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Excellent Idea of the Day: Pregnant Climb Gear

/ Source: Discovery Channel

When rock climber and outdoor enthusiast Teresa Delfin got pregnant, she had trouble finding clothing appropriate for her adventurous pursuits. So the anthropologist founded Mountain Mama, quickly winning awards for her designs -- and kudos from pregnant women who could finally ditch wearing their husbands' workout clothes.

"Adventure doesn't end with pregnancy; it's just beginning," Delfin told Outdoor Retailer Daily.

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Now, she's delving into gear: Mountain Mama and Mad Rock teamed up to develop the first rock climbing harness for pregnant women ; it's expected to hit the market in the spring for $120. It's generated some controversy, mostly from non-climbers who don't understand the safety of climbing with a top rope (possibly safer than navigating a flight of stairs, the company points out) who saw her on Good Morning America. But climbers praise the design for its full-body, open belly, and padded leg loops.

"Climbers get pregnant, too," Delfin told Outdoor Retailer Daily. "I'm proof. And harnesses aren't that different from clothing. A standard harness works fine at first, but as that baby bump grows, you need to make some design accommodations so mama stays comfortable and secure. I'm not a risk-taker. I'm the safest person you'll ever climb with. I'm also a gear junkie. So it was important to me that women who climb have the best possible equipment, gear that lets them perform but offers maximum protection."

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After generating lots of buzz at its unveiling at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market, it made Outdoor Magazine's list of best new gear for active families.