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5 Young Millionaires Instigating Innovation

Our annual look at high-earning entrepreneurs aged 30 or younger with the creativity, smarts and guts to disrupt their industries.
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Dissatisfaction is one of the hallmarks of youth culture. Everything sucks, right?

Some young people just accept this as fact, toeing the line and sinking into a state of inertia and apathy. But then there are the others, those audacious ones who set out to shake things up--sometimes with dizzying success.

Every year we profile high-earning entrepreneurs who are 30 or younger. This time around, we've come up with a group of revolutionaries who are truly disrupting their respective industries. Whether it's turning the entrenched cell phone service model on its head, reinventing the time-honored (yet unwieldy) real-estate transaction or reimagining audio equipment in an affordable and sustainable way, these young businesspeople had the creativity, smarts and cojones to find--and capitalize on--solutions to nagging obstacles they faced.

These young entrepreneurs are not only doing what they love, they are raking in the proceeds. And if some of them seem a bit cocky, a bit punk--well, they've earned that right. They fought back and won. A bit of braggadocio comes with the territory.

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