Viewers offer their greetings and congratulations

"You’ve gotten my attention.  I like the rapid acrobat of the mind along with the verbal quickness of the tongue.  That’s a mouth full but you seek TRUTH no matter where it takes you. -Ethel M.

"You are the most entertaining yet informative political guy on TV.  I am a devoted fan of Hardball and the Chris Matthews show and have read all your books!  And yes I have a life.  I am a southern stay home mom that lives in John Edwards neighborhood, and hopes he will eventually get to reside in the White House.  As you reported, we may be a minority, but liberals do exist in the south. Best wishes for your career and I plan to keep tuning in!" -Elizabeth Robinson, Raleigh, NC

“Chris: You should be running the 9/11 commission. I’m sure there would be many more questions asked and less filibustering by the witnesses. Keep up the good work.”- Bill Fleming, Mission Viejo, CA

“‘Hardball’ is must-see TV in our household.  If I miss the 6 p.m. broadcast then I try to catch the 10 p.m. showing.  Although my husband would prefer to watch a 'Simpsons' rerun, I’ve demanded the 6 p.m. slot to learn about the day’s events!  Keep up the great work.   P.S. I also enjoy Chris’ Sunday morning show on the NBC affliate.” - Jill Humphrey, St. Charles, Illinois

"Congratulations, Chris!  Hardball is my favorite political discussion show: representatives from both sides of the aisle and the ocean, fast paced, often on location (e.g., NH primary /College tour)at the epicenter of that day’s key event, cuts to chase in every discussion.  Don’t stop!" - Ed Sullivan, Londonderry, NH

“Best wishes on your seventh anniversary.  I consider Hardball the most informative hour of television programming in the daily broadcast and cable schedule.   Missing Hardball is worse than a day without sunshine.  Even my second-grader understands my attachment to Hardball: He answers the phone saying, ‘My Mom can’t talk right now, she’s watching Hardball.’ Keep up the good work!!  Folks in the Heartland love the way you cut through all those 'Inside the Beltway' talking points.” -Jeanann Georgas-Ficker, Crown Point, IN

"Congratulations Chris - but PLEASE PLEASE slow down.  You talk too fast, can’t always understand what the heck you’re saying." -Joyce Peluso, Pawtucket

"Congratulations on your 7th anniversary!  I watch you at 6:00 central time every night.  I, too, have become a political junkie because of your show.  I love the way you “rattle” your guests!  HA!  Continue to keep them in the hot seat!  It’s great!" –Jinny, Dyersburg

“You have the absolute, no holds barred, best news show on television. And Darrell doing you on SNL just tops it off!  I never really noticed the ‘hoot’ until he did it.” -Sandy Thames, Port St. Lucie, FL

"Congratulations Chris! We watch you every night and we also have a sort of drinking game.  My husband and I toast you each time you mention Scooter Libby.  Needless to say, we never make it to Countdown with Keith O.  I’m betting you’re smiling as you read this.  I am. Again, love your show and wouldn’t miss it!  You’re the best!" –Patricia, Port St. Lucie

"Chris, Love your sharp, targeted, nightly dialogue. Also enjoy watching you change from a tiger to a pussycat when your beautiful and brilliant wife shares the spotlight with you. Thanks for making the news so vivid, objective and informative!" –Sue, East Hills, New York

“Excellent show Chris, but please stop talking over the people you are interviewing.  You drink too much coffee, but so do I, you need to learn to relax and stop wearing out your suits from the inside.  Try exercising before your shows so we can watch you for a long time into the future.” –Tony St. John, San Diego

"Wish you the very best! I’m formerly from the Greater NE of Philly. Nice to see a kid from the woods make it big in the City. Congratulations on the anniversary, many more."-Charlie May, York

“Great show Chris, I watch it daily. I watch MSNBC so much that the MSNBC icon has burned into my $3000 television screen.” - Donna B., Flasher, ND

"Congrautlations to Hardball on it’s 7th anniversary!  I am 15 and just started reading Chris’s book Hardball and Chris Matthews is a political genious!" -Scott Dunphy, East Brunswick

"Why is 7 a big deal? Anything for a party eh Chris? Heehee kidding!  Enjoy your celebration and thanks for usually being fair and unbiased!" -Dawn, Sarasota

“I never send notes like this, but your interview of Bob Woodward was the best I’ve seen.  You brought out more than anyone can, about how he operates and his ‘reporters methods. Great Job.” -R. Decker, San Francisco

“Congratulations for giving us 7 years of Hardball. I love the fact that you don’t let anyone get away with not answering a question. Keep up the good work. I learned more about politics  in the years I have watched your show, than all the years I have watched television, read newspaper articles, books, etc. Believe me they add up to many many years as I’m 68 years old. Looking forward to many more years of watching Hardball with Chris Matthews.” Shirley Brown -Shirley Brown, Seabeck, Wa.

“Chris, you are  one of a kind - no matter how you sometimes make a person crazy, you do always manage to make people think, and you always entertain. Nothing is more stimulating than a great debate, and on your show there are always many of them.    Congratulations on your 7th year, to you and your staff, and we hope to have you around for many years to come.” -Judy-Lynne Dunstone, Winnipeg, Canada

“I love your program.  I actually started watching because of all the coverage you get on Saturday Night Live!” - Hal Donovan, Ballwin (St. Louis) MO

“Mr. Matthews: Congratulations on the 7th Anniversary of Hardball. You have a great, great show in every respect. I am extremely pleased that my son David is privileged to be part of your wonderful team.” - Arnold Shuster, Ph.D.

“I may only be a high school senior but I’m a voter and Chris gives me all the details every weeknight and major political event. Keep up the Hardball, Chris!” - David Fishman, St. Louis

“I am writing about Chris’ interview last night--4/20--with Senator McCain.  I am a teacher and am concerned about issues of morality, courage, and participation in democracy and discuss these with my students.  I thought the interview with Senator MacCain about his new book was excellent and I thought that it would be a great thing if Chris and Senator McCain could make a video for students about this.” - Gil Anderson, Faribault, MN

“Chris,  I picked up Hardball a few of years ago during the Clinton scandal and subsequent Bush/Gore debacle and have stayed with  you ever since.  Thanks for the tough questions which give no guest 'privileged status.'  As a boomer approaching retirement years, I worry about the national debt, affordable health care, and social security.  I am glad Saddam is gone, but for the life of me I don’t know why we are still there.  Just think was 125 Billion could do at home.  Iraq really has become a Vietnam with no way out.  My heart aches for the kids dying each day and their families.” -Jerry Mower, Social Studies Teacher, Bedford

“Hardball rules!  As a friend of mine likes to say ‘Chris Matthews is a fine American.’  That’s the truth. Thanks to you and your staff for your smart and informed show, and thank you for continuing to ask the right questions.” - Eileen Myers, New York, NY

“My husband and I absolutely love the show. We catch it each night at either 7PM or 11PM. We were just saying last night what a challenge it is to follow Chris when he is making a point-and so worthwhile. It has made us think a lot more about what goes on in this world. Thanks!!” - Ellen Shupack, East Northport, New York

“Great Job! You are having a great influence on the direction this country is taking. I want to commend you on your courage. Thank you, you are helping a lot of people.” - Giovanna Brennan, St. Helena

“You are the best thing on television!  You are the only one that makes these guys answer the questions, and you get the same look of frustration and disbelief when your guests do their political-speak and sidesteping.   Also, more Pat Buchanan.  This from a staunch Democrat, but I have come to really respect Pat and actually agree with much that he says on your show.  Keep up the great work!” -Darrin B. Derosia, Albany, NY

“You and your staff must be congratulated for providing each and every night, a program worthy of viewing. I learn from you and your guests about the topics of the day. Thanks and continued success.” - Joe Miller, Guttenberg