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Robots Get Their Own Encyclopedia

/ Source: TechNewsDaily

Robot enthusiasts today (Aug. 17) got a new source of information with's launch of Robopedia, a Wikipedia-style encyclopedia.

The resource was driven by customer service requests for more information about apps that people had downloaded for their home robot projects.'s founder, Elad Inbar, said that more than 70 percent of their calls from customers were for more information. While today's offerings are modest, Inbar expects the Robopedia to grow.

More and more items are being added every day by our community," Inbar said in a statement. "Everyone has an opportunity to edit, or add items." 

The topics cover the present and future of robots, including their components and concepts. It enables beginners and seasoned developers to learn about robotics' acronyms and terminology, as well as  read step-by-step application-development for numerous robots — vacuum cleaners and humanoids alike.

While a passion for robots can turn into a very expensive hobby, many of the apps in the Robot App Store are free. For instance, the NAO (pronouced "now") humanoid robot is not much bigger than an American Girls doll, but prices can exceed $10,000. Free apps can give your NAO the ability to catch a virtual fly and blow a kiss.