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Greetings from a former president and a former first lady

More anniversary letters for MSNBC's Chris Matthews

From former president Jimmy Carter:
Congratulations on seven successful years of hosting HARDBALL.  We have always admired your incisive reporting on the political scene in Washington and other critical global issues.  MSNBC is a welcome player in the all news field on television.  Keep up the good work.  Sincerely, the ever-serious Jimmy Carter. 

From the office of Nancy Reagan:
Dear Chris, it hardly seems possible, but I’m told you are celebrating your seventh anniversary today with HARDBALL.  Congratulations.  Wasn’t it just yesterday that my husband and I were in the White House and you were working with speaker Tip O‘Neill at the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue?  A lot of things have changed for both of us since then.   You still have a passion for politics, though.  And I do enjoy your fair and fearless approach to the issues of the day.  Have a wonderful anniversary celebration.  I hope to see you out in California soon.  Sincerely, Nancy.