AT&T Boosts Data Limits for Prepaid Smartphones

/ Source: TechNewsDaily

AT&T today (April 18) announced new data packages for its GoPhone customers, the company's line of prepaid phones. AT&T has tripled its prepaid data without raising the price — a novelty in today's world of ever-rising prices. The plans will be available beginning April 22.   But don't get too excited. The maximum amount of data on an AT&T GoPhone has been raised to 1GB, about enough to handle email, Facebook, surfing the Web and sending a couple of photos each month. Still, that's more than triple the stingy amount of data previously available to GoPhone customers — 300MB — and at the same price of $25 per month.   AT&T  added smaller data plans as well, including 200MB for $15 and 50MB for $5 — just enough to handle your email. The data packages are available as add-ons to the $50 unlimited talk and text plan as well as the $25 unlimited text with 250 minutes talk.   Wondering how AT&T prepaid plans compare with its competitors' plans? Take a look at our  "Smartphone Data Plans: Ultimate Guide."   Smartphones are a pretty new addition to AT&T's no-contract options. Just a year ago, the company launched its first prepaid  Android  smartphone, the LG Thrive. Currently, AT&T offers around 10 smartphones, including Samsung's Captivate and Double Time models with the Android operating system.