Anonymous Pushes Pot Legalization with 'Operation Cannabis'

/ Source: SecurityNewsDaily

The Anonymous hacktivists are ringing in April 20, a sort of "high" holiday among pot smokers, by launching a two-part campaign to push for the legalization of marijuana.

"Operation Cannabis" (or OpCannabis as it appears on Twitter and in Anonymous dispatches) will launch Friday, which, not coincidentally is 4/20, a date which has become an unnofficial international  pot-smoking holiday. While weed smoke pours from pro-pot demonstrations in cities across the globe, Anonymous and its supporters will be behind computers, trying to raise awareness of the benefits of the herb.

In an OpCannabis YouTube video purported to be from Anonymous, the narrator explains the motives behind the campaign.

"For far too long, cannabis has been oppressed by big corporations, Big Pharma and governments when it could be benefitting all of mankind in many different levels," the automated voice, a staple of Anonymous' videos, says, "We have heard and we have watched your governments lie and deceive you on all of the dangers of cannabis."

Anonymous elaborates in an  OpCannabis press release, citing the versatility of cannabis and most notably its medicinal properties. "Why aren't we legalizing marijuana?" Anonymous asks. "Currently, a large part of marijuana sales is in the hands of criminal organizations all around the world, and due to strict drug laws these criminals profit even more."

"So we demand a full legalization of cannabis; good for the population, the fight against crime and the country itself."

To demonstrate their sticky icky solidarity, Anonymous is asking supporters to make their social networking profiles green. Not quite a threat to "The Man," but it's a start.

In phase two of the cheeba campaign, Anonymous is also targeting corporations with anti-marijuana agendas,  SF Weekly reports. One such site, Ceramic Tile & Stone of Arizona, was defaced with an OpCannabis message today (April 18). The defacement has since been taken down. The company could not be reached for comment.