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Statement of Accretive Health

JUNE 26, 2012: REVISED

Statement of Accretive Health

            We do not endorse the kind of behavior these individuals describe, and these sorts of interactions would not be tolerated in our philosophy or in our on-site work. 

            No Accretive Health employee interacted with patients on site at Ridges Hospital after February 8, 2012.  Furthermore, the few Accretive Health employees who worked on site at Ridges Hospital in patient collections were men.  Accretive Health finds totally unacceptable the kind of behavior alleged by these patients. 

            The Attorney General’s allegations fundamentally misstate the nature of our business.  We help patients secure the maximum coverage from private and public insurance and fight to get their claims paid. We also work to get uninsured patients coverage for their care, and to date we’ve helped more than 250,000 people access disability or Medicaid insurance they didn’t know they qualified for.  Patient debt collection is less than one percent of our business.”   

            We have asked the court to dismiss the Attorney General’s case in its entirety.