Preview: Lift, a Motivational App for iPhone

/ Source: TechNewsDaily

Now that the Olympics have ended, you may feel inspired to achieve your own personal goals, whether it's to run an extra mile or meet daily challenges with an Olympian smile.

We received an invitation to try Lift, a motivational app for  iPhone and iPad  that will be released at the end of this month.

With refreshing candor, Lift's co-founder Tony Stubblebine told us that despite the fact that the app is still a little buggy and could crash, it has been extremely effective at helping achieve goals within his early test group. After giving Lift a quick try on an iPad, we experienced no problems.

Lift is based on the idea that big change comes through building new habits, one tiny step at a time. Stubblebine says that the app can be used to achieve all kinds of goals, including those related to  sports,  music, business, education and relationships with friends and family.

Lift is a habit-tracking tool. It allows you to "check-in" to record progress. There are no complicated forms to fill out — either you did what you said you were going to do or don't bother  checking in . So far, testers have had success in achieving what many of us would consider trivial, but important goals, Stubblebine said.

"Yesterday, 2 out of 5 Lift users tracked their flossing (including me)," he said in a blog post. "That’s an example of a supposedly trivial, fundamental habit... But flossing has never had proper support (just bi-annual guilt from your dentist)."

"Talk to at least one stranger every day," is the most interesting goal he's seen.

And the really great thing about Lift is that you can join a group that's pursuing a goal you'd like to achieve. You'll see simple feedback charts to show your progress and you can participate in your group to get and give support via "props," which are just taps to a thumbs-up icon next to each members' name. While I could pick many goals that I should work on, here's the one I decided to start with, "Sleep by Midnight."