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Which Political Convention Speaker Won the Most Video Views?

/ Source: TechNewsDaily

Now that the dust has settled after the Republican and Democratic National Conventions, a new measure of success has been posted showing who scored the most video views. The results may surprise you.

Bill Clinton pulled away over the weekend, generating over 5 million views as of Monday morning, according to social video analyst and marketer Visible Measures.  Eastwood's empty-chair  speech came in second with over 4.7 million views and Michelle Obama followed with 4.1 million views. (See the top clips below.)

President Barack Obama came in fourth with about half of the views of his wife, while Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney placed a distant ninth with 287,513 views.

Overall,  videos  from the Democratic National Convention had nearly twice the views (more than 13 million) as those from the Republicans (7.3 million). Visible Measures counted 340 clips associated with the Democrats' convention speeches and 240 from Republican speeches.

So far social media buzz has not been a reliable  predictor of election results.

But that could change come November. And it makes you wonder if Bill Clinton might rekindle his political aspirations.