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Your reactions to Rice's testimony

Viewers and readers offer strong opinions on National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice's  televised testimony.
National security adviser Condoleezza Rice speaks before the 9/11 commission.
National security adviser Condoleezza Rice speaks before the 9/11 commission.NBC News

E-mail reacting to White House National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice's testimony before the 9/11 commission quickly arrived in our mailboxes at MSNBC. Below is a sampling of some of viewer and reader reactions:

"Condoleezza Rice, a very well-spoken partisan for the president, filibustered just about every question so as to use up the commission’s time. It seemed to me that she was saying the same things over and over. I had no sense that she could, or wanted to, give a “yes” or “no” answer, even when pressed to do so." — Diane D.

"She most definitely made her case.  However, it is not her responsibility to apologize for the previous administrations gross negligence (Mr. Clarke included) in recognizing seriousness of the terrorist threat!" — Lon Brown, Rock Hill, S.C.

"I think she told everything she knew. Intel is only as good as the people providing it ... and what did those senators and representatives contribute before 9-11 to help fight this battle? Most of them, nothing! Bob Kerrey couldn’t even remember her name." — Steve, Bristol, Pa.

"For me, Dr. Rice has opened even more questions than those answered.  I suspect the truth will be known, but not in our lifetime." — Gary Roller, St. Louis

“I was unaware she had a case to make. A better question would have been, ‘Did the Democrats make their case?’” — Bob A.

“Do other countries blame their government when there’s a terrorist attack?  Only in America do we think we’re above others that we think we can predict and prevent every thing that’s going to happen.  If our government and authorities could predict everything then we wouldn’t have any crime in our society at all.  Condoleezza Rice gave intelligent answers to 9/11, a terror attack no one could have predicted.” — Debbi Wise, Castle Rock, Colo.

“She spent more time selling the Patriot Act than answering questions. Had she allowed a full eight hours of testimony/questions ... we could have found out something closer to the truth. It appears providing cover for her administration was the ultimate consideration from her and the Republicans on the commission.” — Preston Dew, Savannah

“Where is this ‘nonpartisan’ commission?  Apparently, at least a few (Ben-Veniste, Kerrey, etc.) of the commission members are 'partisan.'  Is it a part of their duty to be rude?” — D. Dailey

“Wow, I can’t believe how slanted your votes are. Great job, Condoleezza!  I hope the commission gets back to finding ways of preventing another 9/11 now and quits trying to place blame.  It wasn’t Clinton’s fault or Bush’s fault.  It was the TERRORIST who attacked us because we had no way to connect the dots of their plot.  Thank God for the Patriot Act. Hopefully now the CIA and FBI and other homeland security agencies will start sharing information that will prevent future attacks.” — Tony Powers, North Augusta, S.C.

“I feel the wives that are pushing this investigation need to go home and take care of their family. I do not feel anything different could have been done. Those people that took our planes were here long before all this happened on 9/11. I feel these people are on a witch hunt just to blame someone for this.” — Sheryl, Michigan

“I think that Dr. Rice did an excellent job of answering the questions. There is no way to answer 'yes or no' without giving your position for stating yes or no. They should have allowed more time for each commissioner for her to answer fully. Our administration is not the only people to consider. Getting anything enacted or changed does, indeed, take time.” — Louise Bishop, Clayton, N.C.

“People need to remind themselves that this national tragedy could just have easily occurred on 9/11/98 when al-Qaida 'chatter' existed as it did the days before the collapse of the WTC.  This is a long-term, government failure in the making and the Bush Administration just so happened to become the scapegoat.” — Brian, Chicago

“Rice was evasive and her attitude was blase about the extreme serious nature of the repeated warnings she and Bush were given from both foreign and domestic intelligence sources. I say it is imperative that the August 5 PDB be declassified. We all know now Bush received specific warning about an impending hijacking threat of a BIG attack inside the United States, and instead warned only [Attorney General John] Ashcroft (who stopped flying commercial, and not the public). They did absolutely NOTHING, ZIP, ZILCH! A mere mention of such a threat to the public more than likely would have caused at least some of the passengers to change their flight plans, and the people inside both towers to react to the unfolding events as the planes crashed into the first tower.” — Christopher Fly, N.Y.

“Dr. Rice said that the PDB of Aug. 5 was ‘historical in nature, not a warning.’ That’s ridiculous, ESPECIALLY from an intelligence perspective.  Even if the brief did not include alarms and red lights, it is a historical account of intent that probably included some trend and/or pattern analysis. By admitting that she did not see this as a warning, it is an admission that she and the administration missed the terrorism threat entirely.” — Jamie Medby, Santa Monica, Calif.

“I do think Dr. Rice made her case.  It amazes me how political the committee has become, and how little they have asked of the previous administration to account for why they didn’t ‘connect the dots.’  They had eight years, and several attacks which occurred on their watch.  After the attack on the USS Cole they did nothing. Dr. Rice clarified a number of points and I feel it was good for the public to hear her.” — Patricia Wrobel, Wilton, Conn.

“Dr. Rice and President Bush missed the alarm clock that went off in the summer of ‘01, and didn’t wake up to Dick Clarke’s threat warnings until September 11.   Her comments were weak excuses for being asleep at the wheel.  When they woke up to the threat, the immediate reaction was to steer us into a war with Iraq, which has only created more terrorists.” — Dan, Portland, Ore.

“Condi is being used by this administration and isn’t even aware of it.  She should reflect on Billie Holidays tune “Southern Trees” and rethink: Should she really be sticking her neck out?” — Abisai, Miami

“Knowing the time limits, she was able to protract out her answers, thereby reducing the number of questions ... she would be asked. All those dancing lessons paid off.” — D. Pence, Greenville

“Rice is very bright and articulate and an obvious ‘spinner.’  That generally works well in Washington, but in this case she was clearly avoiding answering questions directly.  9/11 was not her fault, nor was it Bush’s, but it is evident that the administration did not pay careful attention to the threat signals.” — Bill Strickland, Raleigh, N.C.

“She is covering for a president who is holed up in Texas. She did not tell us the truth and she did not do her job. She wanted to please the president and focused on Iraq. That policy has failed. She and the administration have failed our country and all those who died on 9/11.” — Rose Sasso-Crandall, Hammonton

“It is disturbing to listen to the questions fired at Dr. Rice from Ben-Veniste. He demonstrated the Democratic effort to politicize these hearings. His attempts to trap or target Dr. Rice during the questioning only demonstrated his desire to blame the Bush administration for 9/11.” —Cathy Buscher, Ashland, Ohio