Shoppers Bring Smartphones to Electronics Stores

/ Source: TechNewsDaily

The little tags on products or advice from store personnel aren’t enough for many people when shopping for tech. Instead they turn to their handhelds.

According to a new Nielsen survey, 73 percent of smartphone owners look up product reviews while they are in the store. And even if they like what they see, they may not buy it there. About as many people (71 percent) use price-comparison apps to see what other stores are charging for the same goods. More than half, (57 percent) also scan QR codes on products to look up additional info. Department stores are the next most-common place to look up product information.

Coupons aren’t so popular at tech shops. Just 29 percent of smartphone owners look for or redeem mobile coupons at electronic stores. Grocery and department stores lead in mobile coupons, with 41 percent of smartphone owners using them in both types of stores.