Apple iPhone 5: World's Thinnest Smartphone

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Apple says it's really easy to make phones that are bigger, but the iPhone 5 is the world's thinnest smartphone. Available for Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T, the iPhone 5 measures just 17.5 mm thick and weighs a mere 112 grams. The iPhone 5 also sports a best-in-class 4-inch display with 1136 x 640-pixel resolution, an A6 processor with 20 percent better performance and 4G LTE speeds.

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Here's a quick look at all the new features.

  • A6 Processor: 2X faster CPU, 2X faster graphics 22 percent smaller.

  • 17.6 mm 112 grams 20 percent lighter

  • 4-inch 1136 x 640 pixel Retina Display, OpenTable and CNN have updated their apps.

  • 5th row of icons. Lets you see more of web when surfing safari. calendar shows more entries. See five days instead of three.

  • Older apps run at same size but there are black borders on either side.

  • New 4G LTE data. There's a single chip for voice and data. Dynamic antenna can automatically switch between different networks.

  • iPhone 5 supports 2.4-GHz and dual-channel 5-GHz, offering up to 150 Mbps

  • New camera design is 25 percent smaller with 8-MP sensor. New dynamic low light mode and there's a sapphire crystal lens to protect it. A next-generation ISP enables noise reduction, better low-light performance and faster photo capture. 40 percent faster.

  • The camera has a new panorama mode that's not only easy to use but creates 28-megapixel photos.

  • In EA's new Real Racing 3 game you can race against someone else's vehicle even if they played yesterday. Pretty amazing.

  • Long-lasting battery: 8 hours of LTE browsing with the built in battery.

  • There are three microphones in iPhone 5, which is used for noise cancellation and beam forming for voice recognition. The speaker has a five-magnet transducer. The earpiece also has noise cancellation.

  • New wide-band audio feature can fill in more of the frequency spectrum for more natural sounding voices. Apple is working with carriers on this.

  • The new lightning connector is smaller, more durable, and supports plugging the connector into the phone backward or forward.

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