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Has Apple Lawsuit Scared People into Dumping Samsung Phones?

/ Source: TechNewsDaily

The verdict in the Apple-Samsung smartphone lawsuit last week certainly affected both companies. Apple's stock soared even higher, and Samsung's took a nosedive.

But assuming they don't have stock in those companies, does the news mean anything to consumers? Are they seeing Samsung as wounded, with diminished prospects for building cutting-edge phones?  And are they feeling more inclined to jump to the Apple ship?

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We asked two companies that know a lot about what electronics people are unloading, and we got two different answers. Both companies, Gazelle and uSell, allow people to sell old tech devices.

Every time a new iPhone is on the horizon, these companies see an uptick in people looking to unload their current phones — either older iPhones or other brands such as Blackberries.

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But Anthony Scarsella of Gazelle said that the verdict has already spooked people. Offers to sell old Samsung smartphones are up a whopping 50 percent since the verdict.

In contrast, offers are up about 12 percent for HTC (a major Android maker) and eight percent for Blackberry (which would seem to have nothing to do with the suit). After all, a lot of people are gearing up for the new iPhone, expected around September 21.

uSell however, said that the news hasn't affected its customers. "Tradein volumes seem consistent on Samsung android devices," said uSell spokesperson Dan Brauser.