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IPhone 5 Fans Want More Features, Still Line Up [Video]

/ Source: TechNewsDaily

NEW YORK CITY If you're an Apple fan, nothing is going to dissuade you from getting an iPhone 5. That's what TechNewsDaily discovered on the streets of Manhattan — and in Grand Central Station — this morning (Sept. 21) shortly before the Apple stores opened at 8 a.m.

Diehard campers notwithstanding, most of the people we met had been waiting for just a few hours, typically from about 5 a.m. or a bit earlier. At the iconic glass-cube Apple store on Fifth Ave., some fans said they had lined up simply for the excitement of being there. Fans stuffed into a hallway at Grand Central were more subdued.

There was no question of getting anything but an iPhone. Our offers of a free Samsung Galaxy S3 were scoffed at.

Nevertheless, many people saw room for improvement. One fan was disappointed that the phone didn't have NFC chips, which allow users to tap their phones to a payment terminal, taking the place of credit cards or transit passes. Another customer said he'd like the ability to tap phones to exchange photos wirelessly. The Samsung Galaxy S3 offers both features.