T.G.I. Friday's App Makes it Easy to Split the Bill

/ Source: TechNewsDaily

Just in time for dinner with friends tonight –– a Friday night –– T.G.I. Friday's today (April 27) released new iPhone and Android mobile phone apps that promise to make splitting the bill as easy as tapping a screen.

When you launch the app at a T.G.I. Friday's, the "My Friday's Tab" function monitors what you and your friends get. You still place your order with a human, but the app connects wirelessly with the register to keep track.

After dessert, the "Split Tab" option allows you to pay only a portion of the bill.

Payment is made through the app, too, because you link it to your credit card account. By default, the app adds an 18 percent tip, but you can ratchet that up or down based on your experience with the human part of the process.

A location finder within the app can pinpoint participating Friday's restaurants. Currently there are more than 300 of these.

Other functions show the restaurant chain's food and drink menus and a listing of special drinks and menu promotions.