NYC Singles to Get Sloshed for the Frankenstorm

/ Source: TechNewsDaily

Batteries, fresh water and booze — those are some of the key supplies for New Yorkers preparing for Hurricane Sandy, a.k.a. the Frankenstorm, according to a popular dating site.

On HowAboutWe, where people choose others partly on their suggestions for a first date, drinking through the storm is the most popular idea. "How about we drink every time someone says Sandy," wrote one 26-year-old straight woman. "How about we hole up in an east village bar and wait for the hurricane," wrote a man of the same age and orientation. Perhaps they should meet.

Other suggestions include going on a search for the best hot toddies and touring the Brooklyn Brewery, in the hope of getting trapped there. Two people proposed drinking — you guessed it — hurricanes.

It's not all boozing, however. Other suggestions include playing music, playing board games and going surfing — one of those being a bad idea.