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Todd Akin Tries to Turn Social Media Mockery into Donations

/ Source: TechNewsDaily

Missouri Congressman Todd Akin's statement that a woman's body has the ability to prevent pregnancy from what he called "legitimate rape" has spawned some clever spoofs across social media sites, but the congressman has found a silver lining.

Following the media storm on Monday, Akin updated his  Facebook cover photo  with the quote, "It's not our mistakes that define us, but what we learn from them," and followed up with a call for donations. In just 18 hours, he raised about $20,000 and tweeted, "Thousands of people stepped up and helped us raise over $100,000! The message is clear... voters should pick candidates, not party bosses." A few hours later, he asked for another $25,000 by midnight tonight (Aug. 23).

Akin refused Republican Party leaders' requests to step down from his campaign, including requests from presidential hopeful Mitt Romney and running mate Paul Ryan.

While Akin supporters have remained mostly silent across social media channels, his detractors have found all kinds of ways to voice their opposition. Here are some of our favorites.

On  Twitter , a handful of new hashtags were created, including #akinsucks, #legitimaterape and #BackOffMyUterus. As for comments, here's one that you can sing along with (to the tune of Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe"): "Hey, I just met you, And this is crazy. But if you legitimately rape me, my uterus will abort the baby." Could a video be far behind?

One of the more popular photos on Instagram tagged #toddakin, is a chart titled "The Female Reproductive System According to Todd Akin." Anatomical names have been replaced with labels including "sin button," "rape detector" and "compliment needer" — we'll leave it up to you to match them up.

But of all the popular social media sites,  Tumblr  users have been the most creative. For instance, newly created blog based on the Akin meme "From Talking to Doctors," one of the most popular posts is a photo taken from sci-fi classic "Alien" with the caption: "It seems to me, from talking to doctors, if it's a legitimate facehugger, the body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down."

While Akin's buzz has dramatically decreased since Tuesday, the #toddakin hashtag never broke into the top 500 hashtags tracked by Statweestics and #legitimaterape squeaked in at No. 497. Regardless, Akin may get the last laugh if donations continue to roll in.