Four Companies Transforming the Franchising World

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It can be difficult to think of franchising as an innovative endeavor, when adding avocado to a sandwich may be considered a game-changing move. On the surface, franchising is all about the status quo and attempts at repeatability--making incremental changes that can be replicated across hundreds of units.

But more often than you'd think, something new bubbles up from the franchise world. New concepts, new ways of doing business and new technologies create the little ripples that have transformed franchising many times over the last few decades. It's hard to predict what concept or technology will be the next big winner, but we think the four companies profiled here stand a chance.


StearClear Gives Customers a Safe Lift Home

A designated-driver franchise that utilizes smartphone technology. Read More »


Bed Bug Chasers Franchise Keeps Focus on its Niche

Rather than expand to a full-spectrum pest-control business, Bed Bug Chasers expands within its niche. Read More »


BizBox Brings the Store to the Customer

The 6,000-pound retail shop can be pulled by a large pickup truck to wherever potential customers may gather. Read More »


Pizza Fusion Takes Green Mainstream

The organic pizza franchise wants its eco-friendly mission to exist subtly in the background. Read More »