British Cops Arrest Third 'Team Poison' Hacker

/ Source: SecurityNewsDaily

British police have nabbed a third suspected member of "Team Poison," a hacktivist group that gained notoriety, and the swift attention of the authorities, for taunting the U.K., Secret Intelligence Service last month.

The 17-year-old, who used the online name "MLT," was arrested Wednesday night (May 9) in Newcastle in connection with alleged violations of the Computer Misuse Act, The Register reported. Computer equipment was seized during the arrest of the unnamed suspect, and is being processed by forensic specialists.

On his Twitter feed, MLT identifies himself as a member of Team Poison, and his bio reads "Blend in. Get trusted. Trust no one. Own everyone. Disclose nothing, Destroy everything. Take back the scene." MLT's Twitter account has been silent since 6:27 p.m. on May 9.

MLT's arrest is the second direct action taken against Team Poison  in a month; on April 13, two British teens were arrested for flooding the Secret Intelligence Service's anti-terrorism hotline with 24 hours of automated phone calls and then calling the government agency to taunt officers.

Following this arrest, Team Poison members vowed to retaliate. On May 4, they leaked usernames and passwords belonging to employees of the United Nations World Health Organization, the Australian government and Panasonic.