Pulls Social Networks Together

/ Source: TechNewsDaily

Imagine you're at a sporting event, concert or party. There could be dozens, hundreds, even thousands of others in the crowd who are tweeting, taking pictures and shooting videos. You might hop from one social network to another, searching by hashtags (keywords) to see what's going on. But a new app,, does the work for you.'s website and free  iPhone  app were released to the public this week. Once you've connected your accounts including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to, the app gathers your posts into what are called "moments" based on location and other contextual elements. (The spokesperson was a bit secretive about how else it organizes information, but we'll keep digging.)

It also matches posts from others who are at the same event and adds them to the moment. When an event is underway, its moment gets a red "Live" flag to show content is coming in. But even when the party is over, later posts will automatically be added. acknowledges the  privacy settings  you've made in your social media accounts. If your post is public, it will be accessible to all viewers. Otherwise your photos and videos will only be visible to your friends or other people you've authorized.

Moments are viewed on the app or on the website. In the app, moments appear as stacks of photos that show how many people have contributed to that moment. Tap to see the photos and tweets laid out in an arrangement of varying sizes. is brand new and, like any social network, its success will depend on attracting enough users to make it work. But the promise of gathering a group's social posts without the use of hashtags sounds promising. We'll keep you posted.

Anyone with a valid Facebook, Google+ or Twitter account can join   at and download the mobile app for free in the Apple App Store.