Facebook Launches 'Camera' Photo-Only iPhone App

/ Source: TechNewsDaily

Facebook today (May 24) launched a new mobile app for iPhone designed just for posting and viewing photos. Sound familiar? It should. This is Instagram without as many fancy filters and the artsy edge.   Facebook users can select as many photos as they'd like from their camera rolls and upload them all at once to Facebook. Bam, you're done ― though the app also will let people add captions,  tag friends  and add locations before sharing if that's what they want to do.   But the interesting feature of this app is that it takes just the photo portion of the Facebook experience and packages it into one tidy, standalone app. You can view all  photos from your stream  or just photos that you are tagged in.   So what about Facebook's purchase of  Instagram  last month? Facebook's $1 billion deal could be delayed for as long as a year by a Federal Trade Commission probe, reported the Financial Times. Until it gets the FTC's stamp of approval, Facebook can't integrate any aspects of Instagram’s technology. In the meantime, the Camera app could satisfy Facebook's 500 million mobile users — nothing fancy, just photos.   Facebook said its Camera app would become available later today in the App Store.