New App Finds Your 'Data Doppelganger'

/ Source: TechNewsDaily

Do you kick your pet out the bedroom before you have sex? Do other people around the world? A briefly-lived app, the Human Face of Big Data, asks users questions about everyday life, then collates the data for users to see. The app offers a small glimpse into other people's habits and dreams: One of the questions is a 140-character summary of what users want to accomplish before they die; another asks for a photo of a good-luck item. 

As of this writing, users have answered 1.6 million questions, according to the Human Face of Big Data. Today is the last day for users to download it and add their own experience to the mass. Those users who answer enough questions also get to see their "data doppelganger," another user somewhere in the world whose answers are a close match.

When we tried the app, we found it froze occasionally, but we were able to answer all the questions we wanted to after a few tries. The app also had some trouble finding a data doppelganger, again taking a few tries.

Once the data-gathering is over, the app's makers will start making more sophisticated visualizations of the data they get,  according to the app's website. The visualizations should be available on the site for free.

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