Apple QuickTime update fixes 17 security glitches

/ Source: SecurityNewsDaily

Apple has released an update to its popular QuickTime software that fixes several security vulnerabilities in the media player and its plug-ins, and keeps Windows-based PCs safe from targeted attacks.

Released Tuesday, QuickTime 7.7.2 tackles 17 glitches that could allow someone to run arbitrary code or shut down infected systems by using "a maliciously crafted movie file," or rigged MPEG audio file, Apple explained.

The security update only pertains to Windows-based machines, Apple said; Mac users who've installed the latest version of OS X Lion (10.7.4) are immune to these threats. But Windows customers — who, according to Cnet, make up about half of all QuickTime users — are vulnerable.

If you are running QuickTime on your PC, update it now by clicking Apple's Software Update tab under "System Preferences," or by downloading it directly from Apple's QuickTime website.