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The storm's path

It all happened in about a two-hour window. And reports were coming in so fast it was hard to keep track of the storms' positions.
/ Source: WTHR-TV

The trouble began at ten minutes after five o'clock. A funnel cloud is sighted in Frankfort while a companion storm strengthened south, moving toward Jamestown. Two storms that for over two hours would carve a path of destruction, terrifying everyone unlucky enough to find themselves in the way.

At 5:40 a twister that would hopscotch toward Gas City touched down at Jamestown. Semi-trailers were overturned by fierce winds on Interstate 74.

Within moments, the storm was upon the town of Advance, damaging homes and buildings.

Mike Cook captured the twister on camera. "It stayed on the ground for five minutes, then would go back up. I just watched it and it kept coming back to the ground."

Moving southwest to northeast, the tornado was sighted in Lebanon.

One hour later, at 6:10, it landed on Kokomo's northeast side, ripping the roof off of a skating rink with 35 people inside, damaging homes and other businesses over roughly six blocks.

One witness was still trembling from a close encounter. "I'm just driving and see a cloud coming on me and realize it's a tornado. So I stopped, got out and laid in a ditch and it went over me."

At 6:24, 14 minutes after hitting Kokomo, the twister lands in Amboy.

At 7:08 Wabash eyes the tornado, then Huntington at 7:26.

One hour and 51 minutes after flattening part of Jamestown, the second tornado is spotted southwest of Gas City, slowing, losing energy as it moves northeast and breaks apart.