Gmail Introduces New Compose Windows

/ Source: TechNewsDaily

If you're a Gmail user, you may have noticed an option to use its new Compose feature that could make it easier to write your next email. For now, it's in preview mode and you can choose to enable it.

Compose windows will now pop up in Gmail, so you are able to reference another message without having to save the email draft you're working on, open an old email and then reopen your draft.

The new design works a lot like Google Chat — you can have multiple windows open to write separate messages in the same way you can  chat  with several people at once. Individual compose windows can be minimized as you work on one, leaving others open but out of view.

Gmail has also added the ability to insert images in line with your text, see profile pictures of contacts in autocomplete as you type in recipients, and drag and drop addresses between to, cc and bcc boxes.

You'll see the same changes when you reply to a message in  Gmail,  plus a few more. Reply boxes will automatically fit your messages — no matter how long they get. The recipient field and subject line will remain stationary, even though the top of lengthy messages will scroll out of view.

The preview is available now, and Google expects to officially incorporate the changes over the coming months.