was our air national defense protocols stood down on 911, allowing planes to fly around with their transponders turned off?"

Name: Mark Kendrick
Hometown: Austin, TX
Comments:  If we practiced containment with Iraq until we could lobby for the UN to join us in removing Saddam would we have been in any danger of being attacked while we waited?

Name: Mark Moshlak
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Comments:  Was it true that right after the 9/11 attacks took place that President Bush was trying to place immediate blame on Iraq?

Name: Martha Hundt
Hometown: The Colony
Comments:  Dr. Rice, why was John Ashcroft warned in July 2001 NOT to fly commercial?

Name: Rex Jamison
Hometown: Bartlesville, OK 74006
Comments:  15 of the 19 hijackers were Saudis, why didnt we invade Saudi Arabia instead of Iraq in the "war on terrorism"????

Name: Bob Wilkinson
Hometown: Seattle, WA
Comments:  What did you know?  When did you know it?  How did you know it?

Name: S. Bbaandi
Hometown: Brooklyn
Comments:  Have you ever lied about 9/11 to the media?

Name: Sue Holmquist
Hometown: Olympia, Washington
Comments:  Do you understand that your testimony will be under oath, therefore you are subject to criminal penalties if you lie?

Name: Colin Mincy
Hometown: Long Island, NY
Comments:  What responsibility do you bear in shaping public opinion about the link between Sadaam Hussein and Al Qaeda? What tangible evidence ever existed to suggested there was a connection?

Name: Mark Kendrick
Hometown: Austin, TX
Comments:  Do you think it is more important for our President to read childrens books to 2nd graders than to make decisions when our country is being attacked?

Name: Brian Hardy
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Comments:  Prior to September 11th, did the Bush Administration place more emphasis on Sadam Hussein and Iraq than they did on Osama Bin Laden ?

Name: Doug Morris
Hometown: La Grange, IL
Comments:  Since the intelligence indicating the presence of WMD in Iraq was faulty, how can we be assured that the intelligence regarding the state of Al Qaeda is accurate?

Name: Joe
Hometown: Sidney, NE
Comments:  If America would have committed as many troups to hunting Osama Bin Laden as were committed to Iraq, would we be in the same terror situation today?

Name: F. Garcia
Hometown: Phoenix
Comments:  Ms Rice, Do you feel that the 9-11 attacks could have been avoided, if the previous administration had taken the threat of terrorism more seriously?

Name: Ralph West
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Comments:  Why didn't you let Richard Clarke brief the president on terrorism? 

Name: Rex Huner
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Comments:  Dr. Rice, are you really telling us Mr. Clark, a 30 year terrorism specialist under presidents Carter, Reagan, Bush senior, Clinton, and Bush jr, has no credibility ? 

Name: Rick L.
Hometown: Santa Ana,  Calif
Comments:  Why didn't the Clinton Administration capture Bin Laden when they had the opportunity ?

Name: Stephen Parker
Hometown: Sullivan, New Hampshire
Comments:  Can we really expect the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth to be told in our lifetime?

Name: Rich Cannaday
Hometown: Salt Lake City
Comments:  Was the administration focused more on dealing with Saddam and Iraq than Al Quaida before 9/11?

Name: John Jamison
Hometown: Port Charlotte Florida
Comments:  What did your files say on the flight training schools in Florida?

Name: Jim Prather
Hometown: Boone, NC
Comments:  Did Richard Clark lie in his testimony and if he did then why don't you go after him for lying under oath?

Name: Alex Grishin
Hometown: Tempe, AZ
Comments:  Why did the U.S. not respond to the bombing of the USS Cole?

Name: Pamela Wells
Hometown: Charles City, VA
Comments:  Did you know and did the White House/FBI fail to follow through on lead from within the FBI that there were foreigners taking flight classes in Florida? 

Name: T. Czulewicz
Hometown: West Chester, PA
Comments:  Do you feel that the intelligence agencies' failure to share information and in some cases to take the information seriously contributed to the United States unnecessary vulnerability on 9/11?

Name: David
Hometown: Quincy, Ma
Comments:  What was the specific date of the first discussion between the intelligence advisors and the White House regarding possible terrorist activity on US soil?  Was there any preliminary game plan discussed?

Name: Tom Bresnan
Hometown: Woodbridge, NJ
Comments:  Would Dr. Rice recommend making the Homeland Security positions non-political and perhaps professional, right up to the NSC?

Name: Ramon
Hometown: Harrisburg
Comments:  If you were aware of the allegations that the president did not give top priority to the terrorism, or Osama because he was interest on Saddam, would you testify to it?

Name: Ed Roberts
Hometown: Lewisburg, PA
Comments:  Did the President at any time, while discussing terrorism, or Iraq, mention either the assassination attempt on his father, or the criticism of his father's administration?

Name: Marv Williams
Hometown: Burnsville, MN
Comments:  What efforts were made by the National security Advisor to analyze intelligence data without preference for that which best suited the Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld Anti-Saddam agenda?

Name: Bruce
Hometown: St. George Island, MD
Comments:  The infamous success of the 9/11 attack depended on using tactics that the U.S. did not expect.  Do you currently have personnel working on "un-expected" scenarios?

Name: Bob Gregory
Hometown: Fort Worth, Texas
Comments:  In hindsight, do you believe that we have allocated the proper balance of assets and resources toward battling Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan and the war in Iraq?

Name: Keith
Hometown: New Lenox, IL
Comments:  Does the administration believe that sleeper cells currently exist in the United States and if you do, what is being done to identify them and wipe them out?

Name: Justin Bowerman
Hometown: College Station, Texas
Comments:  Was the relevance of any pre-war photographs indicating movements of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq exaggerated or misrepresented?

Name: Lee Wilson
Hometown: Asheville, NC
Comments:  So tell me, do you think that anything has really been done to better safeguard our country against further attacks? Or do you think that this could easily happen again?

Name: Terry Finnegan
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Comments:  How do you now justify the doctrine of pre-emption in light of the gross errors in US intelligence and more especially, analysis of intelligence data?

Name: Diana Chapman
Hometown: East Hampstead, NH
Comments:  What was your opinion of the Rudman/Hart security commission findings that were handed to the Bush administration when they come into office? Why were the warnings not heeded until after 9/11?

Name: Steve
Hometown: Houghton, Michigan
Comments:  Do you consider Mr. Clarke to be an expert on terrorism?  And if so, why were his warnings not heeded?

Name: Michelle Wynn
Hometown: Lees Summit
Comments:  I would ask - Did you believe the anti-terrorism plan from the Clinton administration was inadequate, and if so, what were you doing the first 8 months?

Name: Miro Reverby
Hometown: Providence, Rhode Island
Comments:  If Clarke spoke any mistruths in his testimony, what were they, and why? Be specific please. 

Name: Kenneth J. Daviau
Hometown: Norwich, New York
Comments:  What was the gist of the speech you were scheduled to give on 9/11 that was later cancelled?

Name: Richard McQuillen
Hometown: Boca Raton, Fl
Comments:  It's been asserted that only 1 out of 100 "Principles" meetings discussed Al-Qaida before 9/11.  What changes have you made since 9/11 to improve communication regarding Al-Qaida?

Name: Nancy Rice
Hometown: Seattle, WA
Comments:  Given the history of terrorism and the increase of chatter during the summer of 2001, why did you feel a missile defense system was the highest priority?

Name: Harry Marvin
Hometown: Mebane, NC
Comments:  Do we now have open communications between agencies to allow tracking of foreign nationals with in our boarders? If the answer is no, why not?

Name: Rick Harris
Hometown: Fredericksburg, VA
Comments:  If Richard Clarke was Chief of Counterterrorism, why didn't he attend more senior level meetings with you, the president, CIA, and the FBI?

Name: TJ Watson
Hometown: Shawnee Mission, KS.
Comments:  In Hindsight: Pre-9/11...Is there "ANY" information from Mr. Clarke that you wished you'd looked at closer today?? If, so, what and please explain the result you would've expected?

Name: Catherine
Hometown: Shillington Pa.
Comments:  Dr. Rice. If you believe history repeats, by reviewing history, what event do you think should have prepared us for 9/11? And why weren't we prepared?

Name: Cal McCollough
Hometown: Birdsboro, PA
Comments:  Dr. Rice: It took less than 1 year to build up a case and invade Iraq. It has been more than a year since we invaded. Do you still think you made a good call to recommend going in?

Name: James Prendergast
Hometown: Schenectady
Comments:  If you say this Administration was working diligently to prevent an attack from terrorist prior to 9/11 then why did it take so long to compile a plan? The Patriot act only took a couple of weeks.

Name: Robert M. Havemann
Hometown: Lincoln City, Oregon
Comments:  Since you claim that terrorism was of the highest priority why did Mr. Clark report to someone else and not directly to you?

Name: Anthony Ferraro
Hometown: Mahwah, NJ
Comments:  I would ask Dr. Rice, how come the Bush administration did not have a single meeting about Al-Queda in the 6 months preceding 9/11?

Name: Richard
Hometown: Baltimore, MD
Comments:  While Sadam was a bad guy, Osama killed 3000 Americans and continues to do so with impunity. Why did we pull the troops out of Afghanistan before we had captured or killed Osama? 

Name: Brooke Timm
Hometown: Cape Coral
Comments:  Point blank, could this have been avoided, knowing what you already know?

Name: Paul Dickinson

Hometown: Charlotte, N.C.

Comments:  When did President Bush first discuss or mention to you any plans or thoughts, whether preliminary or advanced, to put troops on the ground in Iraq?

Name: Megan Cathey
Hometown: Memphis, Tenn.
Comments:  Why have you and the entire Bush administration continued to lie to the American people about the worst attack America has ever experienced?

Name: Frank Cousins
Hometown: Oak Harbor
Comments:  What is behind the reluctance to reveal the administration’s private discussions and agreements with the Saudi leadership? Why the need for secrecy? What role did the Saudis have in the attack?

Name: Will Divine
Hometown: San Francisco
Comments:  Who first introduced Iraq into the administration's dialog? When did that occur? Do you really believe that we can bring peace to Iraq without reinstituting the draft here at home?

Name: Jeff Chance
Hometown: Aventura, Fla.
Comments:  Where do you get your information so you can advise the president? I get my knowledge from being in Nam. Please review the history of war before you answer questions or give advice.

Name: Lily Monroy

Hometown: Chandler, Ariz.

Comments:  You didn't seem too pleased with President Bush's answers to reporters’ questions after a White House Cabinet meeting. Is this administration using you as a "fall girl?"

Name: Jan Stephens
Hometown: Cotati, Calif.
Comments:  Why was there no response when the 9/11 planes were headed to their targets and off course from regular flight plans?

Name: Tom Doherty

Hometown: Claremont, Calif.

Comments:  Why were 140 Saudis allowed to fly out of the U.S. on 9/12? Why aren’t we focused on Saudi support of terror? Why do we blindly support the thug Ariel Sharon?

Name: Thomas Sinclair

Hometown: Burlington, Wisc.

Comments:  Was it worth it?

Name: Russell

Hometown: Houston

Comments:  How has the fact that 50% of U.S. tech software jobs are now in India and Israel played into foreign policy and National Security? 

Name: Dale Weber
Hometown: San Angelo, Texas
Comments:  Why did you keep that buffoon Richard Clarke on the government's payroll after learning how incompetent he was?

Name: Paula Muller
Hometown: Marblehead
Comments:  Since most of the 9/11 terrorists were Saudi, why hasn't the link between Saudi Arabia and terrorism been explored?

Name: Jessi John
Hometown: Washington, D.C.
Comments:  Why have you not fired FBI and CIA chiefs after all that faulty services? Are they part of your cover-up plan?

Name: Larry Keller
Hometown: Eureka
Comments:  Why are you and Bush giving in to the liberals and liberal media’s obvious double standards?

Name: Cynthia
Hometown: Veneta, Ore.
Comments:  Did anyone on the 9/11 commission assist you with your recent White House practice sessions relating to your public testimony under oath today?

Name: B Geiser

Hometown: Minneapolis, Minn.

Comments:  In the summer of 2001, why was the National Security Committee focused on Enron? 

Name: Sean Thomas

Hometown: Portsmouth

Comments:  What’s the plan? If they even have one.

Name: Bill Broderick

Comments:  At what point in time during the first eight months of the Bush administration would you be able to state that the national security team was in place and fully capable of performing its duties? 

Name: Karen Session

Hometown: Fresno

Comments:  The American people and the Democrats seems to be at odds with the presidents decision to defend our country after 9/11. My question is what could he have done differently and still defend our country?

Name: Bill Porter
Hometown: Rochester, N.Y.
Comments:  Why don't you resign?

Name: Juan Campos

Hometown: San Antonio, Tex.

Comments:  Why are you so reluctant to go before this special commission but not afraid to give interviews with reporters?

Name: John M. Bleecker Jr.

Hometown: Charleston, S.C.
Comments:  Why was it common knowledge in the military that the invasion of Iraq was going to happen even before the WMD justification argument was made by the Bush administration?

Name: Maria Arzadun
Hometown: Madrid
Comments:  Why did she say that they expected a traditional hijacking and therefore they did nothing to prevent it?

Name: Jamie Nadler
Hometown: Whitehouse Station, N.J.
Comments:  Why are you testifying?

Name: Angie
Hometown: Alma
Comments:  How were the identities of the hijackers found so quickly?  Were they suspected of terrorist activities before 9/11?

Name: D. Bernat
Hometown: St. Louis
Comments:  Do you believe that President Clinton's policy on dealing with terrorism, specifically al Qaida, was sufficient?  In hindsight, what should have been done to prevent 9/11?   

Name: Carl Anderson

Hometown: Kent Washington

Comments:  Why should we continue to put money into a country such as Iraq that doesn't seem to want our help when there are other places such as the United States that could use the money better?

Name: Rick
Hometown: Dallas, Texas
Comments:  What questions might we ask you, in this public session, that we could not ask you during your earlier private testimony?

Name: James Rodia
Hometown: Sicklerville, N.J.
Comments:  Did we do everything possible to prevent 9/11?Can we prevent 9/11 from happening again?

Name: Michael Franden
Hometown: Centennial, Colo.
Comments:  What did the president know and when did he know it?

Name: Jon Edwards
Hometown: San Diego
Comments:  What made Saddam Hussein a more immediate and credible threat than al Qaida, to the point where the administration shifted all of its efforts to Iraq instead of focusing on terrorism?

Name: Michael Chie
Hometown: San Francisco
Comments:  Has she been telling the truth to the public?

Name: Ron Harris

Hometown: Norfolk, Va.

Comments:  Given the national security threats that captivate out lives, would it be easy to say that the president and staff used the 9/11 attacks as a ploy of justification? 

Name: Liz Paxton

Hometown: Cottage Grove, Minn.

Comments:  What is it, exactly, that you do?  I have only observed you repeating what the president says, so that would make you a "puppet" of sorts, right?  Do you have any original thoughts of your own?

Name: Johanna

Hometown: Syosset, N.Y.

Comments:  Why didn't you spend more transition time with Richard Clarke?

Name: Rosemary Smith
Hometown: Bayside, N.Y.
Comments:  Did the Bush administration spend any time at all on retaliation of the group responsible for bombing the U.S. Cole?

Name: Sylvia

Hometown: Dallas, Tex.

Comments:  How do you and the current administration sleep at night? 

Name: Bob Dudash

Hometown: Reading, Pa.

Comments:  Why were bin Laden's family allowed to leave the Country after 9/11?

Name: B.W. McCartt

Hometown: Winter Park, Fla.

Comments:  In what way(s) was the Administration's decision to invade Iraq influenced by the political-economic relationship with Saudi Arabia?

Name: C. Bono
Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri
Comments:  Exactly what did the Clinton administration tell you about Al-Queida?  And how did it differ from the Bush plan?

Name: Kenny Perryman
Hometown: Tipton, Calif.
Comments: What evidence do you have that Saddam Hussein was involved in the 1993 WTC Bombing?

Name: Erik
Hometown: Rochester, Minn.
Comments:  How, specifically, was the threat of  al Qaida being addressed prior to 9/11?

Name: Dave Kempin
Hometown: Milwaukee
Comments:  How many members of the commission found it important enough to attend when you testified privately?  Is it true only five attended your initial testimony?

Name: Lee Koski
Hometown: New Berlin
Comments:  If Clarke was so good why didn't  Clinton and his bunch do more when they were in office? Was Clarke not promoted because of his lack of social skills and true understanding of the problem?

Name: Andrea
Hometown: Fayetteville, N.C.
Comments:  Did the Bush administration know about possible attacks on the U.S. from al Qaida before the actual attacks occurred? If so, what action was taken once notified of the threat?

Name: Pete
Hometown: Seattle
Comments:  The "Shock and Awe" scene in Iraq had been planned for many, many months. How long had Bush and his staff been planning this attack? It seems to have been the primary focus of this administration, was it not?

Name: Eric Shell

Hometown: Fairborn, Ohio

Comments: What can we learn from this intelligence breakdown to minimize the chances future terrorist attacks?

Name: T.J.

Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pa.

Comments:  Do you think Osama bin Laden will be found just in time for elections?  At this point, do you think it would make any difference?  If 9/11 didn't happen, would Iraq still have been invaded?

Name: David Jordan
Hometown: South Pasadena
Comments: How did those 16 words get into the 2002 Presidential State of The Union?

Name: Brian Fairbanks

Hometown: Brooklyn, N.Y.

Comments:  How do you explain the fact that John Ashcroft switched from public to private air transport in the days before Sept. 11th?

Name: Frank Johnson
Hometown: Mankato
Comments:  What was your top foreign affairs priority when you took power in January 2001?

Name: Chuck
Hometown: Harrisburg, Pa.
Comments:  I would ask her what Dick Clarke did to protect this country from terrorism besides blaming George Bush.

Name: Bob Goldblatt
Hometown: Brooklyn, N.Y.
Comments:  What if your son or your daughter were sent to fight in Iraq?  Do you honestly feel that we should be putting our children’s lives on the line for this war?

Name: Mark Toth

Hometown: Phoenix , Ariz..

Comments:  Is there any truth to the statement that the war in Iraq would have happened regardless of the attacks of Sept. 11?

Name: Carol Kennedy
Hometown: Scottdale, Pa.
Comments:  In your opinion, while the nation was absorbed in the Ken Starr-Clinton mess were terrorists taking advantage of our obvious "lack of attention" in running the country?       

Name: Cotton Hawkins
Hometown: South Bend
Comments: Why don't we pull all our troops out and then nuke the hell out of them? Then ask Syria and Iran if they want some.

Name: Alexis
Hometown: Ocean City
Comments:  Why does George Bush lie so much?  Does he really believe America consists of morons who aren't able to piece together truth?

Name: Eric Scott

Hometown: Austin, Tex.

Comments:  Why were serious amounts of U.S. troops and nearly all of the energy of this administration focused on Iraq when Osama Bin Laden still roams free?

Name: Mohan S. Seth

Hometown: Richardson, Tex.

Comments:  If Bush did not have a plan to invade Iraq from get go, why they were amassing military in the Middle East well before 9/11?

Name: Carol Davis
Hometown: Williston , Vt.
Comments: Knowing what you know how can you continute to support this administration and betray the American people?

Name: Thomas J. Slingerland
Hometown: Cooper City, Fla.
Comments:  Would you be willing to take a polygraph test (on live TV) regarding the most pressing questions of the commission?

Name: Dan Zurosky
Hometown: Lexington, S.C.
Comments:  How could a former provost of a prestigious American university end up being a lying spokesman for the most corrupt administration in American history?

Name: Chris
Hometown: Elk Grove, Calif.
Comments:  What do you have to gain now by testifying? Are you looking for absolution or were you pressured to testify? I am also wondering if the publicity plays a role in your decision.

Name: Richard Joliceure
Hometown: New York, N.Y.
Comments:  How could you not know that al Qaida was going to use planes as missles when FBI translators knew of that plan months before 9/11 happened?

Name: Sylvia Gaston
Hometown: Long Beach
Comments:  Now that we have captured Saddam Hussein, do you believe Iraq is now a threat to the United States or its allies?  If yes, why?

Name: Tammy
Hometown: Oklahoma City
Comments:  Isn't it true that the Bush Administration still has ties with the Bin Laden family?

Name: Elizabeth Thompson
Hometown: Midwest City, Okla.
Comments:  Why are the Democrats wasting taxpayers' hard-earned money on this “inquisition?” 

Name: Clifford
Hometown: Brooklyn
Comments:  Why have you waited for so long to testify?

Name: Mike
Hometown: Charlotte, N.C.
Comments:  Is Karl Rove present with President Bush during discussions of national security/strategy? If so, what role does he play?

Name: Tanya Abbott
Hometown: Kansas City
Comments:  What skills and qualifications do you have to support the position of being a National Security Adviser?

Name: Trudy Zornow
Hometown: Sunnyvale
Comments:  How many people must die in the fight against terrorism before the prevention of terrorist acts does not justify the cost in lives of preventing those acts?

Name: Michelle
Hometown: Idaho City
Comments:  I would like to know why, when the U.S. is supposed to be such a powerful Nation, why we haven’t caught Bin-Laden? 

Name: Mark
Hometown: Atlanta
Comments:  How do you respond to critics who blame the administration for the intelligence failures that led to the attacks, given that the administration was barely six months old?

Name: Maudie Joyal
Hometown: Gold Beach, Ore.
Comments:  Will you, after this testimony is over, insist on a set of rules regarding what will be made public and what will stay in government files?

Name: James Zacchini
Hometown: Boston
Comments:  Has Mr. Bush been pursuing a personal vendetta against Iraq since day one in the Oval Office?

Name: Stephanie
Hometown: Cincinnati, OH
Comments:  How does it feel to put the lives of the American soldiers at risk so that you and the rest of the Bush administration can cover up the fact that those WMD didn't really exist at all?

Name: Keith
Hometown: Virginia Beach
Comments:    Why was it so important to attack Iraq in March 2003? 

Name: Terri Arrowood
Hometown: Charlotte NC
Comments:  You seem to be a strong adviser with a brilliant mind and sound reasoning.  What in the world are you doing working with a dolt like George W. Bush in the first place?

Name: Matt Palumbo
Hometown: Boston, Mass.
Comments:  Do you think the families of those who died in 9/11 deserve an apology for anything the government could have done but did not?

Name: Kim
Hometown: McKinney
Comments:  Can you show the commission quantifiable results to validate how the invasion and occupation of Iraq has improved our country's national security and made the world a safer place to live in?

Name: Don
Hometown: San Francisco
Comments:  Give us your priority list pre-9/11.

Name: J
Hometown: VA
Comments:  On a more realistic note, without breaking any confidentiality, how many 9/11-esque threats are received by America on a yearly basis? How many of these are attempted and/or foiled? How many of these are just false threats?

Name: Debbie
Hometown: Valley City, ND
Comments:  What was your first mistake?

Name: Dave Zawalski
Hometown: Boulder, Colorado
Comments:  Was the possibility of hijackings and using high jacked planes as missiles ever brought up as a possible occurrence prior to 9/11?  If so, how did you address this identified threat? 

Name: Wil Goering
Hometown: Madison, IN
Comments:  Wouldn't you agree that your major policy speech set to be delivered on Sept. 11 2001 makes no mention of Islamic extremists or Osama Bin Laden but instead focuses on missile defense?

Name: William B. Hill
Hometown: Dearborn Heights, Michigan
Comments:  As National Security Adviser, what if anything, can you tell the American public about the Anthrax attacks that terrified us in the months following 9/11?

Name: Charles DeAngelo
Hometown: Jamison, PA
Comments:  Were the communication gaps between the various departments (CIA, FBI, White House) seen as a 'broken window' prior to 911? If so, was there a plan to address?

Name: Karis
Hometown: Olive Branch, MS
Comments:  In what way, if any, do you think the delay caused by the contesting of the 2000 Presidential elections affected this administration's abilities to be better prepared for 9/11?

Name: Sean
Hometown: Enid, Oklahoma
Comments:  Do you feel our reputation throughout the world is better or worse since we invaded Iraqi? 

Name: N.A. Tobin
Hometown: Beech Grove, IN
Comments:  Do you personally concur with President Bush's reasoning that the United States aggressively declaring war on Iraq is the same as fighting the terrorism that begat the 9/11 incidents? 

Name: Mark Suryan
Hometown: Bothell, WA
Comments:  Why do we now care so much for the "freedom" of the Iraqis when they clearly hate us?

Name: Jason Leverette
Hometown: Mobile
Comments:  Hi, Dr. Rice; Do you have a system for all the intelligence gathering agencies to share information with you and President Bush on a daily basis?  If so who decides what has priority? If not, why not?

Name: Joseph A. Rice
Hometown: Silver Spring, Maryland
Comments:  Do you believe the establishment of the Department of Homeland Security will make communication between those already established intelligence agencies more proficient?

Name: Randal Edmonston
Hometown: Hollywood,Ca
Comments:  During your first 100 days of service as National Security Advisor what did you feel was the most important issue in regards to National Security? Who did you look to for information and insight?

Name: Tom Jones
Hometown: Plano, TX.
Comments:  Did Mr. Clarke ever try to convince you and the Bush Administration how intensely convinced he was about terrorists attacking USA targets using airplanes?

Name: Thomas Turner
Hometown: Kirkland, WA
Comments:  Has the Bush Administration considered the possibility that the strategy it has been employing in its "war on terror" will actually motivate more Muslims to become terrorists than it defeats?

Name: Rhonda Snider
Hometown: High Point, NC
Comments:  Why were you scheduled to give a speech on missile defense on 9-11-2001 when terrorism should have been your focus?  Were the White House's priorities out of order?

Name: Josh Dinkins
Hometown: Orlando, FL
Comments:  Mrs. Rice, There are often rumors in circulation about terrorist attacks, many of which never materialize. How does this impact the FBI and CIA's perceived need to respond to each possible threat?

Name: Solitaire Merrill
Hometown: Fairbanks, Alaska
Comments:  What has been learned by the NSC since from 9/11 that can aid in prevention of further attacks in the future?

Name: J. Jordan
Hometown: Houston
Comments:  Knowing what we know today, was it a wise decision going to war in Iraq? We found no WMD, No ties to Osama and prices of oil went even higher what they were before the war. What was accomplished in Iraq that

Name: Andrew
Hometown: Vancouver, WA
Comments:  While everyone is focusing on what has happened and what might have happened, what have we been doing to prevent the next 9/11, and why are we wasting our time on this charade?

Name: Oscar Demolski
Hometown: Tampa
Comments:  Given 8 years instead of 8 months, do you think we could of stopped 911 and/or captured Bin Laden?

Name: Mick Studer
Hometown: Portsmouth NH
Comments:  Security Advisor Rice If you had to do it over again what specific things would you do differently?

Name: Hue
Hometown: Santa Clara, CA
Comments:  Dr. Rice, How much truth do you think Mr. Clark has told ? And What are they?

Name: Jim Pratt
Hometown: Hammond, Indiana
Comments:  What do we have to do in the future to defeat terrorism at home and abroad?

Name: Thomas Douglas
Hometown: Bronx, N.Y
Comments:  who is responsible for 9/11, because I work two blocks away from the World Trade Center. So I witnessed it all, and I never want to see it happen again.

Name: Greg Dozier
Hometown: Houston
Comments:  Prior to the 9/11 tragedy, what was the government interactions with other intelligence agencies to monitor terrorist activities throughout the world?

Name: Susanne Carpenter
Hometown: Sandwich, Illinois
Comments:  What group or person did the outgoing Clinton Administration identify as the greatest threat to our national security?

Name: Steven Siote
Hometown: Ft. Collins, Colorado
Comments:  Ever since 9/11, significant steps have been taken to combat al-Qaeda as proven by success in breaking up cells in Europe and America.  What prevention measures are we currently pursuing?

Name: Lee
Hometown: Warminster PA
Comments:  What deficiencies existed in terms of how the White House received and processed information regarding the daily intelligence gathered on terrorism prior to 9/11?  How has it changed post-9/11?

Name: Student
Hometown: California
Comments:  What is our true understanding of Islam? Do we really understand their culture and religion to the fullest?

Name: Dan Spiegle
Hometown: Portland, Oregon
Comments:  What could you and President GW Bush have done differently to prevent the terrorist attacks on American soil on Sept 11?

Name: anonymous
Hometown: Washington DC
Comments:  Did President Bush, as is alleged by Richard Clarke, ask his Counter-Terrorism czar to "find a link" between Iraq and al Qaeda?

Name: Jack Conaway
Hometown: Amherst, NH
Comments:  Was the risk of starting a civil war among Iraqi tribal and religious factions considered in the planning for regime change in Iraq? If so, how serious was this risk expected to be?

Name: Jonathan Ante
Hometown: Columbus, OH
Comments:  What was the state of the national security at the time you took office and what have you completed to make us a safer nation?

Name: Ken Larson
Hometown: Aurora
Comments:  Will you publish your speech you prepared for 9/11 that you never gave because of the terrorist attack.

Name: Kevin Johnston
Hometown: Seattle
Comments:  Dr. Rice, why shouldn't the White House declassify all correspondences betwen Mr. Clarke and the White House?

Name: Bev
Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee
Comments:  Are any terrorist acts now being planned against targets within the United States less likely to succeed than those perpetrated on 9/11? Why?

Name: Jack Leguria
Hometown: Modesto CA 
Comments:  Do you believe the leadership in Iraq thought they had weapons of mass destruction?

Name: Karen Serdy
Hometown: Sandwich, MA.
Comments:  I would like to know if the plan that the Bush administration came up with to combat terror was the same plan that the Clinton administration gave them 9 months earlier.

Name: John Bemben
Hometown: Somerset, NJ
Comments:  In your opinion, is it even remotely possible that the war in Iraq may actually have negative consequences for the "war on terror"?  In your estimation, is it even remotely possible that the number of

Name: Jane Morgan
Hometown: IL
Comments:  Why did it take such a horrific event before the administration would actively pursue terrorists?  What plan was in effect (not just talked about one in May) to go after al Queda before 911?

Name: Ken Sparks
Hometown: Concord, N.C.
Comments:  What have we learned from 9/11 that can help prevent future terrorist attacks on U.S. soil and what are we doing with this information.

Name: M Law
Hometown: Saline
Comments:  My question to Dr. Rice or any member of the Bush Administration would be this one:  "In the run-up to 9/11 did you make ANY mistakes?"

Name: Michael Martin
Hometown: Santa Maria, Calif.
Comments:  Why was missile defense on yours and the Presidents agenda, when there was no intel supporting a threat?

Name: Lee
Hometown: MT. CARROLL, IL.
Comments:  Was there enough CIA evidence to act before 911? Was there enough CIA evidence on iraq before the invasion?

Name: Angero Nhavar
Hometown: Yukon, Oklahoma
Comments:  1) How would you suggest that a system of checks and balances be maintained within our current form of government if one branch is unable to call for questioning the appointees of another branch?

Name: Jeff Saussier
Hometown: Washington DC
Comments:  Dr. Rice: Why have we allowed Pakistan to pardon and protect Dr. Khan, who has admitted selling nuclear secrets to rogue states, and therefore possibly terrorists?

Name: Richard
Hometown: Los Angeles
Comments:  When the National Security advisor from the previous administration briefed you regarding issues pertinent to security, what did you perceive as the most direct threat to the people of the United States?

Name: Patricia
Hometown: Charleston
Comments:  Was there a plan to attack Iraq before 9/11?

Name: Ally Ash
Hometown: Chicago
Comments:  What pre-9/11 documentation do you have that details the efforts of the Bush Administration to combat terrorism?

Name: DM Loweth
Hometown: West Columbia, SC
Comments:  Did the administration have a plan of government for Iraq based on the premise that we would win that war?  Why was there no martial law established as our troops went into Baghdad?

Name: Dave Blackmon
Hometown: Seabrook, Texas
Comments:  When are we going to properly address the North Korean threat?

Name: Greg  Layton
Hometown: Niceville, Fl
Comments:  Who told you there was WMD in Iraq and when were you told?

Name: Roger Leeks
Hometown: Cincinnati, OH
Comments:  Did you receive information from the Clinton administration that indicated an "urgent" threat?  What form or type of information did you receive?

Name: Angela
Hometown: Bloomington, Minnesota
Comments:  How would you describe the George Bush administration's attitude toward documentation and advice provided by Clinton's team regarding terrorism and the most immediate threats?

Name: M Thomas
Hometown: Carrollton/ TX
Comments:  When did you become familiar, or read the Wolfowitz Plan, presented first to Bush Sr. in 1992, then rejected and rewritten by Dick Cheney? 

Name: Kathy Glenn
Hometown: Amarillo
Comments:  Are we doing enough to combat terrorism?  Could we do more?

Name: C. Harget
Hometown: San Jose, CA
Comments:  When did you first hear George W. Bush express an interest in invading Iraq? Was it before 9/11? Was it before he became president?

Name: HN
Hometown: San Jose, CA.
Comments:  Since no WMDs were found in Iraq and since there was no proof linking Iraq and Al Qeada, do you still think the war in Iraq was justified?

Name: J. Martinez
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Comments:  Was the administration focused on going to Iraq from day one?  How credible was the information on WMDs?

Name: Tina
Hometown: CT
Comments:  Why do you think so many people distrust the administration and what was accomplished as far as our security by invading Iraq?

Name: Elaine Somoza
Hometown: Dunedin, Florida
Comments:  Did you ever have any doubts or reservations about the validity and accuracy of the WMD intelligence?  If so, did you voice those doubts to President Bush?

Name: John
Hometown: Harrisburg,NC.
Comments:  YES or NO answer. Is this "war" worth the 600+ American lives that have been lost and the more that follow?

Name: Gary K. Gartin
Hometown: Indianola, WA
Comments:  What do you know about the people involved in 9/11?  What have you learned about why they did it?  What are we doing to minimize the causes of terrorism? 

Name: John Wright
Hometown: Chesapeake, Va
Comments:  In hindsight is their anything the Bush Administration would have done in the days and months leading up to 9/11?

Name: Jim
Hometown: Youngstown, Ohio
Comments:  Now that the situation in Iraq is what it is, what possible reason could we have for NOT bringing in the United Nations for diplomatic, economic and military support?

Name: Daniel Soshnik
Hometown: LaCrosse, Wisconsin
Comments:  From the beginning, wasn't Osama Bin Laden a more immediate threat to our nation than Saddam Hussein?

Name: Buddy Lee
Hometown: Chester, NJ
Comments:  What major disagreements both you and the President have regarding going into Iraq?

Name: Carlos Batista
Hometown: West Palm Beach
Comments:  The invasion of Iraq was to remove a dangerous dictator, and they were counting Iraqi oil to pay for it afterwards. Would you still have invaded it, if it had no oil?

Name: George Harris
Hometown: Fairhope
Comments:  What is your measure of effectiveness for the use of armed forces in Iraq?

Name: Tom Corzan
Hometown: Chesterton
Comments:  Is it not true that Saddam used chemical weapons in the past? Was there any reason to believe he did not have and would not use these weapons again?

Name: Bob Henderson
Hometown: Edgewood, NM
Comments:  Before 9/11 how many times do you talk to the President about Al-Quida.

Name: Michael
Hometown: Kansas City, Kansas
Comments:  Dr. Rice were you surprised that an act of terrorism took place on American soil? Please explain your answer.

Name: Edward O'Brien
Hometown: Memphis, Tennessee
Comments:  Dr. Rice: How would you have handled events prior to 9/11 differently?

Name: K. Harrell
Hometown: Ocala, Florida
Comments:  Why was the terrorist threat looked over in the summer of 2001 when it seemed of great importance to the Clinton administration? Was that your number one concern at the time you took office?

Name: Ronald X. Venjohn
Hometown: Jamestown, ND
Comments:  My question would be how much creditable information did the Clinton administration provide to the incoming Bush administration on potential terrorist threats. 

Name: Denise
Hometown: Springfield
Comments:  Did anyone, in their wildest dreams, believe that the chatter taking place before 9/11 would have involved planes smashing into buildings?  Would there have been any way to know that?

Name: Al MaGill
Hometown: Schenectady, NY
Comments:  Dr. Rice, what portion of your time has been devoted in recent weeks to defending the past as opposed to concentrating on present and future threats to this country?

Name: Charles Corbridge
Hometown: Portland Oregon
Comments:  Dr. Rice have you ever been asked to lie for or by anyone in this Administration?

Name: Warren Carpenter
Hometown: Lake Oswego
Comments:  Why, after it became clear we were under attack, the government did nothing to stop the hi-jacked planes?  The Pentagon attack came nearly an hour after the first plane hit the World Trade Center.

Name: Mark
Hometown: Vancouver, British Columbia
Comments:  If there were conflicting information presented by the FBI and the CIA, was there any measures taken to rate, prevent, and simplify the terrorist threat(s)/risk(s)that the United States faced

Name: Jeff Roberts
Hometown: Redwood City
Comments:  Who decided that it would be pertinent to demote Richard Clarke to a position where he could not report directly to you?

Name: Josephine Di Camillo
Hometown: Avon
Comments:  Did this administration have a plan to avoid the Iraq war, if not why not and if so why did it fail? Why was the extremely important Palestinian-Israeli problem pushed down in the list of priorities

Name: Moses A. Wilds, Jr.
Hometown: Washington, DC
Comments:  Dr. Rice: What specific evidence did your office have that directly tied Iraq to the 9/11 attacks? If the US is at war with terrorist why was our major military response to the 9/11 attcks?

Name: James Cortese
Hometown: Bartlett, IL
Comments:  What did you do differently than the Clinton administration?

Name: Kris
Hometown: Edna, Texas
Comments:  What do you consider the greatest threat to the country's national security today?  What have you been doing since 9/11 to prevent the implementation of those threats?

Name: Edwin Byrd
Hometown: Duncan
Comments:  Why is there a difficulty in getting the FBI and the CIA to work together?

Name: Robert L. Erickson
Hometown: Redmond, Washington
Comments:  Dr. Rice, In retrospect, don't you think we should have finished what we started in Afghanistan, before any other business concerning terrorists?

Name: Robert West
Hometown: Coeur d'Alene, ID
Comments:  What were the tenor and level of Terrorist threats forwarded to President Clinton by Richard Clarke in the Eight years prior to 2001?

Name: John Milt
Hometown: Jarosville, Colorado
Comments:  What intelligence previous to 9/11 was more substantial for a threat from Iraq than from al-Qaeda?

Name: Mae
Hometown: Waterbury, CT
Comments:  Why was the focus so suddenly turned from bin Laden to Hussein?  Why have we not heard anything further on the search for bin Laden?  How long do you anticipate military personnel being in Iraq?

Name: J. Swanson
Hometown: Roseville CA
Comments:  The one question that seems to be being ignored by everyone is would the president still have invaded Iraq if he knew there were no WMD's?

Name: Harry Jackson
Hometown: New Hyde Park
Comments:  Unfair Middle East US foreign policy is a major root cause of hatred toward Americans and terrorists against the US.  What have you done before and after 9/11 to alleviate injustice in foreign policies?

Name: Marc
Hometown: San Ramon
Comments:  How long do you see our military staying in Iraq and what is our exit strategy?

Name: Wally Burden
Hometown: Chillicothe, OH
Comments:  Are you concerned that by testifying, you may set a precedent that interferes with the checks and balances of our democracy?

Name: Michael Clarke
Hometown: Meridian, MS
Comments:  If an attack like 9/11 happens again, how are we now better able to deal with it? Is there a plan in place to let us know exactly what to do with the president, for instance?

Name: Joan Stivers
Hometown: Mountain View, CA
Comments:  Why did the administration not take the Clinton Administration's knowledge about Bin Laden and Al Qaeda more seriously and seek out more from them.

Name: Josh
Hometown: New York, New York
Comments:  If it is critical to world peace that we spend billions of American taxpayer dollars building hospitals, schools, and roads in Iraq, then why didn't we do the same in Afghanistan?

Name: George Armstrong
Hometown: San Diego
Comments:  In the first 30 days of taking office, did the President or Vice President request, or imply in any way, that Iraq should be a top priority for the Bush administration?

Name: Patrick Outerbridge
Hometown: Pembroke
Comments:  What briefings were you given by President Clinton's advisors on Al Qaida and what was their view as to the importance of current activities by Al Qaida?

Name: T. Cadle
Hometown: Burnsville, MN
Comments:  Has the invasion of Iraq, in your opinion, caused a greater threat now to the U.S. and its allies?

Name: Tony Hamzeh
Hometown: Manassas, VA
Comments:  Did the Clinton administration brief you on the risks associated with Al Qaida? If yes, what did you do to investigate the problem and what level of priority did you give it?

Name: David Denny
Hometown: Columbus, Ohio
Comments:  Knowing what we know now about the processes leading up to 9/11, are we better equipped to handle other threats from rogue nations such as North Korea who I understand has the ability to strike U.S.

Name: T. Walsh
Hometown: Dallas/TX
Comments:  The build-up to 9/11 obviously took place under the eye of the Clinton Administration.  How much of a warning did the Clinton Administration give you and did they make the possible threat clear?

Name: Larry Clanton
Hometown: Bolingbrook, Ill
Comments:  What acts of terrorism has the Iraqi government perpetrated against the west prior to the invasion of Iraq?

Name: Robyn Crennan
Hometown: Remsenburg, NY
Comments:  Given 20/20 hindsight on 9/11, what would you have done differently and what do you think the Clinton administration could have done differently to anticipate, diminish and possibly prevent terrorists?

Name: Jonathan Jones
Hometown: Indianapolis
Comments:  If you had it to do all over again what, if anything, would you handle differently?

Name: Bob Gill
Hometown: Sarasota, FL
Comments:  Could the 9/11 attacks have been avoided if the FBI and CIA had been allowed to share intelligence information prior to the enactment of the Patriot Act.

Name: Ilene Deel
Hometown: Abingdon, VA
Comments:  Why didn't we get more approval and cooperation from UN before declaring war? 

Name: John McGowan
Hometown: Stehens City, VA
Comments:  Do you honestly think we will ever bring the peace in Iraq?  I think not.  We will always be looked at as the invader.  Christians against Muslims.  What more can be said?

Name: Vern Bressler
Hometown: Lakeland, Fla
Comments:  If there was one question you could ask Mr Clarke about his book, what would it be?

Name: D. Vincent
Hometown: Derwood, Md.
Comments:  When are you going to apologize to Richard Clarke?

Name: Mona B
Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri
Comments:  Don't you think that if you had warned the American public during the summer when the terrorist threats were "spiking" that the people after the first plane hit the WTC would have survived?

Name: K Rockler
Hometown: Blacksburg, Va.
Comments:  Was Osama bin Laden still on the United States payroll on  Sept. 11, 2001?

Name: Mandy Gordon
Hometown: Albany, Ga.
Comments:  How has the September 11 attacks changed the way information is released to law enforcement officials?

Name: Raymond Mitchell
Hometown: Silver Spring, Md.
Comments:  Prior to 9/11 what was thought to be the greatest threat to the national security of America? What or who made you the National Security adviser?

Name: Wendell E. Koerner
Hometown: Saint Joseph, Mo.
Comments:  What input did your receive, if any, from the Clinton Administration concerning the status of al Qaida and the whereabouts of Osama bin Laden?

Name: Christopher Czerwonka
Hometown: Highland Mills, NY
Comments:  Why was the Joint Inquiry Report so heavily classified? Don't the American People deserve to know what their government knew prior to 9/11?

Name: James Morrison
Hometown: Willow Grove, Pa.
Comments:  Why are you covering up errors that the Bush Administration made?  Why did you try to pin this on Saddam Hussein?  Why could you talk to every network but not Congress under oath?

Name: Jay DEloia
Hometown: East Northport
Comments:  How will you handle the spin that will surely follow from Kerry and his party whose only reason to have you testify is to use it against President Bush in the upcoming election?

Name: J. Ramos
Hometown: Houston, Tex.
Comments:  Why do you believe President Bush selected you for the position you currently hold?

Name: Surendra Kamath
Hometown: Holland, Ohio
Comments:  Forty percent of the Pakistani army is said to be sympathetic to fundamentalists. How can you  expect such an army to fight against Osama bin Laden in the U.S. war against terrorism?

Name: Andrew Hopson
Hometown: Charleston, S.C.
Comments:  Do you think the CIA and/or the FBI share any responsibility in either mishandling or misrepresenting intelligence?  If so, what would you have done instead?

Name: Dorothy
Hometown: Las Vegas
Comments:  What evidence supports the idea that the Iraqi people are capable of self-government?

Name: Edmundo Ocalagan
Hometown: New Castle, Del.
Comments:  If terrorism was a main agenda on the Bush administration, why there were statements by you and others in the Bush administration of never having knowledge of terrorists using planes against us?

Name: John
Hometown: Kalamazoo
Comments:  Weren't government departments failing to work well with each other?

Name: Sheldon Davis
Hometown: Granbury
Comments:  What do you believe is the motivation for Mr. Clarke's flip-flops on these very important issues?

Name: Dan Minikwu
Hometown: Pasadena, California
Comments:  If you had to do it all over again, would you do any thing different?

Name: Len Ciapas
Hometown: Oak Lawn, Ill.
Comments:  Is there any tangible evidence that you or anyone else in the administration took the warnings of potential terrorist acts using airplanes in the summer of 2001 seriously?

Name: Daniel Goodman
Hometown: Littleton
Comments:  Why did you insist twice that you did not know the terrorists might use planes as missiles for terrorist attacks, when in fact you did know that was a strong possibility?

Name: Adam M.
Hometown: Phoenix, Ariz.
Comments:  If you could go back to early 2001, knowing what you know now, what would you have done differently? Do you feel the threat posed by terrorism was taken as seriously as it should have been and why?

Name: Thomas
Hometown: Ga
Comments:  Did the government order any of its personnel to avoid commercial airlines during the months preceding 9/11?  Why did John Ashcroft begin to use charter aircraft in the summer of 2001?

Name: Iain Staffell
Hometown: Birmingham, England
Comments:  What do you think it is about the American people that makes them accept, or at least ignore the stream of lies and incompetence that defines you and your government? 

Name: V.S.P.
Hometown: Mountain View, Ark.
Comments:  Are you now telling us the truth?

Name: Bill Murphy
Hometown: Woodridge, Illinois
Comments:  Why have you participated in the character assassination of Richard Clarke, whom you designated as crisis manager on Sept. 11, 2001? 

Name: Gretchen Garcia
Hometown: St. Louis Park, Minn.
Comments:  Why didn't the Bush Administration have a better post-conflict strategy for Iraq?

Name: Jim Dyer
Hometown: Danbury, Conn.
Comments:  Why does this Iraq situation appear to be out of control? What is our exit plan?

Name: Paula
Hometown: Kansas City
Comments:  If Richard Clarke was such a horrible employee, and "out of the loop," why was he not fired?

Name: Russell Green
Hometown: Wayne
Comments:  What was and what is being done at a high level to ensure cooperation between the various agencies not only within the government but also with our allies?

Name: Evelyn
Hometown: San Diego
Comments:  When will your administration bring our troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan? Has there not been enough American blood spilled in countries that do not appreciate our young men and women?

Name: Dorothy Gipson
Hometown: Inkster, Mich.
Comments: Why does the United States have to be in every other country’s business?

Name: G. Miller
Hometown: Avon, Conn.
Comments:  Do you believe that Al Gore and/or the Clinton administration could have prevented 9/11? If not, would they be doing as good or better at fighting terrorist around the world than the Bush administration?

Name: Rex Goldizen
Hometown: Fremont
Comments:  Would you lie to cover up?

Name: Rick Burnham
Hometown: Westborough, MA
Comments:  What is more important to you in carrying out your duties:  Implementing an ideological agenda, OR understanding and objectively analyzing facts and consequences of proposed actions? 

Name: J. Neff
Hometown: Richmond
Comments:  Please explain the separation of powers principle and how appearing under oath may make confidential talk between the president and aides problematic in the future.

Name: Richard Honiball
Hometown: Claremont, N.H.
Comments:  Do you think the Democrats in the panel are really interested in the truth?

Name: Albert Lopez
Hometown: El Paso, Tex.
Comments:  Why there wasn't an airplane in the Pentagon, nor video of the crashing?

Name: L. Ventresca
Hometown: Philadelphia, Pa.
Comments:  I would ask Doctor Rice why she was so opposed to testifying if she felt she was doing her job successfully?

Name: Don Staffin
Hometown: Bridgewater, N.J.
Comments:  Do you feel that members of Congress and the media have crossed the line from "loyal opposition" to providing encouragement to our enemies through their unrestrained rhetoric? 

Name: Robert Carrano
Hometown: Phoenix, Ariz.
Comments:  How much time have you devoted to scripting your answers and did you change any  responses from your first testimony?

Name: Rusty Ellis
Hometown: Houston
Comments:  Why didn't the Clinton Administration discover these attacks since they were obviously planned during that administration?

Name: Mary
Hometown: Odessa, Wash.
Comments:  Did Mr. Clarke bring his concerns to you? If so, what was your discussion and decision?

Name: Gary
Hometown: Hanover, Ind.
Comments:  Did you know that al Qaida was going to hijack the airplanes?

Name: Mike
Hometown: Atlanta, Ga.
Comments:  Why are there so many wealthy oil company executives among our country's top decision makers? 

Name: Todd
Hometown: Chicago
Comments:  Could you please explain these discrepancies in what you have said in defense of this administration and what we know to be the truth?

Name: Howard
Hometown: Portland, Me.
Comments:  Since President Bush has already admitted to Bob Woodward that Osama bin Laden was not his focus, nor that of the NSC, how can you say now that it was? Either he was wrong then or you're wrong now.

Name: Bill Simpson
Hometown: Brownsville, Ore.
Comments:  Moussaoui's laptop contained clues that could have prevented 9/11. An FBI supervisor blocked a search of his laptop and impeded the investigation. Why was he commended and not fired?

Name: Jacqueline
Hometown: Phoenix
Comments:  If you have nothing to hide what took you so long agree to testify under oath?  Or maybe it's because you do have something to hide and you needed all this time to get your "story" straight?

Name: Mark Matasovsky
Hometown: Indianapolis, Ind.
Comments:  What part of the private sector do you see yourself going into when the truth comes out?

Name: Jeff Lowell
Hometown: New York
Comments:  Isn't it true that the focus of your entire career was on the "strategic" threats posed by Russia and China?

Name: Jay Fork
Hometown: New York
Comments:  Instead of trying to destroy Richard Clarke, how will you explain your own trail of inaccuracies? 

Name: Don Storey
Hometown: Palm Desert, Calif.
Comments:  When will we see Bush's daughters over in Iraq fighting their father's war?

Name: Cathy
Hometown: Iowa City
Comments:  When you testify Thursday, you will be under oath to tell the truth.  How do you feel about it when President Bush and Vice President Cheney testify they will not have to do it under oath? 

Name: Miracle
Hometown: Los Angeles
Comments:  With all the war and doubt going on, is their anything you and the Bush Administration are doing to portray a positive image for the young people of the USA?

Name: Liz
Hometown: Sacramento
Comments:  Do you think the President has a personal vendetta against Iraq and is using 9/11 to finish off what his father started?

Name: Peter
Hometown: Denver, CO
Comments:  Please list, in order of priority, the top ten issues, involving you and addressed by this administration, during the time leading up to 9/11.

Name: Paul Palmberg, MD, PhD
Hometown: Miami, Florida
Comments:  Why do you think that President Bush was insufficiently patient to allow the UN weapons inspection process to go forward to completion in Iraq? 

Name: Rene T. Nurse
Hometown: Atlantic City n. j.
Comments:  Ms. Rice, would you lie for President George W. Bush? Will you tell the whole truth to the American people?

Name: Peter Deane
Hometown: Jacksonville, Fl
Comments:  Ms Rice...After President Bush wins re-election with a landslide in November would you  consider running for President in 2008?  You have my vote!

Name: R Slater
Hometown: Unknown
Comments:  Why has the administration failed to contact any of the families of deceased military personnel directly to express sympathy for their loss?

Name: Kenneth W. Willis
Hometown: Fritz Creek
Comments:  Ms. Rice do you think 9/11 would have ever happened if former Pres. Clinton would have declared war on the terrorist (as Pres. Bush has)back in the 90's when they were blowing up things all around?

Name: A Reyna
Hometown: Amarillo Tx
Comments:  Will the capture of Osama be another "OCTOBER SURPRISE"?

Name: Rik Burns
Hometown: Brooklyn
Comments:  Why doesn't the Bush administration combat the conditions that produce terrorism? Why don't we use our resources and powers to improve the living conditions of everyone on the planet?

Name: jessica
Hometown: santa fe
Comments:  Would you protect the admin regardless if it cost you your job?

Name: max
Hometown: crows landing
Comments:  What Clinton administration did to prevent the Millennium plot and what your administration did not do to prevent 9/11.   

Name: G Joseph
Hometown: Salyersville, KY
Comments:  It was reported that many people had sold their airline stocks short prior to 9/11/2001. Were any of these short sellers investigated?

Name: Joe
Hometown: Detroit
Comments:  Mrs. Rice, explain what you knew about the war on Iraq and the after math of September 11th, and what the President talked about in that room with you and Clarke?

Name: Sue Holmquist
Hometown: Olympia, Washington
Comments:  Why did the Bush administration decide to invade Iraq instead of using all our money and military resources to capture Bin Laden and punish the terroists that attacked our country on 9/11?

Name: Pat Lanser
Hometown: Olathe, KS
Comments:  Why won't Bush allow us to see Clinton's report?  Don't say it's for security because we've already been attacked.

Name: Alvin
Hometown: Amador
Comments:  If the administration had not found weapons of mass destruction in Iraq as you all said, why can we trust that the Bush Administration was going to be able to stop the terrorist of 9?11?

Name: Jenny
Hometown: Denver, Colorado
Comments:  I don't quite understand why it was necessary to go after Iraq in response to the 9/11 attacks when it is clear that Saddam Hussein had nothing to do with al-Qaeda. Can you please explain?

Name: J.E. Hyatt
Hometown: Portsmouth, NH
Comments:  How can this administration say they "could not imagine anyone using a commercial airliner as a missle," when this very scenerio was used in Tom Clancy's 1994 bestseller, "Debt of Honor."

Name: Rudy Lucatero
Hometown: Pasco, Washington
Comments:  Did the Bush Administration know about the possibility of an attack on the towers? If yes, why did the administration not take any form of precaution?

Name: Jeff Stevens
Hometown: Las Cruces, NM
Comments:  Do you REALLY swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth? And then I'd ask again.

Name: Kevin Waddell
Hometown: Columbus, Ohio
Comments:  Was Richard Clark in your estimation firmly "in the loop", "out of the loop" or ineffectively somewhere in between during his tenure in the Bush white house?

Name: J Martinez
Hometown: Oak Hills
Comments:  I would ask, what did the Clinton administration do to stop any of these attacks?

Name: RebSince74
Hometown: Las Vegas
Comments:  What kind of national security head says they've never heard of hijacked planes flown into buildings?  It was in a Tom Clancy novel.

Name: Maria Lavely
Hometown: Louisville
Comments:  Why did you ignore and not prioritize Sandy Berger's intelligence on the Al Qaida threat and why were Richard Clark's Al Qaida warnings brushed off.

Name: Tim
Hometown: Oakland Park, FL
Comments:  Were you aware of Al Qaeda and the extent of it's scope throughout the world prior to 9/11, and why was Al Qaeda not listed as an immediate threat in your pre-911 speeches?

Name: Chuck
Hometown: Denver
Comments:  Who authorized a flight of Saudis' to leave the country when all flights were grounded, why were they not allowed to be questioned by the FBI.

Name: rick robeson
Hometown: sacramento
Comments:  In hindsight, given what they knew at the time, how would you recommend the tactical response process be changed to better address existing intelligence.

Name: Mark Rues
Hometown: Waterbury, CT
Comments:  Accurately describe the difference between the Pol-Mil plan presented to you by Richard Clarke on Jan 25 '01 and the Presidential Directive of Sept 4 '01?

Name: Gary Smith
Hometown: Vallejo, CA
Comments:  Do you think in this time of crisis (both on the foreign and domestic front) that a witch hunt of this magnitude is justified?

Name: warren kleeb
Hometown: ocean park
Comments:  Who controls the Iraq oil fields?  who is purchasing the Iraq oil products?  What companies are purchasing those products?

Name: Buddy Sosa
Hometown: Kennewick
Comments:  Since Al-Qaeda killed 3000 people, how could you justify attacking Iraq while bin Ladin and his close henchmen are still free, and not dead or captured? 

Name: Kiran
Hometown: Jersey City
Comments:  Would you lie to the People of the United States of America, if were asked to do so by The Bush Administration?

Name: Tim
Hometown: Nashville
Comments:  Do you believe this commission is as partisan as it seems?

Name: Nate
Hometown: Naples
Comments:  The hijacked planes were in the air for about an hour before they struck their targets on 9-11. Why were fighter jets not sent up to intercept them?

Name: Travis Thul
Hometown: Appleton, WI
Comments:  With all of the evidence pointing to UBL and Al Queda, nothing short of a smoking gun, why was Iraq even brought into the equation? And for that matter, why not Iran, Syria, Libya, DPRK, Pakistan, UAE

Name: Janes R. Murphy
Hometown: Spokane , Wash.
Comments:  After Mr. Bush was elected to office, on what date did he first wish to discuss the possibility of engaging in a war with Iraq.

Name: Michael Franquelli
Hometown: Elgin, IL
Comments:  I would like to know what differences there were between the 'playbook' that Richard Clarke submitted in Jan 2001, and the 'plan' that was approved by the Bush administration on Sept 4, 2001?

Hometown: Daly City
Comments:  Did the Bush Administration fail to take seriously on the CIA's warnings? Did the Administration focus more on invading Iraq rather than the 9/11 terrorists?

Name: Matt Smith
Hometown: Columbus
Comments:  What evidence specifically do you have which connects Iraq/Saddam with 9/11, excluding connection with terrorism in general.

Name: Romulus
Hometown: Pittsburgh
Comments:  Who authorized Saudi nationals and members of the Bin Laden family to fly out of the US shortly after the 9/11 attacks?

Name: Kevin Howell
Hometown: Grand Junction Colorado
Comments:  Aren't you tired of all the whining and politicizing of the whole issue, and how do you put up with stupid, leftist reporters?

Name: Jeff Pagano
Hometown: New York City
Comments:   Were Richard Clarke's pleas for a meeting with you and/or the President brushed aside? If so, why? Did Mr. Clarke have a credibility issue with the administration pre-9/11?

Name: Jewell Jones
Hometown: Jersey City
Comments:  How is the U.S. planning to handle the escalating daily violence in Iraq?

Name: karl ericson
Hometown: New Holland, PA
Comments:  Why did you make the public statement soon after 9/11 that no one ever imagined that terrorists would use hijacked planes as bombs by flying them into buildings?

Name: Louis Goldberg
Hometown: Boynton Beach
Comments:  Why did President Bush remove troops from Afghanistan to send them to Iraq instead of concentrating on Osama Bin Laden.

Name: Brian H. Gibb
Hometown: Westerly, RI
Comments:  If terrorism was a high priority, for the administration, why was there so much discussion about missile defense, and so little about Al-Queda, prior to 9/11.

Name: Lysa
Hometown: RI
Comments:  What is the exact date of the first meeting that you had with other high level officials where you discussed the threat of Al Qieda ?

Name: Joe Benning
Hometown: Boston
Comments:  I would ask her how it feels to be a victim of the Liberal media.

Name: Larry Rose
Hometown: Weston, FL
Comments:  Why did we significantly reduce the priority of capturing or killing Osama Bin Laden by spending billions turning Iraq upside down to find nothing? 

Name: Dave McMillan
Hometown: Johnstown, PA
Comments:  At which point in time, following 9/11, did you deem the intelligence speculating on Saddam's weapons of mass destruction valid and under what pretense or solid evidence?

Name: Ronald Hamilton
Hometown: Tuolumne,California
Comments:  Were there any warnings of possible terrorist hijacking of American palnes? If yes why did the White House decide to keep this a secret?

Name: Adam Jaffe
Hometown: Scranton, PA
Comments:  During the ramp-up to the Iraq war, was Saddam Hussein determined to be a greater threat than Al-Qaeda?  Has the threat of Al-Qaeda grown since then?

Name: Alan Holmgren
Hometown: Kansas City
Comments:  Why did it take a photograph of FDR's Chief of Staff, testifying after Pearl Harbor, to get you to agree to see the committee?

Name: Jim Hatfield
Hometown: Glen Ellyn, IL
Comments:  Why shouldn't we get out of Iraq and devote our resources to eradicating Al Queda wherever it exists?

Name: David M Smith
Hometown: Travis AFB, Ca
Comments:  Why did'nt you fire Richard Clarke sooner?

Name: John Wasta
Hometown: Cedar Rapids, IA
Comments:  Did the president during his first weeks in office ask his security advisors to find a way to go after Sadam Hussain?

Name: Sharon McAtee
Hometown: Springfield, MO
Comments:  What do you think Mr. Clarke's motive was?

Name: zoe
Hometown: louisburg
Comments:  Did Bush at anytime give you the idea that we went to Iraq for more than terrorism

Name: Alan Stageberg
Hometown: San Francisco
Comments:  When you have the choice of responding to questions with the truth, or with what you have been mandated by the administration to say, which will you choose?

Name: Jim Emmerson
Hometown: Stanley, NC
Comments:  I would ask Ms. Rice how she manages to perform her job so well while constantly needing to respond to ridiculous partisan attacks from the media.

Name: m chiles
Hometown: oklahoma
Comments:  ms rice,with all the AMERICAN lives being lost daily how well do you sleep at nite

Name: Adam
Hometown: Brooklyn
Comments:  Where did you find the audacity to entice the American people into supporting the invasion of Iraq? Do you think they country would have supported it knowing there were no WMD and Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11?

Name: Tara Grumm
Hometown: Bremerton
Comments:  My question to Dr. Rice would be...Why didn't the government take the arrest of Ahmed Ressam more seriously back in 1999? 

Name: Ann Wallace
Hometown: Redmond, WA
Comments:  Why did you think it was appropriate for the national security advisor to refuse to testify before a committee investigating something directly under the position's responsibility?

Name: Jaime Austin
Hometown: Lincoln Park, NJ
Comments:  Would it be possible to wipe that ever-persistent smile off your face? It is often inappropriate and irritating to see.

Name: Kim Booth
Hometown: Salt Lake City
Comments:  Do you ever tire of people asking what more should we have done? 

Name: Albert Mendoza
Hometown: Riverside, CA
Comments:  What does it feel like to be the sacrificial lamb?

Name: William Starks
Hometown: Newcastle, Wash.
Comments:  Why are you waiting until the Thursday before Good Friday, a slow news day, and just before Easter Sunday, when the Sunday morning news shows will have little or no audience?

Name: Charlie
Hometown: Pawtucket, R.I.
Comments:  What other roles did these rogue nations pose other than a nuclear one before 9/11?

Name: Jennifer
Hometown: New York
Comments:  Has George Bush ever discussed his involvement with the Illuminati, the group allegedly behind the NWO and 9/11 attacks?

Name: Saif A.
Hometown: Minneapolis, Minn.
Comments:  Did you know about any sort of attack on the U.S. before it happened?  And if you did know, did you let the attack proceed so the administration had this reason to go after Saddam Hussein?

Name: John
Hometown: Pennsylvania
Comments:  Knowing that the first attack on the World Trade Center happened in the 1990s and other threats were also given, why wasn’t there anything done about this situation?

Name: Steve Addis
Hometown: Reseda
Comments:  Why not just tell the whole truth and be done with it?

Name: Erin
Hometown: Portland, Ore.
Comments:  Just answer all of the questions posed by the 9/11 widows!!! They are the ones that deserve answers more than the rest of us.

Name: Sandra Rittmann
Hometown: Milwaukee, Wisc.
Comments:  I would ask her who it is that she depends on for intel, the team she is working with and why she has confidence in their reports.

Name: Heidi
Hometown: Los Angeles
Comments:  We know that the CIA planned and orchestrated the 9/11 attacks.  Did you know anything about this before it happened?

Name: Rick
Hometown: Hughesville, Md.
Comments:  When was Iraq an imminent threat to the U.S.?

Name: Kelly Duke
Hometown: D.C.
Comments:  Did American potential business interests in Iraq (for such companies as Bechtel and Halliburton ) take precedence over serious strategies for combating al-Qaida? 

Name: Jeanne Christensen
Hometown: Fresno
Comments:  Is this the first time such a hearing has been held during wartime?

Name: Alan J. Mehringer
Hometown: West Lafayette, Ind.
Comments:  If you knew for certain prior to the Iraq invasion that there were no WMD in Iraq, would you have supported going to war?  If so, are we going to attack Cuba? North Korea? China? 

Name: Ryan McCormick
Hometown: Little Rock, Arkansas
Comments:  If you failed us so easily on September 11th, are you actually taking any precautions to prevent another terrorist attack here? 

Name: RG
Hometown: Tooele, Utah
Comments:  Please tell me, if the Taliban were conclusively held accountable for 9/11, how come we are waging war in Iraq?  Where is the connection between the Taliban and Iraq?

Name: Jacques Traynham
Hometown: Albany, N.Y.
Comments:  There are procedures set in place for when a plane is hijacked over U.S. airspace via NORAD.  Why weren't the procedures followed when we realize that the first plane was hijacked?

Name: Arlene Banks
Hometown: Milton, Wisc.
Comments:  Why was the focus on capturing bin Laden diminished so quickly in favor of waging a war founded on a stack of lies and poor political agenda? 

Name: Anita
Hometown: Moorestown, Burlington, N.J.
Comments:  Which had  a higher priority after 9/11: al Qaida or Iraq? Do you feel responsible for our soldiers dying in vain?

Name: Bryan Chatman
Hometown: Birmingham
Comments:  Why was there such urgency to attack Iraq when we were sure that al Qaida (not Iraq) attacked the U.S.?

Name: Carol Lare
Hometown: New Orleans
Comments:  Please explain in detail what credentials, background and experiences you have had to be even considered as an adviser on a possible World War III? 

Name: Ed Yellin
Hometown: Sarasota, FL
Comments:  Why did it take so long for our fighter jets to try and intercept the hijacked airplanes, especially after the first tower was hit?

Name: Beverly Hugener
Hometown: Monroeville, Ala.
Comments:  How sure were you that there were Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq before the war?  Did you think that we would have bin Laden captured by now through our military efforts?

Name: Richard Turner
Hometown: Kennesaw, Ga.
Comments:  Why, after reports came in that airliners were being hijacked, and especially after one of them hit the World Trade Center, did the Air Force not scramble its interceptors? 

Name: Lacey
Hometown: Denver, Colo.
Comments:  Do you still stand by your comment that no one could have predicted terrorists using an airliner as a missile? 

Name: J. A.
Hometown: Worcester, Mass.
Comments:  Are we really setting a good example of democracy for other countries?  If we can't be a good example, then why are we trying to set up democracies in other countries (i.e. Iraq)?

Name: Craig
Hometown: Rochester, N.Y.
Comments:  Based on only the information provided to you prior to 9/11, is there anything you would have done differently?

Name: Keith
Hometown: Newark, N.J.
Comments:  Do you feel that our presence in the Middle East is posing more and more of a threat on our homeland? Are we calling more attention to ourselves?

Name: Matthew Phizacklea
Hometown: Dumfries, Va.
Comments:  Who do you think is the one that's guilty of planning the attacks?

Name: Ricardo Pereda
Hometown: Ft. Lauderdale
Comments:  When the handover of the presidency to Bush occurred, how critical was the threat of al Qaida positioned in the security briefing?

Name: Jonathan Younger
Hometown: Seattle, Wash.
Comments:  Did the panel trade for your testimony in exchange for that of Thomas Scully, who was granted executive privilege not to testify under oath about whether or not he suppressed information?

Name: Gary K.
Hometown: Somersworth, N.H.
Comments:  How can the Bush White House refute Clarke's claim, admittedly subjective, that the Bush team considered terrorism "important" but not "urgent" when the President said the very same thing?

Name: Richard Wilson
Hometown: Carson City, Nev.
Comments:  Do you think that Muslims the world over are threatened by the advances made by women in Western countries, women such as yourself who have risen to positions of power and prominence?

Name: Cathy Alquijay
Hometown: Los Angeles
Comments:  May we see the speech you were about to give on the morning of 9/11?

Name: Sakura R. Jones
Hometown: Bensalem
Comments:  Do you agree with the way that Bush is running the country?  Would you have gone to war over assumptions if you were president?

Name: David Wall
Hometown: Washington, D.C.
Comments:  Are the freedoms afforded the average U.S. citizen or visitors from foreign countries a threat to national security? 

Name: Dr. F. C. Gentile
Hometown: Racine, Wisc.
Comments:  Why did you not take the past information available that was seriously offered by an experienced terrorist veteran (namely ,Clarke)?

Name: Y. Allen
Hometown: Boston
Comments:  When did the mission into Iraq change from the hunt for WMD to liberating the Iraqi people?

Name: M. Bannister
Hometown: Akron, Ohio
Comments:  Did you and the president blow off Clarke because you were willing to allow an attack so Bush would have an excuse to invade Iraq?

Name: Diane Noonan
Hometown: Plantation
Comments:  How many times have you met with Bush and or Cheney in regard to our National Security?

Name: Dan Morisette
Hometown: Chicago, Ill.
Comments:  Given the nature of the circumstances surrounding 9/11, why were you even considering not testifying?

Name: Amy
Hometown: Minneapolis
Comments:  Why is so much information regarding Saudi Arabia being withheld?

Name: Rick Feldmann
Hometown: Houston
Comments:  What was the extent of her planned text for September 11, 2001? 

Name: Ronnie Keck
Hometown: Willis, Tex.
Comments:  On Sept. 11, when you found out about the hijacking of the airliners, did you immediately call Bush?

Name: E. Allen
Hometown: Albany, N.Y.
Comments:  Why air power isn't being used to counter the attacks on our troops?

Name: Donna
Hometown: Torrance, Calif.
Comments:  What is the job of the National Security Adviser? Why do we now need a Homeland Security Head?

Name: Tom Archer
Hometown: Lyndonville
Comments:  Were you aware of any exaggerations or misuse of evidence to build the case against Saddam Hussein and Iraq?

Name: Jack Gibson
Hometown: Springfield, Pa.
Comments:  Did you order the wire-tapping of U.N. representatives in January and February of 2003?

Name: Sheila
Hometown: Mission Viejo, Calif.
Comments:  Why are we at war with Iraq?  How do you justify being at war when there was no proof of "Weapons of Mass Destruction?"

Name: Paul O'Keefe
Hometown: St. Petersburg, Fla.
Comments:  What is the administration really doing about Homeland Security?  It seems to have taken a backseat lately and everything is focused on the war.

Name: Robert A. Jaracz
Hometown: Nashua, N.H.
Comments:  With all the "intelligence" on Iraq's weapons of mass destruction, why were we so unaware or complacent about Libya, which was indeed building weapons of mass destruction?

Name: Jeff
Hometown: Springfield
Comments:  When did you know about the Bali meeting plotting use of airplanes as weapons?

Name: Nick Thornton
Hometown: Atlanta
Comments:  As National Security Adviser, what is your plan to prevent something like what has happened in Madrid from happening in one of our cities? 

Name: Dena Grose
Hometown: Norman
Comments:  Given the same set of circumstances, without the hindsight that we have now, would you have done anything differently?

Name: Frank Tolopko
Hometown: Otis, Mass.
Comments:  Who was responsible, and where is the investigation going, for the inordinate amount of put options placed on American and United Airlines just prior to 9/11/01?

Name: Karen Doyle
Hometown: Ft. Myers
Comments:  Why, after the first plane was obviously hijacked, was nothing done to stop them? 

Name: Peggy Fallon
Hometown: Manchester, N.H.
Comments:  Are you willing to admit that the Administration's focus on getting Saddam Hussein was misguided and the focus should have been directed to completing the war on terrorism?

Name: D. Almond
Hometown: Moreno Valley
Comments:  Why is the liberal news media in glee over your so-called "grilling?"

Name: R.  Jones
Hometown: Wichita
Comments:  Considering that our borders are as porous as ever.  How do Bush and you intend to prevent future attacks?

Name: Kathleen O' Malley
Hometown: Austin, Tex.
Comments:  Why does the Bush White House Staff feel they need to do everything the Democrats say they need to answer and do? The Clinton administration never did anything we asked for.

Name: Randy Laine
Hometown: Carlsbad
Comments:  After selling military secrets to China and refusing to pick up OBL , why has Bill Clinton escaped prosecution for treason ?

Name: T. Northrop
Hometown: Rolla
Comments:  Do you believe that by you being here today, that our nation does not trust in our Chief  Commander’s decisions?

Name: Adam Benedetto
Hometown: Madison, Wisc.
Comments:  Where was President Bush when the planes were flying into the Towers? Why was the bin Laden family flown out of the country while all other planes were still grounded?

Name: Nicole
Hometown: Erie
Comments:  Will you apologize to the families who lost loved ones on 9/11 at least on behalf of yourself if not the entire Bush administration?

Name: Jaime
Hometown: Hansen
Comments:  What National Security from Foreign Countries Information was ignored or postponed prior to 9/11?

Name: Cheli
Hometown: Youngstown, Ohio
Comments:  How could you NOT know it was al Qaida September 11th?  They had already hit the WTC in 1993 and had a history of returning to finish the job.  What about the evidence introduced in the Yusef trial? 

Name: Francis Lane
Hometown: Las Vegas
Comments:  What were Intel's critical terrorist reports, what was the confidence in those reports, what recommendations did you make to the President?

Name: John
Hometown: Newark Ohio
Comments:  Why did you not request the U.N. weapons inspection team led by Hans Blix to verify the WMD sites that were shown to the world by Secretary Colin Powell in his address to the U.N.?

Name: Leon Magill
Hometown: Boca Raton, Fla.
Comments:  Why did you classify the information President Clinton provided to the Bush administration when they took office?

Name: William Kilfara
Hometown: Atlanta
Comments:   Did you ever hear the president mention using 9/11 as a pretext to invade Iraq regardless of whether or not they possessed WMDs?

Name: Mike
Hometown: Chicago
Comments:  What was the REAL REASON for going to war with Iraq? 

Name: David Handy
Hometown: Frisco, Tex.
Comments:  Will you run for president in 2008?

Name: Angelina Leith
Hometown: fort Myers
Comments:  Why has it taken so long to get to this point? Where were you when the families of the murdered relatives were asking these questions back in 2001, 2002, 2003? 

Name: D. Dungan
Hometown: Cape Coral, Fla.
Comments:  Isn't it true that U.S. efforts to get Osama Bin Laden were stifled by restraints placed upon the CIA by Congress?

Name: George Watson
Hometown: Mooresville, N.C.
Comments:  In your opinion, do you think that the media and the 9/11 commission is posturing and politicizing this entire event?

Name: D Denevan
Hometown: Edgewater, Md.
Comments:  Why does the administration so adamently deny all allegations?  We know that there is probably some truth to them, so why are you so defensive about it?  We all make mistakes.

Name: Byron Suey
Hometown: Pana, Ill.
Comments:  If the Clinton administration claims to have handed a plan for dealing for terrorism to the Bush administration, why didn't they execute it themselves?

Name: R. Meyer
Hometown: Perryton, Texas
Comments:  Did the Clinton Adm. work with the Bush Adm. the weeks following the election and the change at the White House  concerning the terrorist activities in the world that  they had in their intelligence

Name: Stephen Seim
Hometown: Los Angeles, Calif.
Comments:  Knowing what we know now, would you still have advised the President to invade Iraq? And, should we have planned to deal with all possbile contingencies, including this one? If so, are we on track?

Name: Scott
Hometown: Barrington, N.H.
Comments:  Prior to 9/11, in your opinion, would the American public, and for that matter, the UN, and world powers, have supported a pre-emptive attack against al-Qaida and the Taliban? 

Name: Gerald
Hometown: S.F.
Comments:  Why do you think the media is trying to blame the current administration for 9/11 instead of focusing on the systemic problems crippling our government's effectiveness.

Name: Don Alcorn
Hometown: Rockville, Md.
Comments:  Why come no one in either political party holds the Saudi Arabia accountable and isn’t the first step in protecting America to control our borders?

Name: John Davis
Hometown: Shelton, Wash.
Comments:  Why did our government round up members of the bin Laden family and other Saudi VIPs and fly them out of the country while air traffic was grounded on 9/12?

Name: Concerned American
Hometown: Carson CA
Comments:  I wanna see the first intel report & the intel reports that were tracking Bin Ladin at least 2 years prior to September 11. And why didn't the Government act on it?

Name: Donna
Hometown: Seattle
Comments:  1)If you could change anything that you did or did NOT do prior to 9/11, would you, and, if so, what would you do differently?
2)Why did we attack Iraq?

Name: Ray
Hometown: Hobbs, New Mexico
Comments:  Why do you think the democrats have at the same time attempted to blame the president for exploiting 911 for political gain, yet feel free to use these hearings for that very purpose?

Name: David W. Smith
Hometown: Galveston, Texas
Comments:  Why hasn’t your predecessor apologized for not doing anything about terrorism for the time he was there before you?

Name: Maryann Shaffer
Hometown: Pleasanton
Comments:  Why did 4 planes go of the radar screen at airplane control towers and no one questioned that. Do we not have a system that would sound an alarm when this happens?

Name: Kate Pieroni
Hometown: St. Louis, MO
Comments:  Why was security not increased with all of the advanced warnings the current administration apparently had?

Name: Kay Miller
Hometown: Lewisville, TX
Comments:  What questions might we ask in this public forum that we could not ask you in private?

Name: John Scott
Hometown: Fruit Heights, UT
Comments:  Has the Bush Administration learned how and when each of the 9/11 terrorists entered the US?  If so, please provide the details, and what specific actions have been taken to prevent a reoccurrence?

Name: M Weaver
Hometown: Chicago
Comments:  How can we ensure that we seperate political agendas from the development of a meaningful proposal to address terrorism?

Name: Walt Kowalczyk
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Comments:  Between January 21 and September 10, 2001 how many meetings of principles did you chair where the main topic was terrorism?

Name: Owen
Hometown: Oshkosh, WI.
Comments:  Do you think you were lied to by the security agencies of this country? Or do you think the information the Bush administration had was taken out of context?

Name: Jeremy
Hometown: Owasso
Comments:  I totally understand the importance and strain of your position.  Why did you complicate matters further by refusing to go before the initial investigation by the commission?

Name: Jim
Hometown: Commerce, Texas
Comments:  Recent actions by the administration reveal a huge knowledge gap concerning Middle East cultures.  What is the administration doing to improve the knowledge base?

Name: John Scribner
Hometown: Portland, Maine
Comments:  Why was the Clinton administration able to foil the LA airport attacks on the eve of the Millenium and your administration was not able to foil 9/11?

Name: Bill E.
Hometown: Lanham
Comments:  My concern is not the question in-line for Mrs Rice's, but why our commander and chief is not responding directly to these issues. He seems to avoid the tough questions.

Name: Mark
Hometown: Atlanta
Comments:  I understand that the final policy paper on national security that President Clinton submitted to Congress (45,000 words long) makes no reference to al Qaeda and refers to Osama bin Laden by name just four times.

Name: Mark
Hometown: Golden Valley, Minnesota
Comments:  Do you think if the Clinton adminastration had acted on reports of terrorism we could have avoided 9/11?

Name: R.Stehley
Hometown: Pittsburgh
Comments:  Why was the FBI Agents report questioning the terrorist's pilot training ignored or not followed up?

Name: Mary Layton
Hometown: Dayton, Ohio
Comments:  Knowing what you know now, do you feel that all that could have been done was done to protect the innocent people in the World Trade Center?

Name: Deborah Duffus
Hometown: Denver, Colorado
Comments:  Why can't President Bush testify in front of the Commission by himself? Why does he need to be with VP Cheney?

Name: Barbara
Hometown: Turtle Lake
Comments:  Before 9/11,  Who was responsible for the law stating that the CIA & FBI can't share all info, on any subject, which might come into there hands? 

Name: Glen
Hometown: Tulsa
Comments:  Do you wish the american people and the press would understand that you can not tell us EVERYTHING you knew then, or think you know now because it informs our enemies of our ability to stop them?

Name: Michael St. John
Hometown: Orlando, Florida
Comments:  Straight up, do you believe that Sadam Hussein had anything to do with the attacks of 9/11. If yes, why? If no, on which date did you come to your current conclusion?

Name: Fred
Hometown: San Angelo
Comments:  Why did she say, "Why are we wasting so much time of terrorism?"

Name: Texan Gabriel
Hometown: Edinburg
Comments:  Who was more at fault, the terrorist conjuring up their plan during the awful Clinton years or Clinton for not being 'pre-emptive', 'proactive', pro-America?

Name: Anonymous
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Comments:  Would you be willing to declassify ALL of your communication (Emails/Memos) with Richard Clarke (both before and after 9/11) ??

Name: Jim Carney
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Comments:  Why is there so much animosity to Richard Clarke's recent revelations contained in his book, when the transcript was given to the White House in October 2003 to be reviewed?

Name: Tim G
Hometown: Galesburg
Comments:  I would ask her nothing.  i would send her back to do her job without interruptions like this that take valuable time away from the war on terrorism and the problems which started long before tenure.

Name: Jannette Capach
Hometown: Bayard
Comments:  Dr. Rice, Why do you think the media and certain individual victims on the 9/11 attack are trying so hard to place all blame on the GW Bush administration?

Name: T
Hometown: Dunn
Comments:  When the Clinton administration did not respond in a forceful manner after the 1993 World Trade Center bombing did the lack of action contribute to the 9/11 attack?

Name: Paolo Nadeau
Hometown: Coral Gables, Fl
Comments:  1) Why did you refuse to listen to the advice of Richard Clarke & George Tenet repeatedly?
2)What made you decide to finally testify under oath? Was it damage control to the re-election campaign?

Name: J. Dougherty
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Comments:  What, if any, diplomatic negotiation by the Bush Administration took place prior to 9/11 with Taliban representatives urging them to surrender to US authority (or kill) Osama bin Laden?

Name: Darrin
Hometown: St. Helens, OR
Comments:  With the obvious Kerry campaigning done by our liberal media in this country, why has the Bush administration caved in to allow the media to use the 9/11 commission for its own political purposes?

Name: Nick
Hometown: NYC
Comments:  What do you not like about the way the administration handled 9/11 intelligence information? (Nothing, i.e. you handled everything well, is not an answer)

Name: Donna
Hometown: North Haven, CT
Comments:  What impact would you say, did the clinton administration play in not focusing on the threats of terrorism and going after al quada when they had the opportunity during their 8 yrs. in office?

Name: Hector Pena
Hometown: Escondido , California
Comments:  I think it is too late at this point to figure out what we should/could have done before 9/11.What can we do "NOW" to get rid of these maniacs? I feel very badly for all of the victims

Name: Bill Gasbarro
Hometown: Mansfield, Mass
Comments:  How come Clinton and Gore don't have  to testify? This is nonsence. I'm only concerned about what's happened since 9/11---we are all to blame

Name: Phoebe
Hometown: Palmer Lake, Colorado
Comments:  Why are there some documents regarding security from the Clinton administration that are not being released by the Bush administration?  As a voting citizen this looks rather suspicious.

Name: Wade Corbin
Hometown: Helena, AL
Comments:  I feel that the Bush administration has performed much better than expected, but, do you feel the prior administration left the problems for this administration? Thank you, for your service Dr. Rice.

Name: Bob Jett
Hometown: Valrico FL
Comments:  What did VP Cheney mean when he said that Dick Clarke was "out of the loop"?  If he was indeed out of the loop, who's doing was that?

Name: John Morris
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Comments:  Why was it so urgent for the U.S. to invade Iraq in 2003 rather than 2004 or later?  The U.S. seems to have diverted military resources from the Hunt for Osama Bin Laden in order to prepare for the Iraq invasion.

Name: RED
Hometown: Chicago
Comments:  What about the FAA are they at fault for any of the 9/11 attacks.  I just find it hard to believe that they did not see those two planes going off course flying very low and did not do or say anything.

Name: Carlos Howard
Hometown: Ventura, CA
Comments: Why do you suppose the Democratic Leadership waited until now, and not before, to voice concerns about 9/11 Al Qaeda attacks?

Name: Kenneth Soden
Hometown: Tuckerman, AR
Comments:  Do you think the American people really want and NEED to know all the details that pertain to 9/11 and the war in Iraq events or is certain information better left in the hands of secure personnel?

Name: Greg Smith
Hometown: Seattle, WA
Comments:  How has devoting most of the United States military resources into removing Saddam Hussein from power made the world safer from Al Qaeda when Iraq/Hussein had no role in 9/11?

Name: Jack Stiteleer
Hometown: Baton Rouge, LA
Comments:  Just a comment: "Thanks for a job well done."  If it wasn't for this being an election year, this event wouldn't be happening!

Name: Jason Setty
Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio
Comments:  will pointing fingers now bring any of the 9/11 victims back? I certainly don't think so. The countries of the world need to be united in the fight to stop global terrorism on all fronts.

Name: Edith Corbitt
Hometown: Whitney,TX
Comments:  Was there any warning about possible attacks on civilian aircraft during the terrorism briefing at the Western Whitehouse conducted during August 2001 prior to the 9/11 attack?

Name: Jonathan Schon
Hometown: Orlando, FL
Comments:  Aren't you getting tired of all these liberal dunces trying to get you to testify in public for the exact same thing you testified about for 4 hours in private?

Name: Barbara
Hometown: Miami
Comments:  What terror intelligence information was sent to you by Richard Clarke's office?  What was your response?  He has suggested that this information be made public.  The public would like to see it.

Name: D. Furgiuele
Hometown: Atlanta
Comments:  Is anything likely to come out of this commission, or are we just going through the motions here in an election year?

Name: Joel Keenan, M.D.
Hometown: Greenwich, CT
Comments:  In its investigation after 9/11, which country did the administration conclude played the greater role in the attack -- Iraq or Saudi Arabia?

Name: M Foster
Hometown: Minneapolis
Comments:  In the interest of security, what actions can be taken to eliminate or at least mitigate the anger that is directed at the US? How is our current policy shaped by the knowledge of this deep anger?

Name: Dee
Hometown: Jacksonville, Arkansas
Comments:  The question is not what anyone may have known at any time beforehand, the question is what are we doing now, besides dragging our feet. We do not need to reflect on the past, but we must take action.

Name: Ron Rice
Hometown: Hubbard, Ohio
Comments:  Miss Rice, Are we not now making the same foregin policy mistakes with Saudi Arabia that we once made with Iraq in the 1980's? 

Name: Chris Freyer
Hometown: Austin, Tx
Comments:  Are you as offended as we are at the suggestion that Clinton's administration was tougher on terrorism than President Bush is?

Name: Victor A. Tucker
Hometown: Columbia SC
Comments:  In the Summer of 2001 did you advise President Bush about any iminent threat from Al-Qaida if so what was President Bush response and what course of action did he set up to counter the threat?

Name: Kathryn Rosene
Hometown: Nashville, TN
Comments:  I would ask tons of questions because I know that Mrs. Rice is an incredibly educated, highyly intelligent, and morally honest woman.  I know I would get nothing but straight facts from her!

Name: Nancy Blanchard
Hometown: LeRoy
Comments:   How can you be so nice and diplomatic when talking about Richard Clark, when he has been such a jerk? If Richard Clark really ever did talk to you at first about Al-Qeida, did you give him the blank look?

Name: Bob Kuntzman
Hometown: Topeka, KS
Comments:  Why did you cave-in to political pressure? You have every right not to, you already met with them.

Name: Keith Trower
Hometown: Madison, WI
Comments:  Why were you going to give a speech on ICBM defense on Sept. 11th?  Why were your priorities as National Security Adviser so far off?

Name: John Gustafson
Hometown: Big Bear Lake CA
Comments:  Why hasn't the government and the news media addressed the basic question as to why people hate America so much that they are willing to commit suicide?

Name: Rachel A. Garner
Hometown: Kearney, Neb.
Comments:  Who gave the order to keep our Air Force on the ground while four commercial airliners were off course?  

Name: John Wilda
Hometown: Swanton, Vt.
Comments:  Why was this Administration so hell-bent on going after Iraq?  Was is because Saddam threatened W's Daddy?

Name: Lawrence Ho
Hometown: Los Angeles, Calif.
Comments: With pictures showing Iraq has WMD on mobile vehicles and with Syria as the backyard of Iraq, isn’t it possible Syria is hiding Iraq's WMD?

Name: Diane E. Taste
Hometown: Colorado Springs, Colo.
Comments:  When did you know that information from British CIA was inaccurate and why did you continue to deny mistakes after you found out the truth?

Name: Douglas
Hometown: Nashville, Tenn.
Comments:  A terrorist attack the size and scope of 9/11 would take years to plan. Who was in charge the years prior?

Name: Joel Palmer
Hometown: Philadelphia
Comments:  Why have you not tendered your resignation?

Name: Dawn Hubof
Hometown: Newport News, Va.
Comments:  How do you feel about the Democrats using this commission as a political platform?
Name: Aaron Ohrt
Hometown: New York
Comments:  How do you guys hide the strings on the Bush puppet?  Green screen?  Mirrors?  And is that Cheney's voice or Rove's?  That's a great impression!

Name: Andrew Long
Hometown: Knoxville, Tenn.
Comments:  Is this investigation hindering you from doing your job now?

Name: Willie Gonzalez
Hometown: Bronx, N.Y.
Comments:  Richard Clarke says the White House dropped the ball against terrorism before Sept. 11. Do you think he is lying to sell books?

Name: Andrea Woodbridge
Hometown: Richmond, Va.
Comments:  Did the government know anything about the 9/11 attack before it happened?

Name: Mike Mayham
Hometown: New York
Comments:  How do you explain the conflicts of interest with regard to virtually everyone in the current administration, including yourself, being in the oil business? 

Name: Tom A. Miller
Hometown: Manassas, Va.
Comments:  Do you think that Congress should be looking inward rather than outward for someone to blame?

Name: Murphy Prell
Hometown: Franconia
Comments:  How would the U.S. respond to a nuclear attack by al Qaida?

Name: Joel M Price
Hometown: San Antonio, Fla.
Comments:  Why did she lie about not knowing that airplanes could be used as weapons by terrorists?

Name: Tim Alexander
Hometown: Santa Monica
Comments:  Who in the Administration do you think has been lying to you ?

Name: Michael Coats
Hometown: Valrico, Fla.
Comments:  Had the tragedy of 9/11 not occurred, would the administration have aggressively gone after bin Laden and terrorists in Afghanistan, including troops on the ground? 

Name: K.C. Cooke
Hometown: Iberia, Mo.
Comments:  Why do you feel Mr. Clarke, if he  was so out of sync with the policies of the Bush administration, did not resign in protest?  What does that say, in your opinion, about his professional ethics?

Name: Michael Welch
Hometown: La Crosse, Wisc.
Comments:  Why were standard operating procedures were curtailed in the failures to attempt interception of the flights that struck the Twin Towers and the Pentagon.?

Name: Ian MacKenzie
Hometown: Newark, Del.
Comments:  Why did the various counterterrorism agencies within the government fail to share information?

Name: Syed O.
Hometown: Pennsylvania
Comments:  Now that U.S. troops are getting killed in an increased number in Iraq, what do you say about your push to invade that country, where no WMDs have been found yet?

Name: Roberta
Hometown: New York
Comments:  Why won't the Bush administration release all of the documents from the Clinton administration, since the Clinton administration has said to go ahead and release them?

Name: Rebecca Bolling
Hometown: Columbia, S.C.
Comments:  Why, given the intelligence capabilities of this country, weren't there some measures taken to limit or at least deny the immigration of these terrorist??

Name: Roxy Therrien
Hometown: Boise, Idaho
Comments:  Before the president was elected, had he ever read a book or books or done any type of research on the history of the Middle East?

Name: Harry
Hometown: Camp Springs, MD
Comments:  Why are you testifying now when previously you stated that you weren't allowed to due to constitutional reasons? What have you got to hide?

Name: Mark Artman
Hometown: Memphis, TN
Comments:  Did we KNOW they were planning an attack on the WTC or Pentagon PRIOR to Sept. 11, 2001?

Name: Robert Roberts
Hometown: Huntsville, TX
Comments:  How stupid do you think we are?

Name: Mike Leveillard
Hometown: Brooks, Georgia
Comments:  Why did your boss President George W. Bush decided to go visit the Florida schools just hours before the tragedy of 9-11? What did he know?

Name: Dave Goins
Hometown: Atlanta GA
Comments:  Why did you take so long to agree to testify before the commission?

Name: Sandi
Hometown: omaha, NE
Comments:  When will you do the honorable thing and submit your resignation to the President?

Name: Rich Dunkelberger
Hometown: Little River, SC
Comments:  How do you explain the fact that your statement in which you described preparing a more comprehensive plan to eliminate al Qaeda prior to the events of 9/11 just is not true?

Name: Lisa
Hometown: Tennessee
Comments:  Did you ever hear the President ask for support of the idea that Iraq and Sadamm Hussein had something to do with 9/11 from yourself or another staffer?

Name: Ron England
Hometown: Lorton, VA
Comments:  Condoleeza, if the documents the White House has withheld from the 9/11 Commission demonstrates that the White House is obstructing the investigation should you and the President be held accountable?

Name: Matthew A. Dolman
Hometown: Miami, Fl
Comments:  In what sense did the invasion and subsequent occupation of Iraq, improve our focus and resolve of eliminating Al-Queda? 

Name: Michael
Hometown: McDonough,GA.
Comments:  When did you have your first meeting with Mr.Bush on going to war with Iraq? Was Mr.Bush more focused on going to war with Iraq, then terrorism?(Under/Oath).

Name: Glenda Masterson
Hometown: Cape Girardeau, MO  63701
Comments:  Did President Bush lie to the American people about the attack on the Twin Towers ahead of time?

Name: Pete Forde
Hometown: Studio City, Ca
Comments:  Are you not the fall person for President Bush's idiotic agenda, if not is it at all possible than Osama Bin Laden did not do this, and possibly a huge and ruthless American conspiracy?

Name: Sandy
Hometown: Davenport, Iowa
Comments:  I would like to know why she refused to testify under oath?  I find that interesting because my first thoughts were what is she hiding.

Name: Mike Part
Hometown: Northridge, California
Comments:  Would any of your answers be different if you weren't working for George W. Bush?

Name: Thaddeus Radell
Hometown: NYC
Comments:  Do you really believe the world is a safer place since the Bush administration took office?

Name: Anna
Hometown: Lake Charles, LA
Comments:  What was the primary commitment of the White House pre 9/11?

Name: Laurie
Hometown: Columbia
Comments:  Why the sudden change of heart of this administration? President Bush said he "wants the truth to come out". So NOW he wants the truth? Why hasn't he and this administration wanted it before?

Name: Norman
Hometown: Upper Marlboro, MD
Comments:  What information did the Clinton administration provide about terrorism?

Name: Rob Levesque
Hometown: Biddeford, ME
Comments:  Was there an invasion plan for Iraq prior to 9/11 and did the administration consider Iraq a higher priority than Al-Quieda?

Name: Ken Rupkalvis
Hometown: San Antonio, TX
Comments:  If Pres. Clinton would have taken action against Bin Laden, would we have had 9/11?

Name: Dell Delong
Hometown: Amherst , VA
Comments:  How do you deal with a left biased media that does not have our country’s best interest in mind?

Name: Doug Towns
Hometown: West Bloomfield
Comments:  Do you feel any pressure from your superior or other persons of political influence to not fully disclose the truth about what you know regarding pre 9/11 terrorist activity?

Name: kim walker
Hometown: denver, colorado
Comments:  why were 160 saudis and relatives of osama allowed to fly out of the united states in september 11, 2001?

Name: KevinBurke
Hometown: Lynn,Mass.
Comments:  Miss Rice. Are you aware as too who made the decision to fly the Bin Laden family out of the country on 9-11,and do you think it would have been beneficial for the C.I A. or F.B.I to question some of them?

Name: Les
Hometown: St. Louis, MO
Comments:  If the $1 Billion per day spent on Iraq was instead focused on destroying Al Quaida, would Al Quaida be the growing, multi-tentacled monster it has now become?

Name: Mrs. Linder
Hometown: Gilbert, AZ
Comments:  Is loyalty to a man named Bush, more important than loyalty to the US and to our Constitution?

Name: Brad Grier
Hometown: Omaha, NE
Comments:  Why did the FBI issue a threat assessment in July of 2001 that recommended John Ashcroft not fly commercial airlines?

Name: David Manilow
Hometown: Chicago
Comments:  Where does "the buck stop" in the Bush administration?

Name: Jerry Spiegler
Hometown: Belle, WV
Comments:  What specific items, plans or, emphases differentiated the early September 2001 anti-terrorism plan from the earlier version submitted by Mr. Clarke in January 2001 and what prompted the changes?

Name: Brian Lodwick
Hometown: Columbus, Ohio
Comments:  Was military action against the Iraqi regime talked about and focused on heavily before the 9/11 attacks?

Name: DWilliams
Hometown: Minneapolis, MN
Comments:  How come member of the Bin Ladin family that were present in the US the day of the bombing were not held in the US for questioning? Wouldn't that be standard procedure in any investigation?

Name: Mark Warner
Hometown: Marietta, GA
Comments:  Why has the administration continued to stress Iraq when the mounting evidence suggests that the terrorist threat facing the U.S. still continues to come from Afganistan/Pakistan?

Name: Ed Skibbe
Hometown: Lakewood, CO
Comments:  Why did you never mention the name al Qaeda publicly prior to 9-11?

Name: Randall Wireman
Hometown: Indianapolis, IN
Comments:  Did you give any advise to the President concerning the oil pipeline proposal in Afganistan before 9-11?

Name: Scott
Hometown: Chicago
Comments:  Did President Bush express a desire to invade Iraq before Sept. 11, 2001?

Name: Christopher Sortor
Hometown: Temple Terrace, Fl
Comments:  Why did the White House stumble when asked for your testimony? Did you need more time to make up answers?

Name: Philip Marcavitch
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Comments:  Why is the Bush Administration so insistent on not letting the American people not know what they knew before 9/11? 

Name: Judith Raddue
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Comments:  Though Osama bin Laden was clearly the mastermind behind 9/11, why did you make Saddam Hussein the priority, allowing bin Laden to run free?

Name: Denise Rapp
Hometown: San Antonio
Comments:  Why does George W. Bush believe that Saddam Hussein played a role in the attacks of September 11, 2001?

Name: Tim Agnew
Hometown: San Jose, CA
Comments:  Did she not see the irony when she ended her 60 Minutes interview by telling us to "remember who the real enemy is" after pulling assets from the hunt for Al-Qaida in order to invade Iraq?

Name: Spencer Fisher
Hometown: Orlando
Comments:  Why will the Bush administration not take any responsibility in intelligence breakdowns either leading up to 9/11 or WMD with regard to Iraq.

Name: Dave Jopp
Hometown: Frazee
Comments:  Why is our administration, allowing you to become a "potential" scapegoat?

Name: Tim Huddleston
Hometown: Charlotte, NC
Comments:  Dr. Rice –How do you sleep at night, knowing that you are perpetuating the lies on which the Bush administration is based?

Name: John Cahill
Hometown: Scotts Valley
Comments:  Why is the Bush Administration proposing amnesty for millions of law breaking illegal aliens who have snuck into the country, and of which we have no knowledge? 

Name: N. Larsen
Hometown: Riverside, IL
Comments:  I would ask her: "Does your highest sense duty of loyalty lie - with President Bush and his Administration - or - with the American People?

Name: steve
Hometown: C.D.A.
Comments:  When did you know about 9-11 and when? And just how safe are we here at Home could it happen again?

Name: Josh Andrerson
Hometown: Sedalia
Comments:  Did President Bush know about the threats that lead to the attacks of 9/11?

Name: Sharon M. Joyner
Hometown: Tampa, FL
Comments:  Knowing what we all know now about Afganistan and Iraq, would you have advocated taking troops from Afganistan and sending them to Iraq?

Name: frank
Hometown: new york, N.Y.
Comments:  if bad intelligence was provided to the president based on iraq's WMD,is anybody been held accountable for it?

Name: Kevin Doyle
Hometown: Alexandria, VA
Comments:  Why do think the Clinton administration did such a poor job protecting the USA?

Name: Necia Black
Hometown: Amherst
Comments:  Nothing!  I think this issue should come off front page. It happened.  We cannot change that.  This is literally beating a dead horse to death!

Name: Mary Ferrier
Hometown: New York
Comments:  Would Condoleeza Rice agree to have all correspondence between herself and Richard Clarke from January '01 to September '01 be declassifed? if not, why? 

Name: Donald Moss
Hometown: Hickory, NC
Comments:  Since the Clinton administration had 7 years to address the terror issues, what could you have done differently in the 7 months leading up to 9/11

Name: Concerned American
Hometown: New York
Comments:  With no concrete information that Iraq was involved with 9/11 why were they targeted first?

Name: Penny Douthwaite
Hometown: Malibu
Comments:  Why did the Bush administration create in the American public the impression that 9-11 and Iraq were linked?

Name: Matthew D. Moran
Hometown: New York, New York
Comments:  Why in the hell weren't fighter jets scrambled during the first 60 minutes after the hijackings? 

Name: Mary
Hometown: Huntington beach, Ca.
Comments:  Who ordered the plane that took the 146 Saudia's out of the country, when at that time all airspace was locked down except for military?  Who were the passengers? 

Name: Mark Vogt
Hometown: Exeter, NH
Comments:  Was Bush aware of the 9/11 attacks in any manner on the night of 9/10?

Name: Ted
Hometown: Columbus, OH
Comments:  Why was the anti-terrorism chief demoted to report to your deputy - a clear sign of ignorance of the importance of the anti-terrorism cause?

Name: richard
Hometown: carrollton
Comments:  why did you testify when you already did?

Name: Sarah
Hometown: Texarkana Texas
Comments:  I believe that nothing could have provented 9-11.  Why is it that you all are trying to find a person to blame? 

Name: Andrew Mendelson
Hometown: New York City
Comments:  How do you sleep at night knowing that hundreds of Americans are now dead because of you and your administration's self-serving agenda?

Name: Robert McIntosh
Hometown: Santa Rosa
Comments:  On 9/12/2001, the President asked Dick Clarke about possible connections to Iraq.  At that time did he also ask about possible connections to Iran, Pakistan, Libya, Saudi Arabia?

Name: Brian Hooper
Hometown: los angeles, ca
Comments:  Do you think this intense focus on 9-11 is for political purposes and could distract the government from stopping a new terrorist attack?

Name: Jeanine
Hometown: Akron
Comments:  why are you trying to cover up "the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth."

Name: David Griffin
Hometown: Sauk City
Comments:  Why do you think the media made such a big deal over Clarke's book?  His book sales are no where near those of Bill OReiley and Sean Hannity.  Is this a liberal bias?

Name: abby
Hometown: la, ca
Comments:  Is it true that after 9/11 when all aviation activities/flights were grounded, a permission was granted to a Saudi Jet to fly in US airspace and pick-up the Bin Laden family members?

Name: Richard
Hometown: Staten Island
Comments:  Why was Dick Clarke the first person to offer an apology, not just sympathy, that our government failed to prevent 9/11?

Name: Maureen McMurdo-Chapman
Hometown: New Britain, PA
Comments:  Why did President Bush lie to the American public about WMD?  Why were resources diverted to Iraq when the job of eliminating Al Quaeda and The Taliban in Afghanistan was unfinished?

Name: Marcia Sayre
Hometown: Longwood
Comments:  How much did the "Anything But Clinton" philosophy of the Bush administration have to do with the need to start all over on a terrorist strategy?

Name: Spencer Howerton
Hometown: Minneapolis, MN
Comments:  How can you demonstrate, from evidence found, Iraq was a threat from WMD?

Name: M. Weaver
Hometown: Pearland, Texas
Comments:  Based on the intelligence information you had before 9/11 and knowing what transpired on 9/11, what should/could have been done differently to prevent such a tragedy?

Name: Barbara S. Magee
Hometown: St. Louis, MO
Comments:  Confess to your mistakes.  You missed the 17 words in Bush's State of the Union message.  Why do you try to slide the blame to others? 

Name: Gerald Harris
Hometown: Mayfield Ky 42066
Comments:  Why would we allow the Saudi's to fly around the country after 9-11 picking up the Bin Laudin Family and fly them out of the country when no one else in the country could fly?

Name: Danny A. Forrester
Hometown: Santa Fe, Tex.
Comments:  How much of the 9/11 fiasco was inherited from the Clinton administration?

Name: Nils A. Shapiro
Hometown: Los Angeles
Comments:  Name one important statement in Mr. Clarke's book that you claim is inaccurate, then prove it.

Name: Jim Steele
Hometown: Kansas City
Comments:  When were you first made aware of the Administration's tentative plans to invade Iraq?

Name: Shirley Highfill
Hometown: Columbia, Md.
Comments:  Do you think the American people would have accepted the security measures put into place after 9/11 before 9/11 based on terrorist threats?

Name: Marybeth Poole
Hometown: Los Angeles
Comments:  Why are we at war in Iraq?  Why is the administration so fixated on Iraq? Why was there an insinuated connection between Iraq and Osama bin Laden?  Why have 610 US troops and thousands of Iraqis died?

Name: Jason Gardner
Hometown: Oakland, Calif.
Comments:  You are considered an expert in European and Russian relations. When you took office in 2001 what did you specifically do to educate yourself on Middle East relations?

Name: Stuart Cohen
Hometown: New York
Comments:  Why didn't you hold meetings with the heads of the CIA and FBI and Justice Department on a daily basis to shake out information during the summer of 2001?

Name: Mark Fuire
Hometown: Buena Park, Calif.
Comments:  How do you explain both Richard Clarke and former Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neil, both high ranking officials, saying that President Bush had a preoccupation of invading Iraq from the beginning of his term?

Name: Rock Owens
Hometown: Houston, Tex.
Comments:  Prior to September 11, 2001 did you have any knowledge or information as to why Attorney General John Ashcroft discontinued using commercial aircraft?

Name: Kevin            
Hometown: Dallas
Comments:  Do you personally know a family who has at lost a son or daughter in Iraq?

Name: Emil Baranko
Hometown: Dickinson, N.D.
Comments:  Do you have any family members serving in the military, Iraq or anywhere else?

Name: Chris Zimmerer
Hometown: Louisville, Ken.
Comments:  Why do you think the news media is so anti-Republican and so pro-Democratic?

Name: Nora Curran
Hometown: Columbus, Ohio
Comments:  Why can’t the families of the victims get an honest answer?  Why does politics always have to play a part? 

Name: Lee Lynch
Hometown: Charlotte
Comments:  Did she know before September 11th who al-Qaida was? if she did, how is it that I cannot find in any of her accounts to the public a mention to al-Qaida?

Name: Chris Gorske
Hometown: Waterford, Mich/
|Comments:  Why did you keep Richard Clarke around when he didn't do anything to stop terrorists during Clinton's eight years?

Name: Brent
Hometown: Hunt Valley
Comments:  What questions would you have asked Richard Clarke during the "60 Minutes infomercial" on CBS last month or when he was on "Softball" with Chris Matthews?

Name: Candice Cassato
Hometown: Long Beach, Calif.
Comments:  Why did you ignore the information about the terrorists that the Clinton people gave you?

Name: Otis Granville
Hometown: Houston, Tex.
Comments:  What public speeches can she point to that indicate terrorism (al-Qaida) was high on their priority list?

Name: Tony Smith
Hometown: Byron, Ga.
Comments:  When the last administration left office, were you informed regarding the pilot training by Middle Eastern men? If so, what was President Bush's reaction?

Name: Tim Gresham
Hometown: Powhatan, Va.
Comments:  Do you, like many Americans, think it outrageous for many partisans and members of the media to suggest that President Bush knew about the September attacks and did nothing to prevent them?

Name: John Wentling
Hometown: Cicero, N.Y.
Comments:  Did the president of the United States say to you prior to 9/11 that terrorism was his number one priority or Iraq was his number one priority?

Name: Reza Vahedi
Hometown: Wellesley, Mass.
Comments:  Can you, Condoleeza Rice, for even once, bring yourself to say that you made a mistake? Or will the denial game continue with this administration, which, apparently, is never wrong?

Name: Denise
Hometown: Malone
Comments:  Will your answers be vague so that you will not fear losing your job?

Name: Richard Dorn
Hometown: Tomball , Tex.
Comments:  Why weren't you better prepared regarding the threat potential from al Qaida??

Name: John Okonye
Hometown: Sugar Land
Comments:  What made you change your mind to testify publicly under oath?

Name: Phil Plank
Hometown: South Pasadena, Calif.
Comments:  If President Bush was being briefed daily by Tenet in the Summer of 2001, why wasn't Tenent fired after 9/11?

Name: Douglas Burgess
Hometown: Wallington, N.J.
Comments:  Why did it take until Sept. 7 or 8 to provide Mr. Clark with a Cabinet level meeting he had requested months earlier?

Name: Tom Hefferan
Hometown: Williamsburg, Va.
Comments:  Did you find Mr. Clarke to be "my way or the highway" as many have stated?

Name: Donald Buckley
Hometown: San Antonio, Tex.
Comments:  Is Mr. Clarke simply an obstructionist Clinton holdover attempting to throw a monkey wrench wherever he can?

Name: G  Aguilar
Hometown: Red Bank, N.J.
Comments:  With all the chatter going on indicating a terror threat prior to 9/11, why did President Bush take a month-long vacation that ended just before that terrible day?

Name: Matt Smith
Hometown: Atlanta, Ga
Comments:  What specific actions did you take before 9/11 to prevent terrorism?

Name: Jim Edwards
Hometown: Kansas City, MO
Comments:  Why did the President downgrade the position of Anti-Terror Czar from the cabinet level in the Clinton administration?

Name: Ron Pack
Hometown: Rustburg, VA
Comments:  What specific information did the Clinton Administration give to you about the dangers of Al Quieda ?

Name: Kate Hewitt
Hometown: Lakeside,California
Comments:  With all the evidence pointing to Osama Bin Laden, WHY did we not pursue HIM in Afganistan instead of going after Saddam Hussein in Iraq? And why are we still not hearing anything about Osama?

Name: Pat Lamken
Hometown: San Francisco
Comments:  Why was the White House immediately certain on 9-11 that Al Qaeda was responsible, rather than Russians, Chinese, or domestic terrorists?

Name: Barry Lawton
Hometown: Baltimore
Comments:  On a scale of 1 to 5 (1 being the highest), what priority was missile defense vs possible war with Iraq vs al-qaida.

Name: tony bruyn
Hometown: hamilton Canada
Comments:  Did you hear from an FBI translator that there was talk of using jet planes as missiles to attack U.S. property in the summer of 2001?

Name: Steven
Hometown: CT
Comments:  Why do you bother taking this oath in front of the commission and the American public when ultimately you will deliberately lie to cover the blatant incompetence of the current immoral Bush administration?

Name: Brian Keeler
Hometown: Hopewell Junction, NY
Comments:  What  SPECIFIC information was collected that propelled the United States to respond to the 9/11 attack by invading Iraq? 

Name: Jerry Hooper
Comments:  Will you swear to God you will tell the truth?

Name: Linda Pillars
Hometown: Grand Prairie
Comments:  Why did we send 100,000 troops to Iraq and only 5000 to Afganistan if we were really after Osama?????

Name: Hector Rodriguez
Hometown: Manhattan ny
Comments:  Dr. Rice,don't you think that Mr. Clark's allegations are nothing but political miscalculations?

Name: Ramin Rohani
Hometown: kansas city
Comments:  Did you warn mayor of SanFrancisco not to fly on 9/11?

Name: chris mars
Hometown: los angeles
Comments:  What are you covering up and why?

Name: G Ritchie
Hometown: Phila, PA
Comments:  How do you think launching a unilateral preemptive strike on Iraq has hurt the U.S. globally? Why didn't we wait if all the known facts pointed to no ties between Al Queda and Iraq? 

Name: Rudy
Hometown: Los Angeles
Comments:  Is it true that you warned your family and friends about flying on commercial airlines in the days prior to 9/11?

Name: William Touchstone
Hometown: Hot Springs Village AR 71909
Comments:  Why were relatives of Usama Ben Laden permitted to fly home to Saudi Arabia the day after the 9/11 attack?

Name: Jeffrey Friedman
Hometown: NYC
Comments:  Kowing what you know now, what would you have done differently between January and September 2001.

Name: F. Cordova
Hometown: Denver, Colo.
Comments:  Would you have testified if the media wouldn't have publicized your refusal?

Name: Francisco Barron
Hometown: Alta Loma, Calif.
Comments:  What did the Bush administration know about the 9/11 attacks prior to 9/11 ?

Name: Dan Molina
Hometown: Miami, Fla.
Comments:  If 9/11 didn't happen, would we have gone to war and invaded Iraq anyway? Have you recommended to the president the firing of any individuals that were negligent in the intelligent services?

Name: Jerry Silva
Hometown: San Diego, Calif.
Comments:  Why after 2 1/2 years since 9/11 are our borders along Canada and Mexico still open?  How does this prevent future attacks in the U.S.?  Please wake up and secure them.

Name: Arnie Miller
Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio
Comments:  In the run-up to 9/11 did you make ANY mistakes?

Name: Matt Smith
Hometown: Atlanta, Ga.
Comments:  What have you done/will you do to stop terrorism on the Home front.

Name: John Lewis
Hometown: Dallas, Tex.
Comments:  When will you resign and leave?

Name: Fred Furney
Hometown: Baltimore
Comments:  Why has the Bush administration has been so secretive about 9/11 when the American people deserve answers?

Name: J. Alves
Hometown: Elizabeth, N.J.
Comments:  What did the Clinton people told you about al Qaida, and what did you do about it?

Name: Martin
Hometown: Seattle
Comments:  Why should we believe anything she says?

Name: Jerome Baker
Hometown: Arlington, Va.
Comments:  I would ask her to explain all the differences and contradictions with her own statements and others in the administration that were outlined in the Washington Post last week.

Name: Thomas King
Hometown: Washington, D.C.
Comments:  How soon after September 11th did President Bush discuss the potential "linkage" of the events of September 11th to Iraq with you? 

Name: Frank Way
Hometown: Grass Valley, Calif.
Comments:  Why have you and the current administration chosen to trash Richard Clarke, rather than to address the issues he raised?

Name: Mike Borish
Hometown: USA
Comments:  What ever happened to all of the options trading investigations of the airline stocks?  I thought that was a big investigation with promising leads?