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Dropbox Rolls Out 2-Step Verification in Latest Beta

/ Source: SecurityNewsDaily

Following a security breach earlier this summer, Dropbox, the popular cloud file storage and synchronization service, is testing a new feature that will give users the opportunity to beef up their accounts' security.

Dropbox's latest beta version makes good on their promise to tighten security measures by giving users the option to add two-step verification to their accounts. The latest feature will require users to enter their password and a unique code every time they want to login to or sync an additional device.

Much like Google's verification process, Dropbox's two-step process sends a unique code to a user's phone whenever they try to access their account. It's a crucial, extra layer of protection between your Dropbox content and would-be intruders. Even if a user's password were to be compromised, the additional code, which only the user has physical access to, maintains the account's security.

Dropbox confirmed that hackers had stolen usernames, email addresses and passwords from an undisclosed number of accounts in July. The breach also led to complaints of increased spam in corresponding email accounts, which Dropbox believes were stolen out of an employee’s email account.

Dropbox users who wish to enable two-step verification must download the latest beta version of Dropbox and then follow this link to add the feature to their account.