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Guests: Jared Bernstein, Zachary Carter; Ken Padowitz; Karen Bass, Tom Barrett, Elisabeth MacNamara, Lee Rowland

Nation." I`m Al Sharpton.

Tonight`s lead, good news, folks, another stellar jobs report. This
is an economy on the mend. And both parties agree on why things are
turning around. Folks, it`s that American jobs act. President Obama
introduced the plan to Congress last September. It put millions of
Americans back to work. Republicans put their partisan bickering aside and
they passed the entire package.

They put teachers back to work. They put construction workers on the
job. They put paychecks in the pockets of first responders.

The GOP put politics aside. They did the right thing. They came
together with this president for the good of the country.

Yes, I`m not fooling anyone. That didn`t actually happen. And now
we`re suffering because of it. Today`s dismal job report was another
reminder of how GOP obstruction is hurting this economy. And today,
President Obama reminded Republicans of that.


the rules, you work hard, you meet your responsibilities. And you deserve
leaders who do the same. I send Congress a jobs bill last September full
of the kinds of bipartisan ideas that would have put our fellow Americans
back to work and help reinforce our economy against some of these outside

Congress has not acted on enough of the other ideas that would help
make a difference and create jobs right now. And there is no excuse for
it, not when there are so many people out there are still looking for work.


SHARPTON: That plan was a remedy this country need. Mark Sandy (ph),
a former McCain economist said it would have boosted economic growth by two
percent. Added 2 million jobs. And reduced unemployment by a whole
percentage point.

Yet despite that, literally every Republican in the Senate voted
against it. House Republicans department even have the nerve to take it up
for a vote. And yet today, they had the nerve, the appalling nerve to
attack the president for not doing enough to fiction this economy.


out of the bad betting game and get into the rugby game that is right in
front of him. It is hard to sit down fire common ground when the president
is always out campaigning every day.

pathetic. And I think on the right leadership we can do better.


SHARPTON: Yes, we can do better. If Republicans had agreed to the
president`s job report. But it`s more than this job`s report. It is the
attitude of Republicans in Washington.

When unemployment was ticking down, Republicans were wow, to take
credit. Now, that we`re struggling, suddenly the GOP has nothing to do
with this.

Quit playing politics, this is bigger than trying to sink this


OBAMA: It is not lost on anybody that it`s an election year. I
understand that and I noticed. But we have responsibilities bigger than an


OBAMA: We have got responsibilities to you. So my message to
Congress is, now is not the time to play politics. Now is not the time to
sit on your hands. The American people expect their leaders to work hard
no matter what year it is. The economy still isn`t where it needs to be.
There are steps that could make a difference right thousand.


SHARPTON: Joining me now is Congresswoman Karen Bass, Democrat from
California and Jared Bernstein, MSNBC contributor and a former chief
economist for vice president Joe Biden.

Thank you both for being here.


REP. KAREN BASS (D), CALIFORNIA: Thanks for having us on.

SHARPTON: Congresswoman, let me start with you. Do you have any
sense at all that your Republican colleagues in the house are willing to
come to the table to get this economy up and running again?

BASS: I wish I had good news for you, that sounded so good at the
beginning of your show when you talked about it. I just have to tell you
that I don`t believe so.

You know, when they started off last year saying that their number one
goal is to make sure that the president failed and here we are just a few
months away from the election, I would love to say I would love a turn of
heart but I don`t see any evidence of that.

The other thing that is so important to listeners to know, is that
until we take back the House of Representatives, the Republicans do control
the agenda. So, Democrats would very much like to put forward the entire
package of the president`s jobs act, but the Democrats cannot do that as
long as the tea party has hold of the Republicans and they are in control
of the House of Representatives.

SHARPTON: Jared, the jobs bill and plans, it would have help. But
the Republicans would not go that way. What does this job report say to
you Jared?

BERNSTEIN: It says what we should have done a year ago was to take
out insurance, policy insurance if you will, against exactly this type of
situation. While the economy has been in recovery technically since the
second half of 2009, we never achieved the kind of what I think of it as
escaped philosophy growth rates where private sector jobs yield more
incomes, people buy more. That increases confidence, that kind of feeds
back into more job and income growth. That kind of virtual cycle has never
occurred and the president recognized that back last September and said
even though the economy is growing, we need insurance against the things
that happen in a global economy, Europe, China slows down. That is
precisely what is going on now, and because of the policy gridlock that the
congresswoman just explained, we don`t have that insurance.

SHARPTON: Now, Congresswoman, the American people has supported the
proposals that President Obama proposed.

BASS: Yes.

SHARPTON: When you look at the Americans on the President Obama`s job
proposals, they have been poll 75 percent support using funds to hire
teachers, police officers, and firefighters, 72 percent support raising
taxes on millionaires, 72 percent are also support investing in
infrastructure. Even former Republican senator Allen Simpson slammed
Republicans this week for their unwillingness to compromise. Listen to


to be a pure U.S., go somewhere on a mountain top and praise the east or
something. But, if you want to be in politics, you learn to compromise and
you learn to compromise and the issue without compromising yourself. Show
me a guy who won`t compromise and I`ll show you a guy with rock for brains.


SHARPTON: Congresswoman?

BASS: Well, let me just say a couple phase. Just using the state of
California as an example that has a terrible deficit. They are thinking it
is above $10 billion. And the legislature there, the Republicans have made
the same pledge. And so, they will not vote to raise revenue.

If we pass the American jobs act and specifically the part of it that
would have provided the resources to hire teachers and first responders
like firefighters, that would really help a state that is still in crisis,
and so many of our states are in crisis.

I think that`s absolutely right. There is no reason for this
particular situation right now and it`s a shame that my Republican
colleagues are absolutely unwilling to compromise.

SHARPTON: Now Jared, the labor department survey showed that if
government, government weren`t laying off so many people, the unemployment
rate would have been a whole one percent higher. The unemployment would
have been one percent lower, jobs would have been higher. It would have
been one percent lower last month.

BERNSTEIN: Right, I wrote about that last night. I mean, in the
American jobs act which we have been discussing, back then, we looked at
the number of jobs for teachers, firefighters, for police men and women.
It looked like that act would have added something around 300,000 jobs to
those communities. And those -- people like to disparage public sector
workers, those are the jobs that communities depend on. I mean, anyone who
has a kid in public school, I have two, knows how important it is to have
teachers in front of that classroom so you don`t have to keep kicking up
the class size to deal with the layoffs.

So, obviously, that would have made a ton of sense.

I just want to the say a word about the idea of compromise. I very
much appreciate what Allen Simpson said there. I think another thing that
could help the economy right now is if Republicans, Democrats get together
and figure out this issue with the fiscal cliff, the increase in taxes and
the automatic spending cutting, the debt ceiling. That is going to hurt
the economy as well. And right now, we need to operate from a rule of do
no further harm. And I know that the Democrats are willing to come to the
table with that compromise but we have not seen enough from the other side.

SHARPTON: Jared, let me ask you. Are things going to get better? I
mean, people are really out there hurting.


SHARPTON: You talk about your two children, but, I mean, people that
are unemployed with children really, can we say something to them? What
can be done to really address this pain beyond the beltway politics here?

BERNSTEIN: It is very tough given that it is hard to see what is
going to change between now and then. I mean, is Europe going to get
better, No. Is China going to grow faster, unlikely. And luckily gas
prices have helped lately. The housing market is kind of bumping along the
bottom, instead of going down.

But unless the politicians begin to behaving the congresswoman
suggesting they must, it is hard for me to bring a lot of hope to this

SHARPTON: Well, Congresswoman, what about your colleagues? Are we
going to be in this gridlock until after the election, if I`m sitting home
unemployed or one of -- my wife or husband unemployed, are you telling me I
have to try to hang on six months?

BASS: No. And I think you and I come from the same background. We
know what you need to do, when people won`t move. You have to take it to
the streets. You have to get on the phones, you have to e-mail, call the
speaker of the house. The speaker of the House is the one that controls
100 percent the agenda of what is going to come up here.

And so, there should be the absolute outcry. I mean, we saw occupy
wall street, and we saw the change that brought about. I mean, now,
everybody understands the 99 percent versus the one percent where many of
us have been talking about that for years. But it took a broad social
movement to really raise everybody`s consciousness. And I think that there
should be absolute outrage at the Republican congress.

I do think it is really important for people to understand the
distinction because Democrats have been willing to compromise just as your
guest has said. But I think people really need to understand to the extent
that the Republicans are willing to bring the nation to the brink of
default to push their agenda.

SHARPTON: Thank you so much, Congresswoman Bass and Jared Bernstein.

BASS: Thank you.

BERNSTEIN: Thank you, Rev.

SHARPTON: Thanks for coming on the show tonight. Have a great


BASS: Thank you.

SHARPTON: Coming up, George Zimmerman is ordered back to jail. A
huge development in the case. We`re live in Florida. And attorney general
holder is fighting to stop voter suppression in Florida, a big decision
that could impact this election.

Plus, down the home stretch in the Walker recall, and Tom Barrett
brings out the big dog. Bill Clinton rips into Walker in Wisconsin.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This divide and conquer no compromise crap, if
they had been in control, there never would have been a United States


SHARPTON: Mayor Barrett joins us for an exclusive interview tonight.

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SHARPTON: We`re back on "Politics Nation" with breaking news about
George Zimmerman.

As he was tried for the killing of Trayvon Martin three months ago,
there has already been a lot of back and forth on this case, typical of any
ongoing legal proceeding.

New documents on release, witness testimony introduced, but nothing
has come close to the level of a major development until now.

George Zimmerman is going back to jail. A judge demanding he would
return in the next 48 hours. The judge revoking Zimmerman`s bond today for
misleading the court about how much money he had when his bond was set at
$150,000 back in April.


obtain the benefit of a lower bond or circumstances based upon those
material falsehoods. That`s what they were. So, it is time that we revoke
the bond and place him on a no bond status.


SHARPTON: A big, big development in this case.

Joining me is Zachary Carter, a former U.S. attorney for the eastern
district of New York. He is now partner with the law firm of and Whitney.
And from Florida, Ken Padowitz, a former homicide prosecutor.

Thanks to both of you for being here tonight.

Let me start with you Zachery. That judge did not seem happy at all,
what does this mean?

ZACHARY CARTER, FORMER U.S. ATTORNEY: What it means that this is
going to be an occasion for the judge to re-evaluate Mr. Zimmerman as a
flight risk because of the misstatements that the judge believes that the
Zimmerman family made in terms of describing the level of their resources.
He apparently has lost confidence, at least at this stage, heading further
inquiry in whether or not Zimmerman can be relied upon to - to return to
court which is the purpose of upsetting bail in the first place.

SHARPTON: Now. Did he lie? I mean, what happened?

CARTER: It appears that during the course of a hearing, either he and
or his wife may have misrepresented or misstated the level of resources
they have. They apparently insisted they had no resources at all, and
apparently when -- according to his attorney`s admissions, they had already
raised about some $135,000 at that time. The sum is subsequently increased
to $200,000 in a defense fund that was available to them, but was not
disclosed to the court.

SHARPTON: Now Ken, at the time you and I talked about it. I said
that it should be reviewed. The family said it. But there has been no
rallies, no pressure. The judge is doing this on the evidence which is
fair. I think that is the only way you can deal with this.

Isn`t it a factor that this supposedly was under the direct control of
his own PayPal account, Zimmerman, so he would have to know or have control
of the funds?

KEN PADOWITZ, FORMER PROSECUTOR: Absolutely. I mean George Zimmerman
is having a really bad day today. I mean, he didn`t just jump the shark.
He just had the shark rip off one of his limb. I mean, where a case for
credibility is everything.

Here you have a man that the judge on the case said hey, wait a
minute. I have a problem with this man`s credibility. He may have lied to
me. I`m revoking his bond. He is coming to court to explain himself.
That is a big problem for Mr. Zimmerman, not only on bond, but the rest of
the case because his credibility is everything in the "Stand Your Ground"
law hearing and everything in the trial.

SHARPTON: Now, meaning that if he is found to be less than credible,
if he in fact misled the court, he is the his own major witness in Stand
Your Ground, this could have a major impact on the rest of the case?

PADOWITZ: Absolutely. That is why I said the shark ripped off one of
his limbs. But he did it to himself. This is a self-inflicted injury. If
he actually lied to the court and testified under oath that he didn`t know
about any money when in fact, he did, when in fact he knew he had certain
moneys available. Yes, he has a big problem on his hands.

The judge may find he is a flight risk. That he can`t trust the word
of George Zimmerman. That he is going to show up for court. So, this is a
major problem for the defense. And they have to figure out how they are
going to get themselves out of this if they can. It sounds to me that he
has a big problem to deal with.

SHARPTON: Zach, how does this play out going down the road? Can they
appeal this? Will there be another hearing? Will Zimmerman have to dress
this judge? And can he explain himself?

CARTER: Well, I think likely, this is going to result in a bail
sufficiency hearing. On law, the most jurisdiction, the court has a right
to examine the sources of bail and all of the circumstances of bail in
order to determine whether or not the court can be confident that the
defendant will return to court to meet all of his or her obligations.

But one thing that is important to point out is that the judge has a
tremendous number arrange of options in terms of increasing his confidence
that Zimmerman will comply with his obligations to return to court. And
holding him is only one of those option. It could be - he could insist on
electronic monitoring.

SHARPTON: He already has that, correct?

CARTER: As I understand it, correct. He could increase the terms of
his supervision, in terms of the frequency of reporting. He could increase
the amount of bail because one of the theories upon which bail is set, is
that it provides a stake that will give most defendants pause in terms of
whether or not they will return to court or not. When he the defendant
thought that Zimmerman was destitute, he thought the amount of bail set was
sufficient to provide that kind of incentive. But now that he knows that
he has more means he may --

SHARPTON: Let`s get to the trial. You were a prosecutor. Does this
undermine his credibility at trial? Does this give a real question of how
credible the information he gave will be.

CARTER: I don`t - to be blunt, I don`t believe that this will be
issue at the trial. He may have other issues that will impact on his
credibility just in terms of the circumstances of what happened on the
night of the incident with respect to what he said in the 911 tapes.
Subsequent admissions that may not be consistent that he gave to various
investigators on the evening of the event.

SHARPTON: Right. Now, I understand that. But, where I`m going at,
Ken is, does this not give him, if in fact he misled the court, a
credibility problem with the public and going in to trial where he could be
questioned now as one that may not tell the entire truth?

PADOWITZ: Absolutely. He is giving them a brand new tool to the
prosecutor for their tool box. And they are thrilled. They are having a
party right now because this will absolutely be crucial during a trial or
during cross-examination of Mr. Zimmerman. They can question his ability
to tell the truth and to follow through on what he is saying whether or not
he is credible.

It absolutely helps them. It`s a credibility issue in this trial.
And it is going to hurt Mr. Zimmerman. How much it will hurt, we are all
going to have to sit back and look and wait to see.

SHARPTON: How does it hurt Ken? In what way do you feel it hurts?

PADOWITZ: Well, if Mr. Zimmerman is maintaining that he is in fact
was not stalking and following Trayvon Martin, that he was the one who was
trying to go back to his car. Well, his credibility is crucial. If the
jury is going to believe him, they are going to have to believe that he is
credible. And if in fact, that has shown that he is testifying under oath
that he has no money when in fact, him and his wife are both conspiring, if
they shown that, that there is in fact $120,000 in his account and he is
lying about that. Well, if he us lying about that, what else is he lying
about. That is the argument of the prosecutors is going to make and that
is where it severely undercuts Mr. Zimmerman`s credibility.

CARTER: No. I mean, having presided at trials myself as a judge, and
knowing both the state and federal law with respect to impeachment
evidence, the court is going to weigh whether the probative effect of
admitting testimony about this inconsistent or false statement -- outweighs
the prejudicial effect. It is hard for me to image the situation in which
a false statement about his capacity to pay to make bail is going to be
introduced at the trial on the merits.

SHARPTON: Well, we will see, but it is certainly a big development.
And I would say this Ken, the prosecutors may be partying, but I don`t
think the parents of Trayvon Martin are partying because they still lost a
son, and let`s not act like any of this is going to come out with winners.

Zachary Carter and Ken Padowitz, thank you for your time tonight.

Ahead, four days till the Walker recall, and Bill Clinton in Wisconsin
attacking Scott Walker`s divide and conquer agenda. We will talk
exclusively with Walker`s his opponent, Mayor Tom Barrett.

And Donald Rumsfeld thinks President Obama`s decision to kill bin
Laden was no big deal. So why couldn`t he do it? That`s next.


SHARPTON: Folks, Republicans talk tough about foreign policy, but
they won`t give President Obama any credit when he gets the job done.

The president`s decision to raid the bin Laden`s compound in Pakistan
was as risky as a president`s decision gets.

Defense Secretary Gates, a Bush appointee put it this way.


courageous calls and decisions that I think they were seeing a president
can make. The uncertainty of the intelligence, the consequences of it
going bad. The risk to the lives of the Americans involved. It was a very
gutsy call.


SHARPTON: One of the most courageous calls and gutsy. But now that
other Bush appointee is speaking out, Donald Rumsfeld of all people is
weighing in on what he says, it was no big deal.


CHARLIE ROSE, JOURNALIST: Do you think it was a gutsy call by the

me that it is a 15 minute decision, and the first 14 are for coffee.


SHARPTON: Really, it was that simple? Just take a one minute? Let
me refresh your memory. The Bush administration had the chance to get Bin
Laden long before May 3rd, 2011. Remember Senate report found Bin Laden
could have been captured in Tora Bora back in 2001 but quote, "The
committees report blames General Tommy Franks, then the top American
commander, and Donald Rumsfeld, then the Defense Secretary, for not putting
a larger number of American troops there." But for Rumsfeld and his boss,
I guess it wasn`t the top priority.


FMR. PRES. GEORGE W. BUSH (R), UNITED STATES: I don`t know where he
is, you know, I just don`t spend that much time on it to be honest with


SHARPTON: Did Rumsfeld think we could not call him out for this self
serving rhetoric? Nice try but we got you.



UNIDENTIFIED MAN: Please join me in a warm, warm Wisconsin welcome
for President Bill Clinton. Let`s hear it for him.



SHARPTON: Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett will face Governor Scott Walker
in Tuesday`s Wisconsin recall election. Today, he had some company on the
campaign trail -- Bill Clinton. He reminded voters that the recall has
national implications.


All of those people that poured all of this money into Wisconsin, if
you don`t show up and vote will say see, we`ve got them now. We`ll finally
got break every union in America, we`re going to break every government in
America, we`re going to stop worrying about the middle class, we don`t give
a -- whether poor people get to work their way into it. We got our way
now. We got it all. Divide and conquer works. You tell them no. You
tell them Wisconsin is never been about that, never will be about that, by
electing Tom Barrett governor, thank you.


SHARPTON: But Walker is doubling down on his anti-union agenda.
Today, he campaigned with South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley who just last
week proudly called herself, quote, "a union buster." Yes, they are peas
in a pod. And Walker is refusing to say whether if he would support so
called right to work bills that would cut unions even more. At a Rockers
debate last night, Barrett went on the offense against Walker.


UNIDENTIFIED MAN: When people have asked you point-bland, would you
veto a right to work piece of legislation that came to your desk? What`s
your response? Would you veto it?

UNIDENTIFIED MAN: I`m said, it`s not going to get there and the
reason why.

UNIDENTIFIED MAN: But would you veto it if you got there?

UNIDENTIFIED MAN: I said, it`s not going to get there, you`re asking

UNIDENTIFIED MAN: One of the ten commandments of the far right, is
you have to be against unions. You have to be in favor of right to work
where unions don`t exist. He would have a fall from the race with the far
right if he said he was going to veto that, so he can`t say it. Because
then he would no longer be the poster boy of the Tea Party. If that bill
hits his desk, he is signing it. I`ll say it right here in front of the
state of Wisconsin.


SHARPTON: Joining me now for an exclusive interview is the man of the
hour, Milwaukee mayor and democratic candidate for governor of Wisconsin,
Tom Barrett. Mayor, thanks for being here.

MAYOR TOM BARRETT (D), MILWAUKEE: My pleasure Reverend Sharpton.
It`s always a pleasure to be with you.

SHARPTON: Now, what`s the key for you to win on Tuesday?

BARRETT: Well, this is it, this is all about getting people out to
vote. I can tell you that in our overnight polling that we`re exactly one
voter apart in the sampling we were taking. And so, this is one it`s going
to come to the wire and it`s going to be which side gets their base out to
vote. And so, we`re doing everything we can to make sure that people vote
on Tuesday, June 5th in this very important election in Wisconsin.

SHARPTON: Now, former President Bill Clinton on Wisconsin has said,
it`s America`s battleground. Listen.


FMR. PRES. BILL CLINTON, UNITED STATES: Now, they look at Wisconsin
and they see America`s battleground between people who want to work
together to solve problems, and people who want to divide and conquer. If
you believe in an economy of shared prosperity when times are good, and
shared sacrifice when they`re not, then you don`t want to break the
unions, you want them at the negotiating table and you trust them to no
that arithmetic rules. Show up and voter for Tom Barrett on Tuesday.



SHARPTON: I mean, it couldn`t be more serious issues at stake, could
it Mr. Mayor?

BARRETT: No, it was great having President Clinton here. He did a
fabulous job, we had several thousand people there. And boy, he still can
fire up a crowd, I tell you that. He really got him gone. And he really
captured what this is about. It`s about whether we`re going to have a
government, we`re going to have a governor who`s going to stand up for the
middle class and those people who want to be in the middle class, or
whether this is all about the wealthiest people in our society. That`s
really what this is all about.

SHARPTON: And they put a lot of money into Wisconsin to try to save
Walker from you defeating him. You have spent from January to May 31st
$2.9 million, Walker $29 million. I mean, why the money gap and where is
it coming from?

BARRETT: It`s ten to one, and we have a sitting governor here in
Wisconsin that`s raised almost two thirds of his money from out of state.
And so, people are looking at this and saying, this is not a Wisconsin
agenda, this guy wants to be the poster boy for the Tea Party. He wants to
be the Rock Star for the far right. And all of our contributions are
coming in, in a much smaller amounts. Because he can get people to give
them $500,000, $250,000, $100,000 and we have really a grassroots movement
that started this and it was built on Scott Walker`s violation of trust.
And it`s going to end as a grassroots movement and it`s going to be about
Scott Walker`s violation of trust. So, there is more information at our
Web site at Barrettforwisconsin.com. But this is now all about getting
people out to vote in Tuesday, June 5th.

SHARPTON: Where is this money coming from?

BARRETT: Oh, he is getting it from all over the country. Again, he
has gone around and he`s had a tour and it`s almost like a rock star tour
where he goes in, he talks about how successful he has been going after
workers rights and people are throwing checks at him. People from the Tea
Party. People from the far right. Because he`s now got this national
following as the guy who really is going to take on working people in this
country. And for me, I don`t want to sacrifice this state, the state I
love, Wisconsin, to allow it to be really a laboratory and experimental
dish for the Tea Party or the far right. And that`s what Scott Walker want
it to be. I don`t want it to be that, I want our state back, I want
Wisconsin values back, I want to be a governor who`s going to be a rock
solid for creating jobs right here in my state.

SHARPTON: Now, he`s also gotten little ugly. You ripped him for a
Willie Horton style attack add, let me show you this.


BARRETT: He is running a commercial right now that shows a dead baby.
Shows a picture of a dead baby. This is Willie Horton stuff, and you`re
running a commercial, attacking my integrity claiming that I did something
to do with this and you know, that`s false.

Look at that commercial, you should be ashamed of that commercial,
Scott Walker.

I have a police department that arrest felonies. He has a practice of
hiring them.


SHARPTON: What kind of man is Scott Walker?

BARRETT: Well, obviously he is desperate, Reverend. He is desperate
because he`s put so much money into this. And let`s face it. When you`re
outspend 10 to one, he should be creaming me, he should be obliterating me
in this election, and it`s coming down to the wire, and the reason, this
people in Wisconsin get it. They get that they have a governor who is
raising so much of his money from out of state. They get that they have as
governor who is the only governor in this country who has a legal defense
fund because there`s a criminal investigation that has was engulfed his
administration while he was county executive. Just yesterday, the 13th
person, a key member of his county executive staff was given immunity
because she refused to answer on the ground that it may incriminate her.
Thirteen people giving immunity. He`s had 15 felony charges against people
in his office. And he just tries to brush it off, he`s trying to run out
the clock, so that people in Wisconsin don`t focus on that prior to this
election on Tuesday.

SHARPTON: Mayor Tom Barrett, thank you for joining us. And we`ll be
following this very closely on Tuesday. Thank you, sir.

BARRETT: Thank you very much, Reverend.

SHARPTON: Ahead, Attorney General Holder is vowing to defend the
voting rights act in Florida. A major challenge to Governor Rick Scott`s
purge that could impact the election.

And Willard Romney was asked about Trump`s birther madness, and once
again he refuses to show leadership. Stay with us.


SHARPTON: Welcome back to POLITICS NATION. There have been two major
developments in the effort to combat GOP voter suppression efforts in
critical swing states. A federal judge has struck down part of a new law
in Florida that made it harder for third party groups to register new
voters. And now, the Justice Department is stepping into the fight,
demanding Florida officials explain why they are trying to purge their
voter rolls, potentially violating the voting right acts. The
administration of Governor Rick Scott wants to exclude up to 182,000
voters. The state claims could be non-citizens. Just this week, Attorney
General Eric Holder talked about why his department is stepping up its
effort to prevent voters from being disenfranchised.


ERIC HOLDER, U.S. ATTORNEY GENERAL: My travels across this country,
I`ve heard a consistent drumbeat of concern from citizens who often for the
first time in their lives, now have reason to believe that we are failing
to live up to one of our nation`s most noble ideals. And that some of the
achievements that defined the civil rights movement now hang again in the


SHARPTON: He must be on to something because today, the conservative
editorial page of the Wall Street Journal attacked the Attorney General
saying, quote, "The latest of his election-year moves that charge racial
discrimination of one kind or another is worse than a shame that America`s
first black attorney general is using his considerable power to enflame
racial antagonism." So, let me get this right, to enforce the voting
rights act, to protect citizens from being taken off the voter rolls, being
identified wrongly as non-citizens is enflaming racial antagonism? That
makes no sense.

Joining me now is Elisabeth MacNamara, president of the League of
Women Voters. Her groups lawsuit lead to the federal judges blocking that
voter registration law yesterday. And Lee Rowland, council for the Brennan
Center for Justice who argue that Florida case. Thank you both for joining


SHARPTON: Elizabeth, the league of women voters had been registering
voters in Florida for 70 years, how important are these developments?

very, very pleased to be able to, as we review the judge`s decision, to be
able to have our Florida affiliate, have our Florida league start
registering voters again. This is been something we have been doing as you
say for a very, very long time, we have been doing it very successfully,
and the registrars, our local registrar really depends on us all across the
country to be able to get places and at times and places where they can`t
go or don`t have -- to be an extension of those folks. So, we are
extremely pleased that we`re going to have an opportunity to do what we
have been doing for the last 90 years all across the country and making
sure that every eligible voter has an equal opportunity to vote.

SHARPTON: Lee, you helped argue this case, why was this case so
important and what are the ramifications of the judge`s decision?

ROWLAND: In a nutshell, the decision yesterday strikes down the
harshest provisions of this law that the Florida legislature passed to
crack down on voting and voter registration. Notably, it gets rid of an
extremely burdensome 48 hour requirement that was virtually impossible for
reasonable groups to meet without risking high fines and damage to their
reputation which is something groups like the League of Women voters care
deeply about. So this is a hugely important decision because it got rid of
the worst parts of that law. Hopefully, this will enable groups to get
back out there on the ground registering voters, and I think it`s important
not only for the voters of Florida and for groups like the league, our
clients but really for democracy. We have seen a wave of suppressive loss
in the last year or two in state legislatures, and if this decision
yesterday means anything, it means that laws that are passed with the
purpose to crack down on voting are illegitimate, they`re unlawful, and
they need to be blocked and this federal court did that.

SHARPTON: Well, you know this show and myself personally have been
very much concerned about this. You deal with the Florida and the
Department of Justice coming in, the Attorney General in that shot was
speaking at the conference of black churches.


SHARPTON: And many of those denomination leaders under Reverend W.
Franklyn Richardson passed the real people. I mean, forget politics,
lawyers, activists, none of a real people who may not be able to vote.
Explain why this is so important that those rolls not be purged in Florida
and become a model for else here?

ROWLAND: Well, it`s so important because we know what happens and we
have a model what happens, we have a model for what happens in Florida, the
2,000 debacle. Florida screwed up in 2,000 by purging eligible voters off
the rolls, because they were unconscious, they used data that was not
reliable. And unfortunately, we`re seeing some evidence that that can be
happening again. So, for the DOJ to step in and say no, you need to run
this process by us is huge. Because it sends an important signal to the
state that Federal Court isn`t going to buy these voter suppression laws,
we`ve got another case in Washington, D.C. talking about the racial impacts
of this new law.


ROWLAND: And now, the Department of Justice is saying, you can`t
purge either. So really, Florida is moving forward with kind of a trifecta
of forces against it to stop it from creating another 2000 like debacle and
of course, we all want to avoid that.

SHARPTON: Now, Elisabeth, for the league, non-partisan, just
registering voters for decades, trying no controversy, just trying to make
sure that people can do their civic duty, yet you ran the risk of being
fined and of all kinds of things, and all you want to do is do what you
have done for a couple of generations, three generations now, register
voter website people vote for who they want, but registered voters do their
civil duty.

MACNAMARA: That`s absolutely right. And we were very, very concerned
in Florida that our volunteers were going to be in grave risk if they were
to go out to do the things that they had been doing for a very, very long
time. So, we`re extremely pleased that we`re going to have the opportunity
to get out there and make sure that every single voter has an opportunity
to register and to vote. And we`re not doing this obviously just in
Florida. As we says, we have been seeing this all over the country and the
league has been active all over the country opposing these laws and making
sure that we`re not rolling back voting rights that we have worked so hard
for over the last 50 years.

SHARPTON: No doubt about it and a lot of people suffered, that`s why
we marched on this, this year from Selma to Montgomery and we`re going to
keep following this story. Lee Rowland from the Brennan Center, I was
saying institute -- Brennan Center and Elisabeth MacNamara, from the League
of Women Voters, thank you both for your time tonight, have a good weekend.

ROWLAND: Thank you, Reverend.

SHARPTON: Once again, today Mitt Romney showed a complete deficit of
leadership. That`s next.


SHARPTON: Welcome back to POLITICS NATION. Folks, take a look at
these two men. Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, and current GOP
presidential nominee Willard Mitt Romney. They`re both considered leaders
in the Republican Party, but what does it mean to be a leader in the GOP
today? On Tuesday, Mitt Romney attended a fundraiser in Las Vegas with
Donald Trump. He continues to raise questions about whether the president
was born in America. Here is Romney`s weak response when he was asked
about the Donald`s birther comments.


MITT ROMNEY (R), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: I don`t agree with all of
the people who support me, my guess is they don`t agree with everything I
believe in. But I need to get 50.1 percent or more and I`m appreciative to
have the help of a lot of good people.


SHARPTON: That`s just a lack of leadership. And today, he did it


ROMNEY: I disagree with it. I think -- there is no question that the
President was born in the United States of America. I don`t go around
telling all my supporters what they should think or what they should say,
but he knows what I believe about this.


SHARPTON: This is a man unwilling to stand up to unfounded attacks on
President Obama just so he can get votes from the extreme right wing
fringe. Meanwhile, today, Jeb Bush struck a very different tone against
far right orthodoxy. Remember last year`s debate when GOP candidates
refused a deal that would cut $10 in spending for every $1 in new taxes.
Every one of them raised their hands to say they would reject that deal.
Well, here is what Jeb Bush told the House Budget Committee today when the
same deal was suggested to him?




UNIDENTIFIED MAN: This will prove I`m not running for anything. If
you could bring to me a majority of people to say that we`re going to have
$10 of spending cuts for $1of revenue enhancement, put me in, coach.


SHARPTON: Well, I don`t know if I want him in the game, there is
still plenty of things I disagree with Jeb Bush on, but at least he is
dealing with reality. At least he is not bowing to the far right fringe of
his party. There is a difference in a leader being flexible and a leader
not showing any political backbone.

Thanks for watching, I`m Al Sharpton, "HARDBALL" starts right now.


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