Excellent Idea of the Day: Soccer Help Kids

/ Source: Discovery Channel

If you've been feeling that there's a little something missing from your soccer game, consider playing with a ball that helps save the world while you play.

Sure, soccer all-star Mia Hamm has her foundation to support transplant patients and girls in sports, but now a company called Uncharted Play has created a way to donate money to charity while on the soccer field. Its new ball, called the Ludo, tracks hours of play, and then allows you to donate those hours -- transformed into cash by corporate sponsors and the cost of the ball -- to charities of your choice.

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"Before you know it, you donated x amount of hours and you literally built a school," co-founder Jessica Matthews told Fast Company.

If that's not enough to satisfy for your soccer do-gooder fix, check out the company's first product, the Soccket. It's a soccer ball that generates power when you kick it. So a pickup game in soccer-loving but electricity-challenged locales can actually generate light and reduce the need for kerosene lamps. Thirty minutes of playing can power a lamp for three hours.

Both balls use a sturdy, non-deflatable material. The Ludo is expected to sell for $59.99.

The only downside? The company pushed back the launch date from November until 2013 -- too late for this year's holiday shopping.

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