Top 5 Baseball Apps for the Playoffs

/ Source: TechNewsDaily

October means every game matters in Major League Baseball — the 2012 playoffs started on Friday. Make the most of the playoffs by getting in on the action through your mobile device. These five apps add to your viewing experience with videos, stats and more. At Bat 12

The latest update to MLB’s app for watching and listening to games has added a Postseason tab that lets you watch video highlights during games, listen to radio broadcasts or catch a condensed version of a previous game if you missed the action (or just want to relive it).

For the postseason, the app costs $4: iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone 7.

TBS Social Dugout

If you’re watching a game this week, odds are you’re tuned into TBS since it's showing most of the division-series contests. While you're at it, you can tune into this free TBS companion app that lets you compete online against others watching the same game. Medals appear in the app when a big play occurs; tap the medal to earn points. You can also comment on the action and earn points by predicting the outcome of at-bats.

Free: iOS, Android


Best known for identifying songs from snippets of audio, Shazam can also figure out what show you’re watching by listening to the sound. If you use it during a playoff game, the app serves up the box score, provides links to video highlights and news, and includes some of the same content you’d find within the At Bat app — all for free.

Free: iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone 7.

Bill James Baseball IQ

Thanks to this app, you can know as much about player statistics as the pros. Fans of "Moneyball" take heed: Baseball IQ has stats on every pitch thrown for the current season as well as the past four seasons. Use it to find the weak spots in Alex Rodriguez’s swing or see where Matt Cain is likely to throw his next pitch. The sheer volume of information will enthrall fans.  [SEE ALSO:]

Free: iOS

Baseball Snotzee

If your team already got eliminated, or you don’t care about the game that’s on, Baseball Snotzee aims to keep the action interesting, anyway. In this turn-based game, you try to catch players spitting, pulling on chewing gum, adjusting jock straps and other less savory aspects of between-play activities. Each turn lasts five minutes; the person who spots the most extracurricular activities wins. You may be surprised at how players keep themselves entertained when the ball’s not in play.

Free: iOS