Americans Like Android Phones More Than the iPhone

/ Source: TechNewsDaily

While the word “iPhone” has nearly become the “Kleenex” or “Hoover” of the smartphone world, most people are opting for the leading competitor. That’s the conclusion of a new survey by research firm comScore.

From an online survey of 30,000 mobile subscribers aged 13 and older, the company found that smartphone ownership shot up 9 percent just between last December and March, now putting the devices in the hands of 106 million Americans.

Half of them (51 percent) are carrying Android phones, while 31 percent have iPhones. Both types have grown at the expense of BlackBerry- and Microsoft-based phones, according to the survey, and neither of the leaders is really gaining on the other.

ComScore also reported on what Americans are doing with their phones. The old art of texting still dominates, with 74 percent of people tapping away (unchanged in the past three months). Not surprising, as smartphone ownership has grown, so have activities such as Web browsing, social networking and game playing.