Samsung Galaxy S III Rides iPhone Hype

/ Source: TechNewsDaily

Samsung may have something to thank Apple for despite months of contentious litigation. An unforeseen side effect of the iPhone 5 release has been a big bump in Samsung Galaxy S III sales.

Samsung saw a 50 percent increase in online orders for its smartest of smartphones, the newest Galaxy S, according to a report from ComScore. 

"We also saw this momentum manifest itself in the number of  Galaxy S III  search engine queries, which not only reached a peak during the same week as the iPhone 5 launch but even surpassed the number of search queries during its own launch earlier this summer," comScore analysts Christian Lunoe and Matt Hall wrote in a blog post.

It looks like folks were comparison shopping. To compare for yourself, take a look at TopTenREVIEWS head-to-head chart listing the features of the  iPhone 5 and the Galaxy S III, along with eight other top smartphones.