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Excellent Idea of the Day: Cycle Side Lights

/ Source: Discovery Channel

Is it a motorcycle or a leddidep ? A single tail light doesn't give other motorists enough visual info. That's why the folks at Lunasee came up with this excellent idea for an active side lighting kit.

ANALYSIS: Motorcycle is Part Jet, Part 'Copter

The active part means that it generates its own light, unlike reflective accessories that require external light to work. The side is where motorcyclists would otherwise stand out the least (and are therefore be most vulnerable). And the two glowing green rings of lighting make motorcycles instantly identifiable. The ASL kit is designed to put an end to the "I didn't see them" post-accident excuse.

The system requires no wires, batteries or electronics actually on your wheels. A 0.4 amp controller distributes power to four high-intensity 1W LED Pods, which direct their beams onto special 4mm-wide safety grade Light Emitting Rim tape. The tape's photoluminescent properties are what (when the wheels are rotating) create the distinctive glow.

BIG PIC: A Faster, Longer-Range Electric Motorcycle

The kit is designed to add very little weight, stand out minimally during the day and maximally at night. Hopefully this will help prevent accidents by improving surrounding motorists' awareness and reaction times. Also, it looks kinda cool!

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