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Is the media elite covering up for John Kerry?

Is the media elite covering up for John Kerry?

Last Wednesday, in an interview on National Public Radio, John Kerry called the Iraqi terrorists, al-Sadr and his American-hating newspaper a “legitimate voice in Iraq.” Now, in case you missed the news of the past few days, this “legitimate voice” is an Iraqi terrorist and the militant Islamist responsible for slaughtering U.S. Marines and innocent Iraqis this week. And the so-called newspaper that John Kerry wanted to keep open has been preaching hate toward Americans and claiming that terror acts launched by Muslim fanatics were actually carried out by American soldiers who are intent on killing Iraqi women and children.

They are all lies that led to the death of young American servicemen. But more disturbing was the fact John Kerry actually told NPR this morning that he opposed the arrest of al-Sadr unless it was followed with certain conditions. Senator Kerry should try telling parents and wives of dead American Marines that the murder of their sons and daughters and husbands by al-Sadr is not enough by itself to put a target on this terrorist’s back.

You know, with every passing day, John Kerry may be proving that he just doesn’t get it. America is at war and it needs a leader who can think clearly in times of crises. John Kerry proved again today, as he has ever day since the first Americans were torched and lynched last week in Fallujah, that he is not the man to think clearly in a time of crisis.

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