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Why dumping a lawyer can be like ending a relationship

There are rich and high profile clients, who are unfaithful to their attorneys. They are the legal equivalent of promiscuous partners, or people who sleep around.

There's no question that Michael Jackson was cheating on his legal team when he met with another lawyer a week before firing his now jilted legal team over the weekend.  Jackson suggesting they weren‘t attentive enough while the relationship had apparently been on the rocks for weeks. 

Attorney Ben Brafman in particular seemed stunned by the timing.  And like so many good relationships gone bad, Jackson family members now calling the recently dumped ex‘s just to say how much they like them. 

But you have to ask, did Jackson do it because everything wasn‘t as rosy as the honeymoon phase? Or was it just because some of his  “friends” thought he could do better, find someone smarter, hotter, less controversial? 

Well, now, he has a new man in his life, attorney Thomas Mesereau.  But the question you have to ask like any wary potential suitor— is Jackson just going to do it again?  Will his friends stick by this one even when the going gets rough? 

The Jackson team claims they had their eye on Mesereau from day one, but at the time he was still involved with Robert Blake.  Mesereau is still recovering from that failed relationship.  He was one of four lawyer fired by Blake.  I guess Blake just isn‘t looking for a real relationship. 

When it comes to a defendant charged with a serious crime, it's not the time to be dating around.  After a number of failed marriages or relationships, potential suitors would have to ask, "What is wrong with this person?"  It wasn't easy for Blake to find a new lawyer. 

Jackson has got to make sure he is not out there breaking legal hearts.  But maybe this relationship is “the one.” So to speak.