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Krispy Kremes stuff bellies, luggage bins

Hawaiians love Krispy Kreme doughnuts so much that they often buy them by the boxful at a new store in Maui, then board inter-island flights back home, overstuffing airplane luggage compartments with the sweet treats.
/ Source: Reuters

Apparently doughnuts can clog more than just your arteries.

Hawaii residents love Krispy Kreme doughnuts so much that they often stock up at a new store in Maui before boarding inter-island flights back home, overloading airline luggage bins along the way.

“The locals bring so many boxes of doughnuts on board that we can’t always fit them on our flights. Some people will put five or six boxes in an overhead bin,” says Mark Dunkerley, president of Hawaiian Airlines.

Hawaii’s first Krispy Kreme store opened on Jan. 27 in Maui, less than a mile from Kahului Airport.

Doughnut shops are sprinkled liberally across the Hawaiian islands. But the novelty of a major chain, combined with the widespread custom of “omiage,” a Japanese word that refers to the custom of bringing gifts home to family and friends, has given rise to the commuter doughnut.

On the day the Maui store opened, a Kauai police officer bought doughnuts for his entire department, then hopped on a plane for the short flight home, Krispy Kreme spokeswoman Tina McNealey said.