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The best advice my mom gave me

MSNBC anchors celebrate their moms

"My mom always told me to 'believe half of what you see, and none of what you hear.' It was advice she used to help me get through the sometimes contentious years of young adulthood, where gossip and innuendo reign.  It certainly helped me to 'consider the source' not only then, but now, in my career as a journalist.  Thank you Mom!" Amy Robach

"The best advice my mom gave me  was 'Don't worry about what's on your head, worry about what's in it!' Of course that was before I decided to go into TV news.  S he always told me it was okay to be different and to celebrate the different  in everybody. She said, if we were all the same, the world would be a boring place.  And she said to do my best, that's all anyone could or should ask. My message to my mom is, I love you very much. " —Alison Stewart

"My mother has never been really sick a day in her life (that *I* can remember)!  So when she was suddenly hospitalized for two months last Fall with a mysterious case of pneumonia, it really set the whole family back.  She's still recovering and appreciating each and every day in a whole new way.  And we're appreciating her in a whole new way, and thanking God she's with us this Mother's Day to celebrate all that makes her such a unique woman and mother. I wish everyone a healthy and Happy Mother's Day!" Laurie Jennings

"My mother has given me such wonderful and valuable advice throughout my that I carry with me each day. She's always told me to be kind, be nice and whatever I desire dream it big and dream it often. To visualize my dreams and make them real! Happy Mother's Day Mom!!!" —Bianca Solorzano

"Some of the best advice my mom ever gave me was to 'Remember the golden rule:  Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.'  And, I've tried to live my life that way, both at work, and among my family and friends.  There was also this other advice... something to do with boys... "Why have them buy the cow, if they get the milk for free?"  Well, I figured out what she meant there, though still haven't forgiven her for making me carry around such a corny phrase all my life!   But, on this Mother's Day weekend, I want to send this message to my mom:  Everything I am today, I am because of you and your love and devotion.  The best way I can repay you for that, is by trying to be the same kind of mother to my children.  I love you." —Alex Witt

"Some of my Mom's advice? Trust in God, buy good shoes, respect the English language and keep yours clean, less is usually more, don't drive a car that shows dirt, and if you're going to perform minor surgery on yourself, make sure you heat the needle first (I've used that little tip many times, heaven only knows how many infections I've avoided).  More than giving advice though, my mom teaches by doing.  As the mother of eight, she taught me to never underestimate the power of a strong woman. Style has little to do with fashion, and grace under fire is a beautiful thing. I love you Mom.  You're the greatest." —John Elliott

"This one's tough to narrow down, as my mother has always had words of wisdom for me whenever I've needed them. I would have to say the best advice my mom gave me came simply from the example she set for me. After taking a couple of years off when I was born, my mother went back to her full-time job in the fragrance industry. Through young eyes I saw a successful career woman who somehow always managed to be there for me and for our family. Thanks to her professional and personal achievements, along with the support she always gave me, I knew that I could grow up to be and do whatever I wished. She told me that, and perhaps more importantly, she showed me that, every day. Thanks Mom! Happy Mother's Day!" —Monica Novotny