Netflix Enables TV Marathons with Post-Play Feature

/ Source: TechNewsDaily

Netflix this week launched a simple new feature that lets you stage your own TV marathon without annoying breaks between episodes. The streaming video service has added a feature called post-play for viewers who can't wait for the next episode to begin.

Now when an episode ends, Netflix minimizes the credits in a small inset box on the screen and tees up the next one. You'll see the name of the next show in the series and a synopsis. If you do nothing, the show will start to play in 15 seconds.

Marathon viewing — or binge viewing, as some critics like to call it — has soared on Netflix over the past few years. "Breaking Bad," " Game of Thrones ," "Sons of Anarchy" and "The Vampire Diaries" are big with marathon viewers, according to Netflix reports. But it's not just TV shows that keep people glued to their screens — movies, especially those that have sequels, are also candidates for marathons.

And the post-play feature also works for movies. As the credits roll, Netflix will show you three related movies, such as sequels or those featuring the same lead actors.

But it seems that not all  Netflix viewers  are happy with the change. Those that have posted on the Netflix blog in response to the announcement say they'd like to see the feature come with an option to turn it on or off by the user. Some enjoy movie credits, especially those that have extra footage, and others like post-play for themselves, but not for their kids.

Post-play is now available on the PS3 and from The company said it will soon be added to Netflix apps for mobile devices, gaming consoles and set-top boxes, such as Apple TV and Roku.