Adobe Rolls Out Security Patch for Shockwave Player

/ Source: TechNewsDaily

Adobe Systems released a patch yesterday (Oct. 23) for Shockwave Player that fixes critical weaknesses in Windows and Mac OS X.

Adobe said the newly patched Shockwave vulnerabilities were not being exploited prior to the update. (It can't say the same for its Flash Player, which has been battered by a wave of exploits.)

The Mountain View, Calif.-based software giant has been plagued by a string of incidents that have shaken consumer confidence.

Over the summer, Adobe was forced to issue two updates in quick succession to mitigate a widespread zero-day exploit. Hackers played off iPhone 5 hype with an email and fake Flash file that promised pictures of the then-mysterious iPhone 5 battery.

At the same time, no less than a dozen fake versions of Flash for Android (the real version had just been pulled from the Google Play store) were floating around in an attempt to trick users into install Trojans and adware onto their phones.

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