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Ponderoo App Lets You Chat About Live Events

/ Source: TechNewsDaily

You’re strolling around town and walk by a concert. Is the show worth the ticket price? Or you’re thinking about going to a party, but not if it’s lame. With the new social media app Ponderoo, you and your friends can share opinions on any live event – a concert, TV show, even just a gathering at a house.

The free app potentially could make popular opinion of a live event available in real time at a glance. While other social networks offer variations on the idea – with check-ins on Foursquare, chatting about live TV on GetGlue, or missives on Twitter – Ponderoo makes viewing and sharing opinions of live events incredibly simple.

After you create an account, you can find existing events  – in "ponds" on the Ponderoo platform – or make your own. While the event is happening, you weigh in on what you like or don’t like.


You don’t have to type to register an opinion; just tap above the middle line on the screen if you like something, or below it if you don’t. (A ripple animation appears where you tap.) The farther from the midline you tap, the more emphatic your opinion.  As the event goes on, you continue to tap your opinion when something you like or dislike happens.

You can create your own pond for any event. Enter the title, date and time, along with a description, and select from Ponderoo’s broad categories: TV, radio, Web, music, sports, performance or leisure. You can restrict your pond to people you invite, or open it to anyone who wants to participate. All pond participants need to have the Ponderoo app to join in.

Ponderoo displays the results as a graph, with a red line showing the average of all opinions. Gauging an event’s popularity is as simple as following the line. You can also add a comment within a 140-character limit. The app can integrate with your Twitter and Facebook accounts to share your opinions beyond the Ponderoo sphere.

The app is available for iOS only, but the company says it is working on versions for other devices.